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Aries/Aries Rising – Horoscope and New Moon Intention

This Capricorn New Moon could see you setting a new career direction yourself. Whether this is planned at all, or comes out of the blue, it’s definitely time to define exactly where your professional…….

(sign in to your tribe account to read full horoscope and New Moon Intention) ambitions lie for at least the coming 12 months. Are you happy with those above you – your bosses, the ones that govern over your more public role in life?  Are they happy with you? This lunation may be the time when you must decide whether to accept your current position or step up to a different or more prominent social role – something that gives you the kind of public recognition that suits your current ambitions.

If you are ‘walking your talk’, then assuming the necessary steps to move onward and upward should be a cinch. If not, it might be time to curb any tendencies towards impatient, restless or unstable behaviour and take a more serious attitude about where indeed it is you want to go. This is the time when you can define the kind of mark you want to leave in the world. Do not leave it to the circumstances of fate. The whole thing is there for you to take, if indeed you can handle the responsibility with maturity.

New Moon Intention

I choose to travel along the most suitable path in this life, one which supports me to express the highest possible manifestation of myself.

The promises of social rewards and recognition for what I do best will only become realised if I overcome all distractions or disruptive behaviour towards my friends, partners or adversaries.

I am unyielding only in my resolve to become stronger, my determination is only to attain my clearest objective, despite the fiercest opposition to dissuade me.

I acknowledge with utmost certainty that some things about me can only be pursued independently if I am to truly prosper and advance my prominence and expertise in the world.

I know that I have what it takes to be a self-made individual, and though I may accept collaboration to assist me, I must proceed without the need to rely on people in important positions just to get ahead.

I am capable and certain of my own capability to achieve certain goals and ambitions without having to compromise the integrity of my skills or ethics, especially against the forceful, aggressive, even controlling attempts of those who try to have it their way, or attempt to stop my best efforts.

I will avoid quarrels with others in my quest to succeed in my quest by staying focused upon my worthy intent. After all, my intent is for the greater good of all, and I must stay true to this.

If I am not already in a position where I am capable of making use of my visionary talents to gain satisfactory financial security and freedom, it is time now to assess how I can find a way to become self-employed and to generate my own business.

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