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FULL MOON at 11°38′ CANCER – Tuesday January 02, 02:25 UTC

Humans have been looking at the stars for thousands of years. In fact, other than sourcing for food and water supplies, I bet the architecture of the night skies was among the first disciplined studies. There’s a lot going on up there, and in the days before the intensity of our skies was drowned by flooding city lights and tv overtook our minds for entertrainment, the night sky must have been the greatest show on earth.

There is much to ponder up there including god, eternity and whether we are alone, where we might come from and where we might go after we’re done in this place.

Today, we don’t see so many stars – the brightly illuminated night glow of our urban landscapes rob city folks of the mystery that surrounds us up there. We seem content to view our entire world through the backlit image of a palm-sized gadget. We lose much connection with the heavens by forgetting to gaze to the skies and ponder our place in the cosmos.

Two things that remain prominently wondrous and mysterious, always, are the Sun and Moon. It is especially the relationship between them as reflected by the Moon’s changing faces that fascinates us from time to time. These are hard to miss, even in the big city since we come to define our days, nights, weeks by them. The Moon becomes of special significance when she reaches her culmination point, fully illuminating our night skies once a month.

So she stands at this particularly glorious Full Moon time, just at the cusp of the New Year.

If the Moon rules Cancer -the sign of her dominion, then it stands to reason why, at the crowning phase of her own cycle we might feel more clutching for the safety and emotionally supportive elements in our world. Generally, the Moon’s monthly entry into Cancer activates our instinctive need to let our hearts be drawn to that place, those things, people who nourish us with the warmth and tender nurturance we need. It’s what defines our humanness. Our connection to the matrix, mother and the sweet-smelling bosom of her loving providence.

However, in opposition to the stern, duty-laden Capricorn Sun, coupled with an sentimentally abstemious Venus, flanked by both Saturn and Pluto at either side, our need for emotional reassurance from the familiar is also met with a pressing force – one so intense that we may be overwhelmed by its harsh intent to make us face up to greater responsibilities.

It is a case of having to find balance.

Even if we do feel that our inner needs are being met, this very potent lunation will challenge our family spirit, domestic security, economic situation, faithful adherence to our heritage and culture. Are these things really holding us in good, healthy stead, or have we insulated ourselves too much to one side and neglected the side that tends to our responsibilities. We may at least suspect that we have become emotionally dependent, or unconsciously clinging to certain ways. Here, we are challenged to question if our habitual tendency indulge in the intimacy of our private bubble poses a serious danger to our ongoing survival and happiness outside our usual comfort levels.

This Full Moon is a critical time, where our insecurities become heightened as we see a world which is fast-changing form the way it once promised to hold and support us.

Of course, the past 12 months, with its major Uranian influences has deshackled us from many clutches to beliefs, custom, thoughts and ideas around established structures etc…

As we will see over the next two years, the closer Saturn comes to its conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, the more relentless too spiritual matters press upon us, forcing us to grow – one way or another. Mounting pressure to wake up to the essential matters, to grow up, become mature and evolve into more socially responsible creatures dawns upon all humans on this highly populated planet. Enormous changes will inevitably lead humanity out of its thumb-sucking complacency and lead us into making phenomenal breakthroughs.

Old structures and traditional modes of behaviour will start to fall away. Again and again we will be compelled to confront our secular little problems until they are thoroughly and completely absolved. Through a stripping away of our protective layers, we come closer to operating from a place of pure spirit. Through the march of political and technological progress, many of our dear-old habit patterns will also disappear with the old jobs, social roles, traditions and customs,of the coming age. It will happen rapidly.

Some conflict of interests is always to be expected in the lead-up to Full Moon time. It is a time when we are faced with the possible disparity between our instinctive, unconscious needs and our more authoritative, decisive mind. We may see it played out, projected in our present-life dramas, our most intimate interactions, in which we often alternate roles in this active/receptive dichotomy.

Are you aware of how you are being pulled apart between your consciously dutiful adult self and your needy, sentimental inner child?

Conflicting interests between tending to personal comforts and greater, more social responsibilites may bring us to confrontations or crises points. Tough decisions must ultimately be made – ones that will affect the direction our lives take in the future. Either we are mature enough to address any pressing issues, effectively neutralise ongoing domestic dramas, restore any parental imbalances, or we may be forcibly thrust into dilemmas which (one way or another) that precipitate an ending, or forced separation from those things that are no longer functioning to bring us peace.

[art: hugh o’brian]
A near exact trine to Neptune offers a great potential for a successful resolution of these two diametric forces. However, we must be willing to take the plunge into the greater divinity of the infinite realms of higher dimensional thinking. Neptune inspires inner imaginative processes which can be integrated into our lives with a suitable form of outer expression. Environmental hypersensitivity helps us to discover a way of response that makes use of this heightened perception in creative ways. If we notice the more subtle messages coming through, we open ourselves to more compassionate, perhaps hidden or invisible dimensions of life. Acting on these, we can overcome the feeling of separation and duality and share the love and compassion in our hearts with those around us so they too can appreciate and contact the vitalising, uplifting and inspirational quality of the richly emotional inner realms. 

Trines too from the closing Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, produce intensely enthusiastic action, which can imbue whatever we do with the possibility of success. Our usual emotions are expressed in a warm, generous way, and we are able to reach out to others with a renewed confidence. This is a confidence that strengthens our ability to effectively assert ourselves – possibly because we really do feel competent and sure in what we is trying to achieve to make our lives more meaningful. We must be cautious of over-estimation of our energy and abilities, careful not to over-do things and go too far, engaging in destructive excesses. Sometimes, with best intentions, we can go too far or do to much in trying to care or nurture those around us.

However, it is the Saturn/Pluto midpoint picture that defines this Full Moon for us. Here, we sense that this is a time when we know that we must soon come to terms with the progressive loss of the ability to avoid problems and challenges in the same familiar ways. There is a premonition that the old world is slowly going away, falling apart from the essence of our unconscious, our ancient DNA strands. Here, we are imbued with a deeper urge to return again and again to nagging problems until they are truly and completely solved.

As we say goodbye to a very turbulent (and exciting) year, let us make our peace with 2017, who brought us one thing: The rising power to say ‘no’ to feeling excluded and marginalised, the ability to see that the old matrix is phoney, and no longer holds us in the way we might have complacently felt secure. Here, we are given the opportunity and the capacity to reclaim our individual strength, stand in the centre of our own universe, between the Sun and Moon, and unite creatively with those who wish to co-create with us. This becomes the basis of our new year’s resolutions, where we aim to dispel any notion that we do not have what it takes to make this world a more wonderful place, if only we just stay true and faithful to our instincts and intuition.


Be guided only by your inner light and intuition.
Trust it to show you the way, always
through the fog of uncertainty or confusion;
past all alluring sways of sweet temptation;
beyond complexities of obstacle or the hostility of foe
that life does often throw into your way.
Feel your emotions follow gently, just behind you,
letting you know for certain, should you stray.

Listen to your inner voice.
It is your sacred spirit calling;
your divine built-in GPS,
keeping you always on track,
guiding you, without fail or distraction,
helping you travel, surely
towards your true destiny.

Ang Stoic is a professional astrologer, teacher and writer.  If you wish to explore your own chart in greater depth, book a private session with Ang (80-minute). 
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  1. 3rd anniversary of entertaining myself. I maybe naive but i aint stupid! Happy Better New Year…i pray for this..again. God Bless us all.

  2. Ommmmm omm omm

    Curious the practices ‘we’ choose! the Syncronicities..

    Destiny? What are the choices..

    This is a wonderful article.

    Happy new Yr Mr Stoic..


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