#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ – Week 7

Sunday, 18 February

☿/☉ at 29° (Critical degree)

With the ☋ also precisely halfway through its 18-month journey through Aquarius, these Eclipses have been brutal upon our whole friends ‘network’, which will be entirely decimated within six months.

For now, it’s time to call it a day with those friends
that didn’t grow with you;
who no longer amuse you;
no longer share a thing in common;
bring you down more often than up;
don’t give two hoots about you (or you for them);
you’ve ceased to engage/follow on social media;
no longer support your most ardent efforts;
take gladly from you to the point of expectation;
give absolutely nothing back in return;
can’t possibly picture being a part of your future;

Sometimes friends don’t need a reason to hang out;
but sometimes friends no longer give you any reason.
Sometimes your own maturity has finally outgrow them

Saturday, 17 February

 □ ♆ ∠ ♅ (Most affected:  ~ 13°22′)

The currently Uranian-ised NEPTUNE energy emerges in a most disuniting way sometimes, trying to unravel conventional neural pathways. Like the warped way our media streams keep feeding us twisted and convoluted versions of a reality which we are not quite sure whether to actively ignore or stealthily defy. It so messes with our delicate sensitivities on how we are accustomed to reading things, and we also start to question whether certain people around us are on the level or under some funky spell.

As Mars goes through this point, our reaction is to righteously decry the mis-assertions made by anyone who tries to tell us what they believe is right (or wrong).

In essence, we are struggling to better understand the jivestream ourselves, since we suspect that something’s messing with our nervous system to such a degree that we don’t quite know what to believe anymore, let alone how best to form a constructive argument.

Seems like a ‘confusion epidemic’ is slowly creeping into our culture, one that is subtly infecting all areas of mainstream thinking, to the point where we are starting to question and doubt even the most trustworthy sources.

Feeling increasingly vulnerable to disconcerting emotional impulses, we may fall prey to strange fantasies and unusual obsessions. In our effort to avoid these, we risk falling into some negative, addictive, victim/blame scenarios which can essentially give rise to self-defeating actions. Passive-aggressive behaviour doesn’t help, and we must be mindful that Neptunian-type indulgences like drugs, booze, silent-treatments, implosive tantrums and compulsive sexual obsessions are not a form of protest.

Yes, our social culture is on a mysterious slide towards disintegration. With the prevailing ♃ ∠ ♄ (Dec-Mar), it may appear to be a crisis of morality. Yet, that’s only a small part of it. Only the part we think we see. There’s so much more going on, transparent to only few of us, on dimensions many barely even know exist.

Are you prone to sliding down that slippery slope of frustration? Feeling like a powerless victim of circumstance? You can avoid the internal pressures and stresses, inconsistencies in your behaviour by applying a more measured use of your emotional and sexual energy. You can avoid psychic attacks or possessions upon your unintegrated unconscious mind by finding an activity that can soak up any excess negativity, transforming it into a positive asset rather than a guilt-drived obsession.

I would suggest focusing on the physicality of dance; through art, literature, music, drama, martial arts and tai chi, watersports and non-competitive activities.

Friday, 16 February


Did everything Aquarius in your life just get trashed?
Eclipses will do that… turn everything on its head.

Did your old “social network” get absurdly antisocial?

Or did that favourite “friend” just get all freaky and unfriendly-like? Did you have breakdowns with your favourite electronic gadget?

Did that special “one” who showed you unconditional love and warmth and understanding suddenly go all cold and distant on your ass (no reason)?

And how about those heads whom you’ve not seen for years, suddenly popping back into your world again? Where did they come from… and really, did you really want to bump into them again??

Bizarre reshuffle…
Surprised anyone’s still talking to anyone the same old way anymore.

And hey, how about yourself there? How you doin’??
How are you transitioning these days? Seems like everything’s lost its sentimental charm or something – just bang, like that, without warning?


Put it this way. If you could walk away and still be standing, now’s the time to pull yourself together again. Recompose.
Of course you’re not the same!
You can’t go back to how things were before, anyhow.
That shit just wasn’t even real, you were all riding on excitement about a future that didn’t actually come. Instead, you’re all stuck with this shit.
This shit here is what’s real….
And yes, it’s hard to trust them to stand by you like they once did again, but that’s OK. That gig was getting a little ‘high maintenance’ and it got unsustainable, so now… now it’s this.

When you finally come to realise that it was all getting a bit too stuffy anyway, so damned demanding, taxing on your love and attention; when you accept that all you needed was some space enough to be your own selves again; do your own thing, then you can have another crack at it, or realise see that it’s about time you cracked on to a whole-nuther-racket altogether.

Bless those eclipses…

Thursday, 15 February

You’re right about what’s wrong just as often as you’re wrong about what’s right.

☉/☽/☿ /☋ 

It’s not enough to be an outraged, discontented noise on Twitter or fb with your pseudo-crowds. What a waste of energy you make, with your little post-its and repost-its of some high and mighty social protests…

Nor is it enough to grab your banner and some friends and join the crowded demonstration downtown either. You’ve really risen no higher than just being a sea of slogans in a crowd there too.

You have to understand the reason for your collective discontent, know that the remedy is a strong, connected, vital community, one that will have to be reckoned with.

It’s better to stand before the government with two people who are adequately informed, have a comprehensive understanding of an issue, are competent in arguing objectively and who therefore deserve a hearing, than with two thousand bleeding assholes who are vaguely dissatisfied but think they’re right and everyone is wrong.

Even the most articulate public protest isn’t enough these days anyway. We can see that ‘government’ and ‘institutions’ are abjectly hopeless and ruling anything, have little to do with the way we run our lives. The real power is in the force of your own conviction to be informed and stand strong by what you believe and know is true.

It comical to see how superficial and foolish people are to think that we could right what’s wrong merely by flipping an opinion on fb. Changes nothing. Just gets them into a mess they ultimately can’t defend because at heart, they don’t know what they’re talking about. At heart, they’re just used to being part of the crowd. That’s where this social media thing is useless.

Have the courage to fight with your heart (not your mind) if anything means anything to you worth reforming. There’s no ‘right & wrong’ in the heart.. only true and not-fucking-worth making any effort.

Wednesday, 14 February

☽☌☋∠ ♇, ☉/☿ ∗ ♅

Doesn’t matter how badly you want it, or how sweet and noble your intention, if the timing’s out it’s really out.

Seems now wherever you aim your heart it comes off as a misfire. Maybe you’re feeling like a victim of circumstance, caught up in the wrong place, wrong time, stuff’s working against you, not with you and you cannot understand why…

This is not new. We’ve had a bucket of stuff swinging past the South Node lately, where nothing will stick and nothing can grow. And god help those poor fools trying to kick it off this Valentine’s, or worse still trying to rekindle something that just never had a chance, even in hell.

We are being forced to draw only upon our own, deepest resources now. Nothing else is going to cut it. It needs to be exclusively our own material. Cannot rely on any help from anyone and can’t expect a single handout or a clue…

Why’s life so cold and mean sometimes?
Not sure, but here’s where it asks whether you got what it takes to step up, show some strength, courage ingenuity against the odds, move out of that outgrown misconception of what you thought you was, or felt entitled to, and make the most of what you actually do got…
…not only to survive but someone’s gotta shine the light for others, show them how-the-f#ck it’s done.

Tuesday, 14 February

☉/☿□ ♃,  sqq ♅

The swell of restlessness and anxiety over the current state of affairs continues to rise around you. A solution to extricate yourself from any confining circumstances seems critical, with ideas flooding through constantly in a variety of different forms, from the ingenious to the absurd.

At this stage, all will be entertained as viable.
The stress to break free from this is so strong that you’re liable to do anything, even jump over the edge.

Keep your ego in check. This is not just about you.
There are responsibilities here. Do you care to know what those are, or is this all just about you?
Resist any rash actions, bite your tongue.
This affects more people than you think, so you must try to show some leadership here.

Rein in that storming mind with all those wild ideas.
See whether you can form a plan that best allows you to build upon the foundations of the old, preserve some links with the past. It’s preferable that you maintain the support you need from others, even if you may not be exactly feeling their love and co-operation right now.

Things are tense.
Everyone wants freedom from this, actually.
Something’s gonna give, big time.
Just hold it in for now.
Wait until all the facts are in before you determine a fixed course of action.


PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 27°08′ Aquarius: Thu, Feb 15, 21:07 UTC


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