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By the time any planet reaches the end of its run though any constellation, it stands to reason that it might be a little fatigued in trying to behave that way any more. Therefore it seems to struggle to stay in character as it edges closer towards the next sign.Saturn, now at the final stages of Sadge, seems pretty over the whole ‘teaching you the truth’ deal. For the past 2-3 years, he has worked hard to get us all (society) to understand that having faith in stuff really matters; that being informed by the true sources – sticking to knowledge that is robust & universally applicable to our business, law, science, spirituality forms the basic building blocks to living an earth-life which is filled with certainty and confidence about why we are here and what is our duty and responsibility to greater society.In short, Saturn tried to teach you that you can’t work through your baggage and therefore, release your karmic patterns unless you know what those patterns are.
You can’t let go of the story unless you come to terms with it; face some home truths about how that story confines you to a certain fate. So, as much as it matters to you to re-iterate it, it’s just a story after all. The world is full of stories. In truth, how much a story matters depends on how aware we are of its significance… its meaning. And it is this meaning that becomes what this experience, this life-journey, is all about. (see ‘Meaning of Life’).Anyway, Saturn is sick of trying to get you to see. At this point, he is like your old schoolmaster at the front of the class, trying to keep teaching when there are ten minutes to go before the bell sounds the end of the school term. If you haven’t got it by now, then what hope have you got..?

At this moment, look at the old man.
Check out how he has tried his hardest over these years to discipline you to stick to the essence of the experience, to get you to listen to your gut about what it’s trying to tell you, to take all the stuff you see and hear and really scrutinise it, question its intent, its meaning, put it through the ultimate test for its veracity and faithfulness to the Truth – by asking yourself whether it has any meaning to you.  In the end, that’s what matters. Your belief becomes the structure of your reality.

If you have become even a little sceptical, but are still open to new experiences, then you’re cool. You passed. Ready to go on to the next level. Give the old man tip of the hat on your way out, as we prepare to enter Capricorn (“School of hard Knocks”).

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