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The Week Ahead: December 04-10

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This week, Pluto in Capricorn receives midpoint energy from Jupiter in Scorpio and a stationing Chiron in Pisces.

The enormous pressure and strain currently being placed on the patriarchy (), where themes of sexual ‘predators’ and their ‘prey’ (one manifestation of the Pluto ‘abduction’ dynamic) bring intense emphasis both domestically (as father) and in the employment marketplace (as boss). These are Pluto in Capricorn themes that are currently being opened up to deep investigation, growth and healing. Our lives are about to become transformed through learning to open up to deeper spiritual understandings around sexual wounding and power.

Society is not digging deep enough into this. It seems content to finish the process by blaming the perpetrators, sacking them and eliminating their art/work from the mainstream publication. We are failing to ask why these ‘predators’ are there in positions of power in the first place… what is it about their work that makes it so highly prized, what is it about the way they interpret their art that is so deliciously compelling? Is it that they exhibit a rare intelligence on how to take power and play with it in ways which not only charm and fascinate us, but promise to give us something in return for our innocence (classic Hades/Persephone stuff).

Mercury’s conjunction around Saturn this week attempts to speak as the judicious voice of the now-nearly-defunct legal/political/religious ‘Status Quo’ ♄@28°26′.
Saturn’s usual game is to hit us with the stick of duality – guilt, shame, approbation, reminding us that we are ‘not good enough’ to cut it unless we play along the ‘rules of the game’…which is ok… to a limited extent. If the rules are clear and upheld. What we are unearthing more and more (♃ ∠ ♄ this month) is that ‘the rules’ are patently unfair and often superstitious or contrived with bias, so that they only reveal those who play along with the status quo as ‘stupid’ and ‘exploitable’, whilst those trickster gods who know how to run loopholes around ‘rules’ to get what they want emerge as ‘legends’ who are to be ‘respected’.

After two months Mars drags his indecisive arse out of Libra and steps into Scorpio, his feminine (-) domicile. (Saturday)

We see an immediate escalation in direct displays of assertiveness and defense coming from the lower masculine ego – a kind of “oh yeah, I’ll show you mf…” type action. Could get nasty, especially if feeling cornered, and the thing with this kind of energy: It’s like a pitbull – once it locks it jaws onto what he considers a threat, you literally need to kill him to release the anger. Featuring strongly at the midpoint of this Sunday’s Last Quarter Moon (18°26′), we can expect the next few weeks to uncoil a lot of pent up heat from the brooding, bruised, humiliated and emasculated masculine..

Ch SD Tue Dec 05 08:13 am GMT Chiron 24°19′ stations to go direct
Wed Dec 06 12:06 pm GMT Mercury 28°24′ Conjunction Saturn 28°24′
Wed Dec 06 03:58 pm GMT Mercury 28°18′ Sextile Mars 28°18′
  Wed Dec 06 09:22 pm GMT Mars 28°26′ Sextile Saturn 28°26′
Thu Dec 07 08:05 pm GMT Mercury 27°27′ Semisquare Jupiter 12°27′
Fri Dec 08 05:47 pm GMT Sun 16°50′ Trine Node 16°50′
Sqq Sat Dec 09 04:41 am GMT Venus 09°49′ Sesquiquadrate Uranus 24°49′
  enters Sat Dec 09 09:00 am GMT Mars 00°00′
Sun Dec 10 07:52 am GMT Moon 18°26′ Square Sun 18°26′
Sun Dec 10 09:29 am GMT Mercury 24°48′ Trine Uranus 24°48′
Sun Dec 10 01:48 pm GMT Venus 11°34′ Square Neptune 11°34′
Ch Sun Dec 10 06:34 pm GMT Mercury 24°20′ Square Chiron 24°20′
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