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SUPER BLOODY BLUE MOON ECLIPSE @ 11°37′ Leo – January 31, 13:27 UTC

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If you’re feeling a strange sense of excitement, overwhelmed with bigger-than-usual feelings, sensing something momentous is about to unfold, yet not entirely sure how it’s going to turn out, then that’s because It’s eclipse season yet again.

Eclipses are not little things. Even though they occur once every six months, in effect lasting only a few minutes it is arguable that their life-altering effects begin to apply for weeks (sometimes months) before the event.

So what can we expect this time around?

This first ECLIPSE of 2018 (Jan 31) is the Total Lunar, at precisely 11°37′ Leo on Wednesday, 31st. Since it’s the second full moon to occur in January, it is also known as a ‘Blue Moon’.
It occurs during perigee – a phase when the moon is closest to Earth, making it look about 7% bigger and 14% brighter than usual – which means it’s a ‘Supermoon’!!… the third consecutive in a series of three.
Most importantly, this Supermoon being a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE means it will be tinged with a reddish hue, appearing like a ‘Blood Moon’.
Blood on the face of the big blue Supermoon…. could at the very least be spectacular!

Needless to say, if this moon forms close aspect to any significant point in your chart, then its subtle but deeply emotional effects could leave a significant marker in your personal development story – or at least jiggle around some of those inner, more squishy parts of your heart.

This Leo Lunar eclipse raises specific themes in our lives. Throwing the heartlight on where indeed we like to feel special; to be heard; to feel distinctly recognised as a unique, creative individual.

Even the meekest among us has a special way in which their heart wishes to be received, accepted and admired for the way they shine. Whether one’s good at giving or taking attention, you realise that everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated for some exceptional quality or trait – something cute, daring, funny or generally heart-warming about us.

Whilst each of us generally wishes to feel acknowledged and respected for our ‘specialness’, we also tend to easily take offense when we’re ignored, snubbed or not made welcome in this light.

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In its most unconscious, most rudimentary manifestation, this lunation may expose how our inner need to feel recognised or heard may sometimes come across to others as an infantile cry for attention. If we struggle to be loved by being the loudest, neediest or most overbearingly spoiled brat on the block, this lunar eclipse may just administer the smart slap across the ego that we so sorely need to wake up to ourselves.

Have you noticed this? How sometimes, in order to satisfy the love-starved attention that one seeks, they turn on the drama? How, if they don’t get what they want immediately, the play the overly cute, or the growler, or trumpet blower, to gain supremacy? And notice too how, if their usual song-and-dance routine isn’t working, they feel all insulted, pout-up, even lash out with a right-royal titanic tantrum?

Sounds like something you notice a lot lately?

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Under this moon, this inexorable need for love and admiration often comes with plenty of instances to observe this. In fact, so many of us have become so sensitised to drama these days that we don’t have to turn far to witness examples of attention hogging and overhogging over psychic airspace, particularly through use of electronic media. This can start to dominate, become overbearing, especially with use of network domination, both with individuals and groups. Here, on full moon the behaviour becomes ever more tiresome, transparent to all as being nothing more than a boorish effort to forcibly fulfill some inner-child inadequacy complex. Whatever it is, it tries to blind out our own light.

This Total Lunar Eclipse augurs an emotional crisis in sovereignty.
Through this powerful period, we learn to see whether this ‘need for attention’ really needs attention, some real reflection or counselling to bring it back to a healthy balance.

In the highest, most pure expression, this lunar eclipse shows us all the importance of acknowledging and respecting every soul’s emotional need to feel important, at least about themselves.

This supermoon comes just that little bit closer to highlight the stark contrast between where we sometimes act like a petulant child and how, with a little maturity carry ourselves with a little self-awareness, play and enjoy of personal sovereignty.

If we cannot satisfy, or feel satisfied in this capacity, let us not feel surprised or bewildered if relations break down, or completely shut us out.

In what arena do you exude a unique creativity, natural authority or seniority over something cool?


The Greater Social Scheme: Autocracy Vs Democracy

In the greater social arena of sport, politics, entertainment, there are also your notorious trumpet blowers and fat cats.

It is evident, particularly with the swelling of all the social movements to promote social causes and equal rights, that humanity is abuzz with people also wanting to be heard. One big movement at the moment is just that, called #MeToo.

Things are reaching boiling point where any show of disrespect for the rights and freedoms of individual and civil liberties are being violated. While this is a strong theme on an individual level, it also accumulates in the greater social arena.

In fact, this theme of Individual sovereignty vs. group identity actually began 18 months ago. The series of Leo♌/Aquarius♒ eclipses will take this theme through the next 12 months:

  • Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse 2016 August 18 @25°♒52′
  • Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse 2017 February 10 @ 22°♌28′
  • Partial LUNAR Eclipse 2017 August 7 @ 15°♒25′
  • Total SOLAR Eclipse 2017 August 21 @ 28°♌53′
  • Total LUNAR Eclipse 2018 January 31 @ 11°♌37′
  • Partial SOLAR Eclipse 2018 February 15 @ 27°♒08′
  • Total LUNAR Eclipse 2018 July 27 @ 4°♒45′
  • Partial SOLAR Eclipse 2018 August 11 @ 18°♌42′
  • Total LUNAR Eclipse 2019 January 21 @ 00°♌52′

The show comes alive with ever more frequent displays of ill-consideration for the ‘specialness’ of each and every other living being.

Trumpets blow harder as the contest of self-promotion over all the crowd means we can hear quite distinctly who is standing out in the crowd. Are they standing on the merits of their amazingness or are they merely playing the usual Leo game of ‘bluff it till you make it”?

Voices of protest are also getting blaringly louder for some individuals and groups. They see a lack of compassion or abuse for the rights of others as cruel and find this intolerable. Self-acclaimed elitism or placing oneself above others without cause is transparently sensed as exhibiting a lack of emotional maturity – a key indicator that we are up against the ego complexes of an undernourished or fragmented inner child….

Read more on the Leo/Aquarius polarity and its geo-political implications here: 

Leo-Aquarius Opposition – Autocracy vs Democracy

As we seek to understand this particular dynamic more comprehensively, this total lunar eclipse provides higher awareness in how best to manage this current imbalance both in our relationships and in our society by accentuating these issues. The moment of total awareness has been building up for months, going back to the great American Eclipse in August last year.

During this time, the most potent cosmic forces of our times combine through these lunations to teach us to have courage to share our creativity equally with others. A team is where an individual can prove this courage on his own merits. Only a coward flexes their muscle, beats his chest, toots his horn or relies on his gang to protect him when he does not know how to give of himself with love.

Enjoy this amazing spectacle on Wednesday January 31, 13:27 UTC, if you can…. Blessings, and love to you all xx

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