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JUPITER/SATURN semisquares – 2017-18

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Jupiter, now in the mid-degrees of Scorpio, tightens his waning semi-square on Saturn.
Thanks to both planets sharing slightly delayed retrograde stations from one another, they will appear to slow and move at the same speed. The ‘hard’ semi-square between them will hence remain within orb (+/-02°)  between late Nov 2017 and early April 2018, with the final partile taking place in early Sep 2018.
(see graph)

As with all hard aspects between these ‘elder statesmen’ planets, it creates a seriously tense dynamic which is not so easy on the emotional disposition, both on a personal level, and in the greater social sense. The general effect is a dampening one on the enthusiasm.

These ‘masters of middle-earth’, upholders of the laws and structures of our 3D experience grind it out in a dance that is actually part of a longer and perhaps one of the most important planetary cycles – socio-economically, that is. It is the last ‘hard’ aspect of the 20-year Jupiter/Saturn ‘great’ cycle which began on May 28, 2000 at 22°♉40′, and a fitting finale to Saturn ingress into Capricorn (Dec 20). 

Ok, enough with the maths…
What exactly does it all mean for us, and why does it dampen our spirits so?

Well, for a start, these two planets are not friends. In principle, they oppose each other in so many ways that one may even call them enemies, or at least adversaries. Very much like the two main parties of any political system.

Jupiter is liberal-minded, open to growth and expansionist principles, seeks to discuss themes and interests broadly, amplifies ideas in entire concepts through discussion, debate and research, promotes exploration into areas unanswered, inflates enthusiasm that there may be greater opportunities if we only just take a risk and try.

Saturn is most conservative. He seems to constrict and limit activity and growth by imposing strict, rigid conditions. Entering his domicile sign Capricorn, he’s ever more determined to stick firmly to his tried and tested ways. And he wants to pass it all down to the rest of us. He’s had enough of being ruled by Jupiter over these past 2-3 years. Coming out of Sagittarius, Saturn comes to a cold, hard realisation that the whole deal has stretched far enough, and it is now time to bring it all back into line.

Immediately, we will see him passing down his edict of what constitutes an orderly structure, summarily dishing out tight demands and expectations to all those that will help cement the structure into place. Those that refuse will have learn to tow the line sooner or later. Those that resist altogether or think they can stand against him are going to have to face the music.

As the two giants fight it out, they characteristically generate situations for us which pose serious tests of faith and ability to maintain any hope. It feels that we can’t go forward, and we certainly cannot be convinced to go back.

When things feel blocked, they can look bleak. Where Jupiter’s exuberance feels shut down, fenced in or choked out, the disappointment, the exasperation and dismay soon sets in. We go from day to day feeling up and down, not so sure whether we are happy or sad.

Circumstances in our personal lives may conspire in such ways that we come to question the worth and the validity of not just our own belief system, but start to scrutinise and disparage those of our neighbours, relatives, even trusted partners.

Indeed, so intense is the discontentment and emotional distress generated among the ‘faithful’ during this transit, that over its duration we may be pressed to our limits, forced to evaluate the overall justifiability of having any system of faith whatsoever.

It is not unlikely then, that (on a rough day) things could feel so dispiriting or downright deflating that we begin to lose confidence both in ourselves and in those whom we trusted to restore our faith. Over the initial three months of this transit, there are enough triggers to eventually impact enough of us to get so despondent, that we start to take our grief out on the ‘system’ itself.

Of course, being largely of worldly influence, these two planets come to affect the way we try to integrate our personal goals and ambitions into the greater social arena via the prevailing politics and economics of the day.

If we’re not feeling it, we won’t be investing ourselves with the same degree of enthusiasm. This eventually affects the entire business economy. It is our adopted principles, morals and beliefs that, when applied practically into society create the outcome – the reality of our situation. We either optimistic or pessimistic, depending on whether our beliefs are supported or denied.

So, essentially, over these next few months, we are about to be tested in every way possible whether we stand by what we believe. We test society to see whether it stands by us.

This transit will ask us to “put our money where our mouth is”, see whether we are prepared to draw the line and hold firm on our principles. If it all comes down to a dogmatic case of “my Country right or wrong” then we may have to stand by what we declare.

The big question for us will be, if we do stick our ‘truth’ guns, will that bring greater cohesion to our world or will this just create more anguish and division among us?

Chances are, we will somehow be challenged to delineate our point of view. Saturn has been screwing us tightly to define how our fundamental beliefs and philosophies are working out for us. Are our attitudes about how we see the world bringing us happiness, enthusiasm, joy into our hearts, or are they only causing separation, loneliness and grief?

By inducing a sort of dreadful fear and apprehension into the back of our minds, it seems that no matter what we do; no matter how much we try; how much money we earn, the situation is never good enough.

Fri Dec 22 03:02 pm GMT Jupiter 15°17′ Semisquare Saturn 00°17′
Wed Mar 14 10:57 am GMT Jupiter 23°11′ Semisquare Saturn 08°11′

This constant sense of ‘lacking’, or ‘negativity consciousness’ sets us into a period where many of us may ‘find out the hard way’ that the old way of trying to run our society was perhaps a little off kilter. The way we invested our spirit into it, the faith we put into money/career/relationships; the enthusiastic way that we pursued joy and happiness is maybe failing to stack up to any solid, quantifiable gains or financial returns.

Where it leads our societies into the new year is a curious place, as we are by now well aware that the world is not exactly in a happy place. Sure, there may be happy individuals among us, being who are already practicing some degree of keeping their spirits refreshed and under great management, but on a greater level, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of confidence, neither in the society we live in nor its leaders. This diminishing confidence starts to trickle down to the economy. If people are not confident, the stop spending their time, effort and money.

Gradually that affects everyone who is part of anything.

September 04 10:57 am GMT Jupiter 17°32′ Semisquare Saturn 02°32′

Whilst there is a reason and a meaning behind all this, it is difficult to see whilst we are in the midst of the transit. We will, however, put it all towards the ‘greater cosmic plan’ to dismantle the old 3D world to such a degree that it no longer has a leg to stand on. You may take that how you wish, choose to believe whatever you want to believe. Whatever happens though, just remember that it’s all just part of our evolution.

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