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THE WEEK AHEAD: January 08-14

You may believe in past lives, perhaps lived a few here on this familiar little planet. You might even wonder how long your spirit has been dancing around here on this dense, terrestrial plane, struggling away, lifetime after lifetime, trying to make some sense of how you’ve come to be stranded here.

If it is indeed possible that you’ve inhabited other lifetimes here on earth, then any recollection of your past life stories (through using regressive therapy techniques or psychic readings) might have revealed specific themes that are familiar to your current journey. It’s possible that these past-life stories fit in as continuations or recurrences of current themes, in confluence with your unique struggle to survive and find some spiritual contentment in the physical world.

By observing these familiar storylines, patterns, or cycles of repetition in our experiences which trigger particular kinds of negativity, inhibition and energy-sapping situations, as well as glimpses of slight relief from these, you may have also become able to piece together the bigger picture of your karmic journey. If you can see that certain circumstances tend to follow you around, no matter where you go – place to place, lifetime after lifetime – haunting sensations which subliminally remind you of your human limitations and inadequacies, often playing out through the various transient characters or situations we attract into our lives, then this will be the week when many things may seem to make more sense, or if they don’t, at least have the effect of dragging you into a whole new cycle of experience where you will come to re-live, or re-lease yourself from the strong karmic bind.

At some point, we learn with certainty that our own peculiar, recurring behaviour – our ‘fate’ as it were, often affected by seemingly random or illogical influences – our compulsiveness to repeat or relive seemingly nonsensical, out-of-our-control past stories is what keeps us tied down, destined to replay the same ‘old-earth’, ‘karmic relationship’ patterns, over and over again. These can been painful and fraught with control dramas, tales of incredible attachment, addiction, held in place by terror of abandonment or inconsolable loss.

Whether we gain any conscious awareness by recollection, by conscious study of our past incarnations, really acquire knowledge of our ‘pre-scribed’ destiny or fate – or not – is irrelevant… at least to spirit.

Spirit is not concerned with the way the personality plays along with the script. It will not interfere with the story. It sits inside, above, watching, waiting to be observed, contacted by the living you (the one that is usually caught up in the cyclical behaviour).

Nor is spirit interested in how much knowledge you acquire about your story.

What matters to spirit is how you use the knowledge to connect to spirit by transcending your story.
If the story means anything, if you can understand your past-life conditioning as a black hole, where you are prone to get sucked into, then it matters only how you apply this understanding to become empowered enough to choose to opt out.

At some point you may have enough strength (power) to ask whether you are here to keep repeating karmic patterns – especially ones which are studied and deemed to be damaging, defeating or sabotaging to your quest for spiritual peace. If you are doing anything here, it is amassing enough intelligence about your pre-disposed ways of behaviour, applying your personal observations (science) with messages from your paranormal perception (intuition) so that the science and intuition do not have to be at war; in fact, it’s crucial that you find a way for the two work together.

In this, only an authentic understanding – not a superficial or assumed idea of why you are here is going to help the transmutation process.

It would seem naïve to believe that the world is exactly as it seems.

Through spaced repetition, through genuine, non-biased observation, we learn how to consciously overcome repeating karmic patterns that are fear-based or rooted in superstition. When we can authentically see patterns recurring all throughout our soul’s journey; patterns which apparently give us no choice but to follow the straight, cyclical path in any situation or relationship; patterns which groove us deeply into our attachments and addictions, we can see also how stuck we are to a particular story with a fated outcome.

If, in our intelligence, we cannot find the power to transmute from this ‘fixed fate’, we risk staying trapped between here (earth) and the moon, doomed to having no other option but blindly repeating the cycle, time and (life) time again.

At some point, at least for a few of us who are awakened to this propensity, we become blessed with the knowledge that we are, after all, merely angels, or spirits temporarily grounded here as humans. It is this knowledge that opens the doors for us to access higher dimensions – where choices to overcome our fate are not only possible, they are infinitely abundant.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017

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  1. It can be difficult to put in words the bigger picture. The authenticity was sincerely felt:)

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