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ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ – Week 6

Friday, 9 February


∠ ♄ ∠ ♃ Jaded friends who try to dampen your spirits with their wet blankets…

Never surrender your beautiful hopes and visions because you’ve succumbed to the doubt and limitation cast by other’s ‘advice’.They’re only projecting the negativity and fear that they’ve imposed upon their own lives.

The realisation of your true destiny cannot be hijacked or held to ransom by the bleak and blinkered views of the doubters, the spiteful scoffers and the merchants of doom.

Do not be put off for a moment by the words of a disbeliever. First look at what they themselves have accomplished before you take counsel from these. Are they in a place of abundance, joy, love, fulfillment and prosperity?

You may find that under that crusty, highly moral and judgmental frown, there is often a total lack of anything mystical or miraculous in their lives. They are merely slaves to the cravings and envies of greed and dissatisfaction. Maybe they’re rich in harsh, self-limiting beliefs but their spiritual accounts are in arrears.

Friends and family whose own lives lack any sense of wonderment and hope – who would not dare to dream, have no business dishing out guidance and advice your way.

Bypass their dense, bitter attempts to eclipse your amazing vision of the road ahead.

☿☌☋ The social stinkbomb

Mercury’s superior-functioning intellect dips head first into the depths of ☋n-sociability, after spritzing and a-spruiking the crowd with a taciturn spray of highly-calculated intellectual effluvia, intended to razzle-dazzle entire communities and chatrooms with profound sophistries and stimulating witticisms.

DESIRED EFFECT: To say something profound that will amaze the world and hopefully be shared/retweeted/passed on to posterity with all the gravitas and eclat of a proverb.

PROBABLE OUTCOME: Massive turnoffs, dislikes, dissent, gossip and unfriending due to the transparency of the calculated self-serving efforts of the mind.

Thursday, 8 February

Moon/Jupiter sextile Pluto

What if History wasn’t history; 
if Time was not time; 
if the physical universe that kept us separate 
and compartmentally divided 
was just a ruse, 
a fabrication to keep us all confined into a fear
to express our true divinity and light,
which at our core holds our infinite power
to stand united
to intercept these tricks and monoliths of 3D time and space
and to transcend the greatest mystery
held from us by those whose continue to subscribe
to those masters of deception and concealment
who instrumentally insist that we’re confined upon this earth
by the limitations of time, money, space
by the corruption and the disempowerment
of our great bodies and our minds
stressed into discomfort, worry and disease,
the mortal horrors of cancer, depression, death?

What if it was simply just impossible for us 
not to be perfect
just the way we are…
healthy in every sense?

For as it was in the ‘beginning’
to be ok with just being beings
just to be that of which we are
and we have all ways been
in our own infinite power
united by the force of love
and moved by the supreme lightness of our being?

Are you able to shatter the veneer of density?
Can you see through this illusion of time?
Can you not light the darkness?
Embrace the shadow
and feel all at once connected 
by the sheer unifying power of love.

I have to be honest. I have been most unhappy lately. For days I have not slept much. I have been very unsettled, and even in my sleep i have been disturbed by awful dreams from which i wake but i cannot fully remember, except for a couple of things…

One thing that’s been overwhelming is that I feel like i have been mortally deceived. I wonder whether i want to keep living in such a world, although to entertain anything but living would be absurd. Yet I feel I cannot live in such a lie. I am an astrologer, yet never has our future been more unpredictable, nor have we depended so heavily on political forces that can no longer be trusted to follow the basic rules of common sense and self-interest. We are governed by forces that look like sheer insanity, at least when measured against the standards of former centuries.

And the more recent in history, the more absurd they seem.

Looking at my own half century of life, I feel as though humanity had become gradually separated into two kinds of people – between those who believe in human omnipotence (that anything is possible if one knows how to organise masses to accomplish that) and those for whom powerlessness and impotence has increasingly become the major experience of their lives, and that is all they have ever known. And by this i am not talking about women, or brown people in those “shithole” countries… I’m talking about men. Many, many men. Powerless, impotent, ineffective men.

Manipulated, harvested, deceived and misled.

From my dreams, all i can remember is being in those ancient megalithic sites. I have long been fascinated by the pyramids, but lately, because of these dreams I have been looking into these megaliths a little more, researching the artifacts from these sites and like many other souls around right now have some serious questions eating away at me. And so should I. None of what i was taught to believe, especially through my schooling makes any sense. Where once knowledge was my power, now i feel powerless. Weak.

What really gets me is why “scientists” and “historians” – professors with university degrees who are qualified to issue university degrees uniformly insist on telling us stories that don’t make sense.

My friend Jimmy probably sums it up best with the short 10 minute video: (please watch). 

Wednesday, 7 February

The last-quarter Moon flags the midpoint of this critical eclipse gateway. We are learning to cope with the emptiness of not feeling special, loved and admired, and that inner child is badly in need of wholesome nourishment and heartfelt hugs.

Yet all attempts to satisfy are met with an inappropriate or inadequate response.

As usual, a Scorpio moon will intensify the mood. A certain shroud will fall to try to veil over our deepest, darkest secrets and we may tussle with trying to keep our little manias and addictions at bay. However, these run rife within our emotional selves and we sting out, often unconsciously or habitually, in order to get a fix

Of course, the pleasure we get from certain activities is, well… f’n awesome, but when we choose to ignore or minimise the detrimental consequences; continue to engage in the same destructive behaviour over and over just for kicks, then soon or lately something’s got to give.

Check yourself. Catch yourself in the act of going too far with your stupid lunacies and frenzies. Times up with that s#it.

The Aquarius Sun is cold and heartless about exacting change and reform. It will consciously resist ay unconscious behaviour, exposing compulsive efforts which, with JUPITER also in Scorpio, are being pushed out to their extreme limits now.

Don’t wanna get too spiritual with you now, but if you don’t deal with your hang-ups in this lifetime, your soul is destined to be trapped between here and moon…

Tuesday, 6 February

 △ ☉//☋ 

The undercurrent of change that is currently building up around us is soon set to knock us off our feet, in one extraordinary fell swoop.

In the last few years, with the ubiquitous cellular gadgetry and our engagement with network systems like Twitter and Facebook we have developed a culture that feeds into the emotional needs of our inner seven-year-old child.

“Look at me, aren’t I cute?”

Rarely, if ever, do I see a post on fb that appeals to my adult, grown-up nature, one that jousts me out of my subconscious complacency and makes me think outside the square. All I’m seeing is people needling to be acknowledged at the most banal, superficial levels. Coming back into the big city in the past couple of weeks I am observing how this has translated into an epidemic in real-life contacts as well. People are almost paralysed when the conversation does not provide them instant attention gratification, losing interest if their ideas or opinions are even remotely challenged.

We have very subtly been conditioned to react at a child-like level, and our sensitivity to feedback that challenges our seven-year-old’s comfort zone is a self-illusion waiting to implode when we become unable to think and grow outside of this comfort zone.

On some level, last week’s Leo Blood Moon has held up an intense mirror to our emotionally vulnerable inner child. It has pitched our entire social world against that, forcing us to question how different we might act if we couldn’t show off on social media? Would we still have the skills to hold the attention of others without fb? Would we feel as ‘special’ without the illusion of immediate gratification?

It is entirely possible that our engagement into ‘digital society’ has robbed us of real-life skills to interchange in an adult-level manner through civilised discourse and debate. It is plausible to believe that we have been lulled into a highly deceptive social framework, an addictive game which constantly hooks us into a juvenile level of engagement but doesn’t actually care that much about what we have to contribute, other than to reward us with the illusion of participation.

Sure, one may argue that the mere illusion of being a part of some abstract network of ‘friends’ can sometimes lead to a healthy, adult-level of participation. But more often than not, it only lures us into a great illusion that we are connected, cloaked in the guise of some perceived reality.

The South Node Solar Eclipse in Aquarius (Feb 15) promises to knock us off our digital perch, shifting us out of a promise that began at the dawn of this social revolution 19 years ago. As this strange disillusionment threatens to strike at the heart of our vulnerable seven-year-old child, we must prepare to face a new awakening – one that challenges us to mature, and only when we can think and grow out of our juvenile comfort zone.

Make an effort today to have a real-life, face to face conversation with another adult. Observe your connectivity level.

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