ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏ Øʄ ɴᴏᴡ – Week 2, 2018

Saturday , 13th January


You are exactly what you say you are. Every single word of it, whether you utter it to yourself or spruike it out others.

Do your own words build you up, or do they cut you down?

Every word that comes out of your mouth sets a frequency of intention that the universe, full of loving opportunities, modulates, either resonating with or against you. If you want to make it in the real world, check out what you’re putting out there. It should come as no surprise that when you spend all your mental energy on conveying negative thought patterns about you and your ‘universe’, that it eventually crystallises into self-defeating karmic patterns that can lock you in.

We have been talking all week about choosing a new way – one that veers away from the pre-programmed karmic groove that you keep carving for yourself, using spaced repetition of your negative thoughts and disposition. You have the power to redefine things now. Much can change for you in just 2 weeks if you choose consciously NOW.

Take a different road.
Try a different language.
Speak in a way that is conscious of a higher intent for yourself. See yourself in a world that has you limitless and free to create with purpose, rather than one that unwittingly keeps you grounded in your unwillingness to move out of negative constructs.

Do this, and let every word (and thought-shape) become your trademark.

…..read the full article here@ https://angstoic.com/2018/01/mercury-saturn-trademark/


Both Pluto and Scorpio are about stripping down, deconstruction, breakdown and ultimately death. Not a pretty process at all, that’s why it’s usually done down low, in the shadows, as much in the dark as possible.

That’s all a bit difficult with pompous, publicity-hungry Jupiter, not only in Scorpio, but aspecting Mars and Pluto, both rulers of the sign.

Mercury’s entry into the cold, judgmental world of Capricorn adds to the abundance of harsh planetary vibe there, and we are thrust into situations where the mean and measured process of long division will always aim to break things down to their lowest common denominator.

At this moment, in this world of ever extreme duality, Man may feel like a feeble, powerless pawn. This apprehension can strike out of the blue, in the middle of the day, at the center of a public place, scorn him with a plotted, conspired attack upon his preconditioned mind.

Check-mated by ‘daily routine’, he may feel cornered, asphyxiated by a smothering set of circumstances that deep down, his own own heart does not actually identify with. Only a deconstruction of all impeding barriers can bring about a vital mental deliverance.


 ☌ ☉ ☌ ♇ () SEXTILE ☽ ☌ ☌ ♃ ()

Yes, “a new day is on the horizon”.

Personalities aside, these words ring true regardless whose mouth they come from. Because it’s time.

Any culture that loses its respect for sexual empowerment is going to suffer massive setbacks during the re-empowering process. Truth is, the imbalance is as old as the patriarchy, and whilst we sense this is crumbling, it won’t happen overnight. And the transition won’t be so smooth.

The last 4 months have been deeply traumatic for all of society. High-profile women have publicly outed their ‘powerful’ sexual predators. It has started movements that have raised greater awareness of out-dated social norms & age-old inequities. Everyone has a story of being a victim/perpetrator/bystander to gender bullying and abuse. This has made things touchy and awkward, especially for victims. People are more sensitive about how they behave around the opposite sex.

Men are more cautious, or afraid to hit on women.
Women are not only on guard, they’re prone to react with extreme force at the slightest unwelcome advance.

Yes, this could ruin everything.
Yes, things may never be the same again.
No, that behaviour wasn’t normal.
Neither is this behaviour, no.
We are in a phase of redefinement.

We will never understand what is ‘normal’ behaviour until we accept that human sexuality is as diverse as the sea is wide.

Understand that your sexual morality is not a law.
It is up to you, as the individual, to set the bounds for what is sexy and allowable in your world of intimacy.
Society cannot set the guidelines to something so personal, nor should it. It is there to protect you, yes, but only if you become alarmed about a violation. Be clear about that.
Understand too that you are wholly complicit for how deeply you choose to intimately engage with others.
THAT is your power.
Understand that if you consensually decide to flirt/tease/have sex – whether safe, unsafe or simply dangerous, it is your choice as to how this happens and nobody has the right to interfere into your lovemaking, unless you ask them to.
You are the ultimate authority on how you choose to “tango”.
Never be afraid to dance.
Fear is not sexy….


It is extreme love, compelling magnetism, addictive desire, and if we should become hooked, we are looking to marry into superhuman power.

Through this complicit process we sign up to be stripped down, until we are only sure of one thing: The power we desired was always there, just hidden deep within us….


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