#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ – Week 8

Friday, 23 February

Prodded and poked 
by the most insidiously manipulative means possible 
just to generate a public frenzy (☉∠ ♇) 
the intellectually crude, 
the hopelessly naive 
and the terriby unsophisticated
are easily prone to follow the Pied Piper
down the rabbit hole
without so much as checking
if there was any verity
or other alternatives
to his twisted ideas (☿ ∠ ♅).

FIRST QUARTER MOON ☽ □ ☉ | ☿ ∠ ♅ | ☉ ∠ ♇

The conversant Gemini MOON allows everything to come up for discussion.

Her cool, facetious style creates a contrary, uncomfortable mood for the whimsically mournful Pisces SUN whose difficult aspect to PLUTO (∠ ♇) brings many difficult, traumatic matters to the table.

She will only hear so much from him before she flippantly switches her attentions to something light and breezy. Our stories of anger, resentment jealousy and bitterness will not transform the heart of others– it only transform our own when we realise that nobody’s willing to accept these now.

Sure, everyone’s been damaged by something. It’s just a question of how deep, and whether they’re healing or still bleeding. Some people wear their trauma around their necks, like it’s a pearl necklace, others like it’s a monkey on their backs. It’s all a matter of how attractive that is to you.

Look at their obsessions and addictive little behaviours. Observe whether they are trying to damage themselves more by somehow telling you “I’m damaged, I’m broken, I have trust issues” or whether they’re on the road to healing, rediscovering and renewing themselves.

Compassion sometimes means not feeding into someone’s pain vortex.


Thursday, 22 February

△ ☊ |  ☌ ♆ | ⊼ ☊ |□  | ☌Vs

When you finally stop seeking your ideal in another,
find the basis of all understanding lies within yourself 
you will feel no ground as firmly stable underneath you,
no roots so intimate between a body and a mind
that has all at once decided to be whole.

Of course, one way to bypass all this tarradiddle over trying to engage in “practically impossible relationship” right now might be to focus our efforts on something that is far more personal, yet sacred and holy at the same time.

The asteroid VESTA – the hearth-devoted one – now joins forces with righteous warrior MARS to combat the physically elusive VENUS/NEPTUNE aspect. The dynamic in the skies, mirrored down here on earth, asks that we relinquish any connection from the lazy parasites – those who perch upon us to draw from our vital energy resources just to satisfy their lower romantic needs. Sure we desire to love and be loved, but at what cost?

Those who do not come to alleviate our burdens, whose own selfish mission is to distract, detract and extract, keep us living in abject poverty are to be held in check, even warded off.

Focus your intention on ‘finding yourself’, on personal goals of self-discovery and assertive self-awareness. You may well choose to sacrifice or forego certain carnal, or spiritually dissatisfying relationship commitments.

You’ve been given the innate power to shape your life…but you cannot just speak eloquently about making a change, it’s something that you have to LIVE. Passionate devotion paired with action builds a bridgeway to ultimate success. You can’t just want to live a life of truth; you have to do pursue it with unwavering commitment, live it…BE it!

Spiritual devotion to being successful in your own right isn’t something you have, it’s something you DO.

Wednesday, 21 February

☌ ♆ – 13°31′, Wed Feb 21, 18:42 UTC

Actually observe the ones around whom you did not have to do any work/stress/worry about. Feel their non-demandingness of your e-supply. Feel the non-confusement and non-offensiveness of their presence. Feel the natural synergy. You may never touch them but that’s fine. You may not need to even exchange a word. You may dream but not indulgently or take it beyond this moment with them.They are there and yet they’re not there and that’s fine. There may be one there may be a hundred, and there’s no baggage and always room for more. They are going same direction as you, same pace. They’re at the same stage as you, same same… you look across and they are present, but no ties, no strings, no worries…

Tuesday, 20 February

☌ ♆  □ 

Erm… no. Not buying it.

I hear your pretty story but not actually convinced that you’re having a relationship with the object of your desire at all.

You want me to believe that, but you’re not fooling anyone but yourself there.

Sure, you’re having a relationship, but only with a fantasy, a dreamy wishfulness, a romantic figment of your own florid imagination. Whatever you’re having, it’s certainly lacking the physical participation of another person.

All I am prepared to believe is that you fancy the likelihood of having a relationship more than the reality of actually having one.



Monday, 19 February

GRAND FIRE TRINE – ☽  △ ☊ △  (14°58′)

It can be said with absolute certainty that no one can know their own truth, or perceive a sense of their own sovereignty until it has been flashed back in their face through the mirror of another compassionate, caring human being.

Here then ignites the spirit of good fellowship. The camaraderie which forms now is less-so between the sexes, since men and women tend to associate not-so-much to work together but for their pleasures merely.

This desire to cooperate with others is very prominent now, if social circumstances permit such development. Let’s step up to do the sweat work – not only one’s own inner stuff, alone, but in team effort, where one can truly reap the sacred benefits of the bro/sisterhood bonding.

The compounded feeling of fellowship or fraternity proves itself to be the only love which is as strong as death, furnacing courage to each of us to face that shameful, risky ego-reflection. Best in a space where brethren hold each other’s back through the most difficult spiritual problems.


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