FULL MOON at 11°40 GEMINI – Sunday, December 03, 2017, 15:48 UTC

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You want the truth?
You think you can handle the truth?

Ok…. well, here it is:

Yes it is Full Moon time again – the time on our Lunar calendar where we reach culmination, full awareness, a sense of completion, the full circle of important personal endeavours. We live in cycles of growth, where things eventually reach high tide, when they must either show that they can yield returns for our effort or otherwise become divested… put to rest.

This is such a time. However, this Full Moon is special, not only because it is 14% closer to the earth than usual (“Supermoon”). The Full Moon’s exact square to Neptune, means that it is a time when our subtle, often unconscious emotional sensitivities become heightened to such a degree that even the slightest of negative energy threatens to affect us. If we are not careful, we may feel a drain upon our confidence and general vitality, as well as feeling strangely invaded with awful psychic disturbances.

Neptune’s T-square influence to the Sun/Moon axis can cause so much confusion that even the most robust and grounded can become confused and confounded by the seeming inconsistencies, lies, and alternative truths that are being presented lately. As with all Full Moons, things come to a head now and those most strongly affected are the feeble of mind, the sick, the delicate and the ungrounded. These in particular may feel as if their world of chaos and mayhem is slowly eroding their vision or grasp on reality. If important decisions must be made at this time, they must be approached with ultra tenderness and the utmost of care. This issue is only underscored by Mercury’s retrograde only 4 hours earlier.


By now we may have observed that the Sagittarian Sun seeks to bring truth into our lives – something that sits intuitively true to our soul. Based on our experiences, we seek to formulate a truthful understanding, a robust concept, some set of noble principles by which we can abide and live – a sacred code of conduct that if we honour, serves to embolden our sense of authenticity, confidence, enthusiasm and helps us to integrate ourselves into the world at large quite nicely.

The Sun in Sadge truly wants this for us, not just because it fills our spirit with unbridled freedom to move, but because it endows us with an inner knowing necessary for us to champion the causes we choose to espouse. Whether it is in politics; in formulating laws; in our views about religion, philosophy, the way our world works and how we work within that… The Sadge Sun now blesses us with enough light so that we can form and postulate our beliefs with enough certainty and conviction so that others too may be convinced, inspired, and uplifted by the sway of faith.

Pretty dandy, huh?


As the Moon shifts into Gemini, her breezy mood immediately creates a cold, stark contrast to the fiery Sagittarian Sun’s bombastic candour. Here she is cerebral, cool, holding her feelings more with a demure, nonchalant and intellectual air rather than mushy, mawkish, sentimental folds.

Her heart is governed more by her vivacious mind, thirsting with questions which can only safely become quenched with stimulating answers, real information, cold hard data. On the surface, her feelings may seem easy to impress, even to sway. Yet it takes more than the sermonising Sagittarius’ spectacular fireworks display; his grandiloquently rich special effects to win her over. Pontificating worldly promises and postulated theories about ‘God and Flag & Country’ will not easily engage her flippant, vacillating interests for long (if at all). She stands against him, and her acute mental instincts smell a whopper from afar if what he posts as ‘truth’ does not become accompanied with circumstantial proof and lots of references.

To convince her, one will need facts.
Verifiable facts.
Clear, concise, well-referenced facts
Something the Sadge Sun tends to gloss over in favour of his highfalutin concepts, over-arched, longbow, braggadocious speculations and a whole-a-pallooza of wildly sewn posticulations.


The Moon will culminate precisely at 11°♊40′. Here, she will form the crux of this year’s ‘truth-seeking’ conflict: Do we have what it takes to be convincing? Are we capable of providing the necessary details; just the facts; the solid evidence; are we able to literally meet the criteria to make our case believable, or are we just appealing to the human instincts of faith by peddling hope/hype, beyond any capacity to produce a shred of proof.

Sure, one may argue that focusing too much on the fine print we can lose sight of the bigger picture, fall into a superficial complex of mental anguish and despair, even lose faith in something that is potentially amazing and promises to bring us much happiness. But hey… it takes words to write a sentence, a paragraph, a book, and if the words are not impeccable, just how authentic is the sermon, the speech, the story after all?

Authenticity is what makes a relatable story seem believable. Authenticity is what makes any person seem trustworthy; any relatability sustainable. Anyone may fake relatability for a time, but ultimately it is authenticity that makes it all real. In this lunation, the Gemini Moon will now insist that ‘truth’ become authenticated with ‘facts’, for it is only evidence that can uphold and instill believability in the heart.

“My heart won’t rest until I see the documents of authenticity” says the Gemini Moon to the Sagittarius Sun.


So here’s where things gets a little (if not a lot) messy. Neptune’s distorting properties act like smearing vaseline over the lenses of perception. Squaring the Sun/Moon axis, Neptune’s almost precise quartile literally impairs any clarity that this relationship may stand to achieve. Its blurring, light-refracting effects throw this whole ‘truth-finding’ affair into not one, but several alternative dimensions (possible interpretations) simultaneously.

At once we become immersed into an oceanic sea of volatile currents. Vast tides of wistful emotion carry us away, wash us through swirls of mystically forgotten visions, yearnings of long-lost pasts, intertwined with vivid imaginings about fantastical futures…

There’s so much smoke and mirrors here, so much underhanded hocus pocus being magically conjured that our otherwise normal, ordinary perceptions become deeply shrouded over by veils of meaningless nonsense and confusion.

Logic seems clouded by personal bias, double-talk and tossed-up innuendo. All hope of clarity seems dangerously drowned out by strange, escapist daydreams and delusions.

On top of this, many have developed a hypersensitive psychic aversion to anything that feels emotionally abrasive or uncomplimentary, and over some misunderstanding or super-offensive slight quickly shut down and cry, cry, cry…

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Neptune, ruler of the infinite seas, is not so interested in any clear definitions. He doesn’t want to hear your silly ‘truths’ and laughs at your ‘facts’. Washing over any attempt to account for ‘reality’ Neptune only furnishes the means to slip away into the sentimental Oneness all creation knows (at its core knowing) as the ‘cosmic womb’. In such a way, we’re most enticed, seduced, enchanted to just withdraw into a psychedelic stream of distant, alternative realities. We want to believe in the implausible yet ultimately possible so much that we may seriously wonder whether will we ever come back and face the music again.

We may enlist the help of alcohol or psychotropic substances, pass through into unconscious states, tune out into places of solitude (either into literal seclusion or metaphorically through astral travel or guided meditation). Fine art, music, fantasy, fictional stories and lies, mental impairment and psychotic madness of the most divine, ridiculous or sublime order… whatever takes us away from the linear world.

Messy enough?

Here, in this complex swirl of infinite versions of infinite truths, the distortion of facts to emotionally influence what one might believe, this dynamic has the power to hypnotically induce even those who are making the big decisions, the policies and laws to, themselves, become equally immersed in the abyss of lies, misapprehensions, fallacies and parallel untruths.

Chances are, we have been building to this ‘moment of truth’ since the last Sagittarius New Moon (Nov 29, 2016), when both the Sun/Moon squared Neptune. This surreal moment provides the grand finale to a strange fantasy that has been a whole year in the making. So don’t act so surprised about where you have suddenly found yourself all washed up.

There’s a psych term called ‘gaslighting’ – that’s when a victim’s reality becomes so manipulatively distorted that they eventually start to doubt their own sanity. Whether it’s been a strong relationship, or the general state of affairs for you over this past 12 months, this condition is the classic manifestation result of such a dynamic.

(read more about how this dynamic affects your sign in these Full Moon Horoscopes)


Aligned (by octile) into this dynamic is the tight Mars-Uranus opposition. This is a fitful aspect whose electrifying energy generates nothing but fretful, erratic willfulness; a ballpoint bluntness, whose abrupt jolts and spats produce an irascible; petulantly querulous behaviour that things can erupt into a violent storm – so suddenly that it is impossible to try to restrain or predict its wild effects.

Wherever Mars is involved, we see the lower, assertive, masculine ego coming into action. This is a side of ourselves, that gets aroused and becomes employed for purposes of individual survival, self-preservation and defense and maintaing personal boundaries.

In this case, Mars, who still in his detriment in Libra, is not functioning in quite the same any more. Ever since the recent Aries Full Moon (Oct 05) Mars’ conjunction to Venus (19°♍13′) has re-jigged his entire inner wiring to cease fighting aggressively and begin to align with the overwhelming feminine (receptive) energy. Mars has since been ‘workshopping’ his new, feminised circuitry ever since, learning to listen to feedback, examine his usual tack of assault, review and refine his sexuality and revise his general style of aggression.

However, blended altogether in this tense, tightly orbed 8th harmonic syndrome, the complex mix of ☉,☽,♂, ♅ ,♆ energies results in a surreal mix of basic, personal energies which now express themselves in rather radical and paranormal ways.

Mars has to have his own way at all costs, and when inflamed (rather than informed) by a Sadge Sun, whose highfalutin ‘beliefs’ come off more as confused, inconsistent, spurious and half-baked prophesies rather than actual-factual, things are prone to snap. Here, much like an ill-natured beast or trapped animal, he could easily launch into a ferociously edgy defense or a violently senseless assault.


Jupiter, natural ruler of truth-seeking Sagittarius forms a beautiful, sympathetic water-trine with compassionate Neptune in Pisces who happily accommodates the big gas giant, lending infinite support to any movement that promises to deliver a humbling, dissolving  blow upon the ego.

For the moment, an uneasy relationship stands between Jupiter and this Gemini Full Moon (☽ ⊼ ♃) . Also, real tension is developing towards Saturn (♃ ∠ ♄), ruler of the status quo, who is currently conjunct Mercury, just at the beginning his retrograde period.

As he sharpens his sanctimonious knives to go after the establishment, a strange feeling develops between judicious Jupiter and the cerebral Moon. In the quincunx, they are both plagued by a vague sense that something important is missing in what’s playing out here, though neither is sure what it could be…

Whilst in Scorpio, Jupiter seeks to exact his moral righteousness with vengeance, and with the holy sanction of Neptune, all disbelief becomes suspended. On this highly elated noble crusade, Jupiter is willing to go to all stops in order to see justice done, even if it kills him… which, in the end it will. As uncomfortable or unsettling as it may seem… even if he has to drink the ‘Cool Aid’ himself, Jupiter is intent to see his judgement day.


Ok, here are some simple guidelines to follow, if you want to get the most out of this Gemini Moon.


Today’s information flies thick and fast thanks to our ubiquitous technology. The only problem is that not all of it is useful to us. It’s like that Facebook Timeline, where ideas are being generated and shared every single second of the day. Not all of them appeal to us, yet we can’t help but become a little randomly engaged. It may be easy to become scattered, sidetracked and confused by all the mental junk floating about.

LESSON 1: Be selective about what is worth knowing and what is just mind junk.



Trying to ascertain whether the the stuff you actually need to know is verifiably credible is another matter. The whole ambivalence of what the media puts out there is that what’s true for you today may not be so true tomorrow. Much of it has to do with the credibility of the source of this ‘knowledge’.

LESSON 2: Take everything with a grain of salt, and check your references before you convey your own messages.



So what if we have the facts? That we are impeccably informed? Does this make us the repository of all wisdom?  Perhaps we can market ourselves as a bigshot master of a subject or two. In my field we hear the title ‘Master Astrologer’ being touted so often by our peers. What does that mean, ‘Master’? It’s a curious thing, because we all know that one can study something for 30 years and still have room to learn more. In fact, this Full Moon asks if we have earned the humility to take our beliefs and suspend them entirely. The truth is never thoroughly conclusive. True wisdom may be knowing everything yet having the good sense to rest the mind and build an appreciation for the silence in between our thoughts.

LESSON 3: Learn to shut off the mind and meditate.



Most importantly, one’s philosophy on life, one’s religion, doctrine or manifesto, however well-learned and practiced, does not guarantee happiness. Touting our views upon the world as some sort of absolute – no matter how correct we think we are – only comes across as a distasteful arrogance. Only through our openness and acceptance of the diversity of the thoughts, opinions, hopes and doubts of others can we begin to receive a respectful openness from others toward our own ideas. While they describe us well, our own ideas are not necessarily the only ones that may enrich the minds of those around us, warm their heart, or bring a smile to their face.

LESSON 4: Open up your heart as well as your mind.

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