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Sun in Pisces – Cosmic Horoscopes: (Feb 18-Mar 20)

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Pisces is about empathy, understanding, sacrifice and eternal wisdom. While all of these qualities are there for us to step into, to feel humanity’s sorrow and absorb its pain, to come to know that it all spawns from the misunderstanding of truth, the mistaking of intent, the deception of will, it is also the capacity to know that with compassion there is always the chance to try again. With forgiveness there is always a chance of understanding what has once been misunderstood.

(sample horoscope) Pisces/Pisces Rising

As the Sun comes over your sign, you want to come across as the one who is compassionate, mystical, psychic, the lover and a dreamer. Of course, you can get easily swept up in your daydreams and fantasies, lose your head up in the clouds, and if you escape too much in your alternative versions of reality you may really struggle to understand others clearly, or to be understood clearly by them, either being misleading or becoming bamboozled yourself. Wherever there are misunderstandings, there is also sadness, denial and victim dramas. Avoid these as an excuse for awful behaviour.

Whilst your ambitious drive is surging, you may strive to assert yourself, make better long term goals. You need to be more sure of yourself, know yourself better so that you don’t just resort to following anyone else’s leads. Again the propensity to being mislead is high. This could take you down a road that can end in disappointment. Rely on you capacity to be extremely creative and artistic, be the visionary for others and have the courage and perseverance to express yourself emotionally through art. Your true authority shines when you express yourself in empathic and intuitive ways, in all relationships with others.

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