NEW MOON at 26°55′ CAPRICORN: January 17, 02:18 UTC

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Since the Solstice, when the Sun moved into Capricorn to form a conjunction with Saturn (Dec 21, 2017), we have been forming a more solid expression of who we are in this rapidly changing world. It had to happen, since for the most part we have spent the past 2-3 years processing our beliefs and disbeliefs about this ‘reality’, whilst not exactly certain whether this reality was real. But that seems all so Sagittarian now…

..and then things suddenly got really, really real.

Yes, this Capricorn New Moon commands that we all put our money where our mouth is, step up to the podium and really show what we’re made of – show our commitment to something that really matters.

Are you ready?

The transiting Capricorn Sun shows us where we are willing to work hard to make things happen. By concentrating on perfecting our self-image to the world, we crystalise the essence of who we are in the real world for everyone to see. If we are strong within, it shows. If we are feeble, incompetent or uncertain we may buckle under the scrutiny of the public eye. We literally, verifiably become the physical embodiment of that which spawns out of our heart centre simply by acting out the goals and aspirations that emanate from the core of our being.

Whether this comes naturally to some, or whether we must work to prove a certain tenacity or toughness, we become recognised for who we are in the context of our society. We dispense with the frivolities, avoid unproductive distractions, rid ourselves of cutesy affectations, pretensions and niceties get right down to business.

Yes, this is serious.

Of course, this all depends on how attached we are to all those things that don’t really work for us or work with the society that holds the status quo. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and some of us may find out the hard way that certain ways of behaviour are “not becoming”, or just don’t not agree with the responsibilities set out for us.

Hence, we discover that by dutifully applying a certain industriousness we might succeed in achieving the rise and advancement we are seeking in life. Only through earnest, untiring effort (no slacking or short-cuts) do we actually etch out the kind of legacy that aligns with our inner, spiritual calling toward our chosen vocation – whatever you see yourself as being in the world of grown-ups.

On this lunation, the Moon in Capricorn aligns with the Sun to back up and support all that you have lined up for yourself. All she needs you to do is make your intention clear.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Whatever it is, you must first remove yourself from the groove of any negative, infantile emotions, step away from any draining or oppressive environments, habits and attachments. Let go of that unnecessary baggage – it will not support your new Capricorn intention to become the embodiment of the greatest vision for yourself.

If you have trust, then trust this: that with a certain degree of ambition about who you want to be, the appropriate level of hard work and perseverance, you can turn any self-doubts and negative feelings into positive accomplishments.

A New Moon conjunction to Venus strongly favours the likelihood that your personal intention will be harmoniously drawn into your world. Venus provides a multitude of choices into our stream of intent, helping us attract, or magnetise those things, ie. people, money, resources, etc. that are favourably aligned to bring out the best (or worst) in us, for the benefit of our intention.

Venus in Capricorn works by us reminding us to put aside our negative, self-centred desires for the time being; drop the envy, jealousy and mistrust in others; release any obsolete or judgemental views about the world, and graciously step up to accept all that the loving universe has served up before us to make our intention a fitting joy to attain. With Mercury, Saturn and Pluto also in Capricorn, the plate is loaded with enough supplies to make a real ‘something’ of ourselves.

All we need is a firm intention now. Any intention will do. Just be sure.

Sextiles – firstly from Mars in Scorpio, assist by injecting us the drive to  ruthlessly break down any destructive psychological patterns tied to our lower, survival-based instincts. If misused, these urges can only bring pernicious harm, dissipating our effectiveness into wasteful or destructive pursuits.

Watch out for destructive behaviour… not helpful..

Rather than trying to dominate or wilfully destroy ‘competition’, we can harness the indefatigable force of this Mars sextile to help us get our business in order, turn it around, employ its force to bring any venture to its full and practical completion.

Similarly, a sextile from Jupiter in Scorpio inflates us with a strongly moral or ethically cohesive edge. Jupiter adds a higher, most noble aspiration to whatever it is we’re about, he believes in us and may come through to coach and provide moral guidance, inspiring us with a greater purpose to anything we do. Sometimes, we can all use a bit of encouragement to transform any self-defeating beliefs which may hinder our efforts to be of true significance in the greater world.

Lastly, a sextile from Chiron endows us with extraordinary capacity to introduce a new sense of aliveness ito our venture. Chiron helps revitalise our spirit, bringing to light any old, subconscious wounds and feelings of inadequacy, shows us the unnecessary shame we carry and need to discard in order to move on with a much lighter, clearer conscience.

In saying all this, the New Moon is also posed with a serious level of challenges too. Much upset and disruption to our greatest plans to make it in this world comes from extraordinary forces that are currently affecting some major cultural and environmental changes – Forces that seem to defy all rhythm and reason.

A semisquare from Neptune only increases our sensitivities, subtly dissolving barriers of defence and muddying our judgements and perceptions about whether what we are aspiring to experience is real or merely an illusion.

The strong square from Uranus, now at the end of Aries must also be held in check. For many months now (some would say years) we have been experiencing rising tension for many to break away from any constraints that have held us into complicity with outdated and expired versions of our the old, established culture. Strongly offensive, rude, contrary or just violating conduct has not sat well with us. In the past…

In the past we may not have known how to effectively handle these, other than with shock and awe to our nervous system. We may have endured these, even stored this stress in the body and mind (as traumas), which had an awful tendency to erupt in very weird ways, often inappropriately and out of control. Whilst providing some release, it often messed our lives up, seemingly without any clear sign of its root cause. In the past…

Yet today, these forces, which seemed formerly beyond our comprehension or control are being exposed and examined with almost relentless study and debate (see Jupiter opp Uranus 2017), jogging our culture into much more progressive ways of thinking, through new innovations in social science and media technology, radical and outspoken political discourse and ever more risky (and dangerous) demonstrations, as well as through our personal response to news of ever more frequent shocking public incidents, natural disasters, extreme weather phenomena etc.,

Collectively, these have gradually unnerved our sense of social stability and safety beyond the point of fatigue. In reaction, many of us have learned to be prepared to put up a fierce resistance to anything we find to be shocking, rude, unacceptable or unwelcome. Our daily conditioning to expect shocks and disruptions means that we are now also likely to take a more immediate and responsive stance against those things that we found upsetting or out of sequence in the ‘old’ establishment.

As we evolve, we also learn to stay ultra-mindful and composed in the face of any upsets or irritations which appear to emerge suddenly, sabotaging our highest intentions. We are learning to switch off, say no, walk away from things that in the past would have otherwise been traumatising to our nervous system and not healthy to our soul – especially on a personal level.

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We have learned to stand firm on our intention to outline the boundaries and definitions of what is our personal ‘sacred’ or ‘hallowed ground’.

On this New Moon, observe how rapidly humanity is undergoing this massive recalibration to its collective nervous system (its culture). These regular ‘upgrades’ may indeed seem disruptive or confronting to our old standard conception of what constitutes ‘normality’ and where we see ourselves in the traditional context of the LinkedIn ‘status quo’.

However, by now, most of us can see that aspects of our physical world, the dynamics of its structure are simply falling away. The way we live and work together as a society is altering dramatically. In this, observe how we are also learning to adjust our social behaviour, at least to keep ourselves from losing our composure, our competency and respectability among those around us.

As kingdoms rise and fall, individuals continue to flower and ascend in their own right. A new kingdom is about to rise on the horizon. Can you see it?

Can you see where you might like to see yourself in all of this?

Ok, it’s almost time to set your intention for this New Moon.

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