NEW MOON at 26°31′ SAGITTARIUS, December 18, 06:31 UTC

On this New Moon, standby to receive the greatest Truth you have ever received, from the very source of all creation.

The long awaited New Moon at the Galactic Centre – the womb of all creation, the birth centre of every star, the creative source of every creator god that is even remotely visible to us (and beyond), is precisely aligned on this special day to our very own creator god (Sol), and we are too (Earth), via his conjunct alignment to our Luna, open our hearts to receive this great universal Truth.

Are you ready?

Saturn, now in his final moments of Sagittarius, has been hovering between us and the Galactic Centre – GC (27°♐03′) much of this year, particularly between February and May. It has tried hard to block the Truth from us by insisting to impose a certain conditioning, which, in his mind knows best for us. Saturn craves, because Saturn cannot have unlimited, unconditional freedom to be creative. He needs to structure and control those who create so they do not usurp his authority. It’s how patriarchal society works. Everything is parented, patented, made someone’s responsibility in case they get out of control. Standing between earth and the GC, he tries to embargo something that comes for free (Truth from the source of creator-light) so he can market that through his enterprises.

…and Mercury and Venus gonna be there too, just rising before dawn to make this phenomenal initiation all super personal. Saturn, squared by the Chiron Is going to have to take a clearer more open-minded perception of the blocks that many may place in front of us to try to retard our spiritual growth. The stars are lining up to potentially bring us to a deeper understanding about why we, and all those around us try to block the Truth, when the Truth is obvious…

On this day, we reach an awareness of the spiritual reasons for why all of the limitations around us are present, and what we have to learn from them. It is as if we instinctively feel the limitations, the blessed fears and restrictions of others. It is this awareness that facilitates an automatically healing effect, as we become vitalised by loving connections and our association with people who bring to us a greater appreciation of life. We turn our heart’s attention towards learning to love and share more deeply, answering the inner instinct to connect with others in a loving way. And, yet, there is also a deep vulnerability here…

A new sacred mission is instilled into the higher minds of many humans at this time. It is a silent, yet universally acknowledged oath to set about to heal all of the rifts, the schisms and boundaries of this 3D world, acti in alignment with Truth’s process to create complete harmony and synthesis of energies. Those who swear allegiance to bring change on this planet become immediately endowed with the ability to generate enthusiasm and positivity in others through assisting in their reconnection to spirit.

The alignment to the Universal Truth fills the individual mind and spirit with an unprecedented vitality and a newfound, holistically robust sense of meaning and purpose in life, now powered by an optimism sourced from the attunement to the Creator’s spirit centre.

It stands to reason that our heart would become filled with openness, abundance and boundless generosity. Access to Truth, and to be able to share that as one voice, has a deeply healing effect on the entire world around us.

In Truth we start to see the point of why it is that all the things that have upset us, all the people that disturbed our peace, all the break-ups and the strife and discord in our world – the relationships, the media, the politicians and the madmen and the clowns were all along acting quite artfully to shift our sleeping minds out of complacency and stupor and prepare us to be open to it all…

If you are awake now, it is because you have not been able to go to sleep for many, many weeks. If you are awake now…

If you are awake now, you are at holy war with the forces of delusion, denial, secrecy, lies and oppression. On this day, you discover that in Truth, you are not alone. You were never alone. This was the great hoax. In Truth, and all along, you were all one.

The forces that were placed here to keep you feeling dense, heavy, impermeable to light – that tried so desperately to define you as being incomplete, inadequate, incapable, uncertain, undignified, unethical, unwise… they were placed here a long long time ago – a structured ploy upon us all, to limit and contain our human tendencies to violate and to distort the magic and the power, gifted to you and all humanity by our creator from the moment you arrived here. The fear and superstition, the paranoia and the jealousy of the paternity, the parent, that we would use the Truth to threaten and to overthrow him from his ‘god-emulating role’ has been the greatest myth perpetuated since the ‘founding fathers’ of a ‘constitution’ which conspires to divide, conquer and debilitate through craving, loathing and greed…. The Truth is about to be unleashed on this organised structure…

It is unlikely that any of us will ever be able to go back to sleep ever again.

It is very likely, however, that the transitioning out of the great paternal hoax will come easily. Dismantling a structure which is thousands of years old – written into every law, every book, every bible, every scientific theory, every historical document, every political manifesto; enforced by every international body, every local government, every police force, every army, every council, every school, every tribal elder, every parent – will not be an easy thing. Our entire survival, as linked to our economy is dependent on the denial of the most fundamental Truth. The entire hoax rests on keeping you believing one premise only… that you are alone, and somewhat separate from everyone and everything. That you have to fight and compete, and struggle to keep up to a role model whose dreams and values are not in alignment to who you really experience yourself to be…

Of course, many who are deluded or confused may be mistaken to believe that magic and spaceships and ascension and stuff is going to ‘happen’, as in the special effects-type phenomenon (out there). But no. Don’t be mistaken. Nothing is going to happen. Nothing out there is going to change. Just a knowing. Which is really all ready to be received. You have been changing internally in the lead up to this. Your hardware has been upgraded, and if you have been keeping up with the software downloads, you will have noticed that you are slowly capable of seeing a whole new set of symbols, new frequencies of light, higher overtones of sound and colour, still very difficult to describe.

In actual fact – the magic gifts of the creator are beyond definition. They are yours to experience, to play with and to practice with. Your words, your song, your dance, your lovingness are all opportunities to practice being creators. To practice sharing your creations with others (like we do here, on this forum). We are practicing the art of co-creating.

We are learning many skills here. This forum, which is still a little structured, and still somehow exploiting our sense of separateness is also helping to promote our uniqueness by rewarding how well we can integrate ourselves into a social community. How well do you communicate your access to Truth, how uniquely and artfully do you get the creator’s message across, without feeling like you need to assert your separateness ‘issues’ instilled in you by the patriarchal conditioning of your upbringing?

Are you ready to send and receive Truth?




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  1. Wow! Thank you!

  2. The delusion that there is something wrong with the patriarchal model is a big one !

    Especially a man should be able to distinguish between Immature Patriarchy and Mature Patriarchy.

    Yes, so far the patriarchal model may have swung in the direction of separation. Distinction is a function of the masculine, nothing wrong with that. But that also means he knows the opposite of distinction/separation. It is only a matter of re-tuning the direction.

    That delusion is common when Saturn is used as the “father”. And it is forgotten that in the Kali Yuga the masculine rises to protect everybody.

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