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THE WEEK AHEAD: January 29-February 4

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Wednesday’s Total Lunar Eclipse dominates this week’s energy summit. Though its climactic effects will have arguably been building for months, we now finally start to see some closure on personal matters that have been messing with our hearts over this past year.

It’s all about feeling special, received, heard, respected and loved – or more to the point, the icy, cold, unfeeling lack thereof – especially among our closest relationships. The love-charade can only go so far before it becomes boringly intolerable.

Read about this rare, once-in-a-blue-moon lunation in this article:

SUPER BLOODY BLUE MOON ECLIPSE @ 11°37′ Leo – January 31, 13:27 UTC

The love-starved inner child in each of us is coming a cropper with his attention-seeking, one-up-one-you little games, and though we may see how we have behaved like the rotten infante terriblé in the lead-up to this phenomenal moment, the tantrum and tiara-throwing fits come to an abrupt end with a rudely maturifying slap across the face this week.

Hope you’re up for what’s coming. It’s been long overdue…

Here are the main transits this week:

Mon Jan 29 11:23 pm GMT Venus 14°57′ Opposition Node 14°57′
Tue Jan 30 03:03 am GMT Mercury 27°43′ Semisquare Neptune 12°43′
Ch Tue Jan 30 03:42 pm GMT Sun 10°42′ Semisquare Chiron 25°42′
Ce Wed Jan 31 12:51 pm GMT Sun 11°36′ Opposition Ceres 11°36′
Wed Jan 31 01:27 pm GMT Moon 11°37′ Opposition Sun 11°37′
enters Wed Jan 31 01:40 pm GMT Mercury 00°00′
Sat Feb 03 00:38 am GMT Venus 20°02′ Semisquare Saturn 05°02′
  Sat Feb 03 12:39 pm GMT Mars 04°54′ Semisquare Pluto 19°54′
Jn Sat Feb 03 02:44 pm GMT Venus 20°47′ Conjunction Juno 20°47′
Sat Feb 03 03:58 pm GMT Mercury 04°59′ Sextile Mars 04°59′
Sat Feb 03 07:12 pm GMT Sun 14°54′ Opposition Node 14°54′
Sun Feb 04 06:08 am GMT Venus 21°35′ Square Jupiter 21°35′

Also, as VENUS approaches the moon’s SOUTH NODE in Aquarius, we do not feel the love we so sorely miss. A cool sense of disconnection exists in every heart, and though we pine to connect, feels like others’ hearts are unavailable except perhaps in the most detached manner. Maybe our timing is out, or they’re indisposed, or too caught up with other things to give us the warmth and heartfelt attention that we’re used to.

It happens.

The SUN’s conjunction (to the South Node) only adds to the chilly emotional environment – one which denies support for free self-expression, especially where scopes and schemes towards greater future potentials are built on immature concepts or unreasonable demands. Seems like obstacles are thrown in the path of progress, and as much as we may envision a wonderful plan where everyone works together in ‘perfect harmony’, efforts may be hampered because others aren’t really interested in coming together to make it happen just how you wished.

Karmic connections between the ‘father-figure’ and the ‘inner-child’ may be screaming to be brought back to balance now. Look to past, unresolved dynamics with the father as the root cause of any love-starvation/cold detachment dramas. We’re all feeling an element of disconnection there, but so long as there is some degree of forgiveness for the past, our chances with dealing with the present will allow us greater freedom to move into more creative opportunities for the future.

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Don’t be surprised if everyone around you is feeling kinda spiritually fatigued, jaded with the whole ‘giving-you-attention’ charade. Even the most faithful ones, who really stuck it out with you are really running out of steam. Deep down, each of us is gasping for a bit of breathing space, away from the constantly suffocating love-demands of those greedy oxygen thieves. These unsupportive conditions and disdainful circumstances are only pressing us to take some serious time-out and reconnect to our inner sovereignty.

The Venus square to Jupiter over-inflates the feminine power giving the unsure woman exuberant audacity to express he femaleness, especially if she has felt denied of this in the past. Meanwhile, this aspect pushes the masculine into fear or uncertainty about how he should try to relate. Its possible that he’s reaching out to grab something that he either cannot have or doesn’t really want.

JUPITER’s sustained semi-square to SATURN continues to drone upon our moods from day to day, afflicting us with the ‘happy-sad’ syndrome. These months (Dec-Mar) become a serious test of faith, and as Saturn in Capricorn dries up promises, Jupiter in Scorpio is determined to survive, whatever that takes. it’s probably best to remain patient, make persistent efforts to keep moving forward, even when the chips look down. We must learn that to stay in the game, we must be more conservative with physical resources, energy, love, money and enterprising or speculative ideas for now. Things don’t come easy and we need to learn to have more faith in our method, be more willing to allow things to develop and unfold gradually, staying philosophical that everything will work out for us in the end if we are prepared to work with what we got.

Also, try to not feel slighted if you’re sensing that delays, denials or brush-offs from friends becoming more frequent. No, the old gang doesn’t have your back like it used to, but nor are you prepared to back up (or even tolerate) those who keep dragging along, screeching like a squeaky old wheel.

Mercury joins the Sun and Venus Aquarius, and in its exaltation, open our minds to whole new experiences, an ability to see things a whole new way – in the light of impersonal truth – one that is truthful, unbiased, and objective. The mind shifts into its highest intuitive faculties, bridging communication with the greater Universal Mind, overshadowing the individual ego.

By the end of the week, we see a tremendous shift in how we view and value one another. No longer content to feed each other superficial praise just to maintain a pseudo-harmony, we close the book on those past ties that kept our soul growth stagnant and stale.

Particular emphasis on closing off some of our ‘daddy issues’, will also allow us to reign in our ‘inner brat’, release any unresolved problems or unwillingness to let go of behaviour that is still suffocating or sabotaging our current affairs.

Try to spend some time in nature, connecting back into your body with physical activity, practice your meditation and allow your heart to feel whatever it has to feel.

In the long run, this phenomenal week provides closure, clearing the way for an exciting new twist in a couple of weeks when the Aquarius Solar Eclipse happens (Feb 15). Look forward to tremendous spiritual rewards, especially if you are making courageous decisions to let go of acting like a child and choose to grown up.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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