JUPITER (♃) and PLUTO (♇) had been dueling since November 2016. The pair squared twice more in 2017: in late March and finally in August. Back then, Jupiter was in ‘PC’ Libra, also opposing ‘shocker’ URANUS.

♃/ ♇ are now in their closing sextile, which will go on until September, two years away from concluding their 12-year ‘learning about power’ cycle.

This particular ‘dance with the shadow’ began back in December 2007, when the two were in Jupiter-ruled ‘truth-teller’ Sagittarius (28°♐24′), not far off the galactic centre.

Jupiter is about manners, morals and laws, while Herr Korruptor (Pluto in Capricorn) is the slick power-rogue on a mission to devour the world (or at least tailor it to suit his style). This could affect (or be) any one of us. The sextile from Scorpio pushes a lot of dirt up to the surface for examination and debate. What is this agent of corrosion doing to our morals and what to do about it? Is he going to bring us to shame and disgrace, or will we score a victory for all humanity.

Think back to December 2007. What was going on in your neck of the woods,particularly pertaining to endings/beginnings of religious or legally binding contracts and embedded beliefs. It might be a stretch, because you don’t often openly notice the Pluto transits. They are subversive, but powerful, and their effects are long-lasting. Our manners and morals around power and control become the dominant theme when Jupiter and Pluto are in transit.

We are all somehow bound together on this journey – our destinies enmeshed in such a way that oftentimes we may feel trapped, unable to break free from the collective pull.

Yet in some way we want to stay connected too.
Nobody likes to feel totally left out.

To stay in the picture we must learn to behave in ways which are driven to ensure the greater survival of our kind. We must strive, and learn and grow but we may also wilt if we do not struggle. Our understanding of dying motivates us to do as much as possible during the life we have available..

We now share a golden opportunity to look into how we can best use this intensely transformative energy. Are we engaging in ways which are useful and constructive, engaging in listening and sensitive discussions or are we all about getting what we want, only on our terms?

This transit blesses us with a capacity to bring our lower motives to light so they can be examined. Expansive digging can unearth some treasures.

We aim to assist one another unravel how and why unhealthy ties can mysterious corrode the healthy synergy between us.

Take the leap of seeing through addictive patterns and cultural milieus that can manipulate truth to suit personal agendas.

Observe how best to grant yourself and others respect. By restoring personal power, you reclaim power. Be generous with that.


The tightest aspect to this Capricorn New Moon is a semi-square from NEPTUNE (00°24′). Along with the square from URANUS, (02°15′) this lunation stresses just how warped our experience of life on earth may seem, after having cracked out of its conventional time/space constraints.

Like the psychedelic experience, we awaken to the possibility that our dull, dark, linear universe may be filled with infinite alternatives.

Questions abound in the mind. Our subjectivity, which is constantly looking for a reference point to define its realism, now becomes confounded. Nothing makes sense in the same way anymore, argument becomes increasingly futile.

We can only imagine that the way forward for the human spirit is to recognise and develop its fundamental right to sovereignty over its own consciousness, to unshackle itself from any divisive social programming or religious patrimony, and start to explore an alternative spirituality (or no spirituality if that suits), whatever is supportive of liberty and tolerance; whatever helps our spirits lift rather than sink; whatever fosters our innate capacity for love and mutual respect.

The old-world cultures and traditions are breaking down, soon to be bankrupt and insolvent. A New World, with its New Human is ready to be hatched. Each one of us with our own talents, and by our own choices, has a part to play in this reconstruction process.

How do you intend to take part?

…….read the New Moon Story, with links to your Intention:

NEW MOON at 26°55′ CAPRICORN: January 17, 02:18 UTC


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