Chiron Direct

Why does it hurt so much?

CHIRON is stationary, which means he appears to be sitting still, applying sustained pressure onto a sore point. Hurts, don’t it?

After being in retrograde since July, the ‘wounded healer’ now turns direct. Months of internalising the shame, holding it in, feeling excruciatingly cramped by the discomfort but too filled with self-reproach to admit it, we are about to experience a tremendous release of toxic pain. Like a lance on a boil, the whole damned wound is about to release the stigma you’ve been harbouring inside.

Now, If you’re licking your wounds right now thinking that the taste of this venomous sting is really familiar, then it’s because we’ve been here before…
Recently even:
✺ May 10, 2016;
✺ August 15, 2016;
✺ March 10, 2017…
Yes, Chiron has been hovering back and forth over this same degree of sky (24°19′) for the past 18 months now.
This means that the same themes that are really sensitive right now have actually been a matter for us to deal with for the past 18 months, often bringing up really hurtful memories from the past; unresolved stories that just need to be treated with clarity, openness, forgiveness, light so that they can just be put to rest.

Of course, things being so tender, we may not have the courage to deal with our unsightly wounds. Or perhaps we keep going back on our regrets, blaming ourselves, blaming others, picking at our scabs, not letting them heal…

Chiron direct now provides just the remedy we need in order to be more accepting of our grotesque shame. It gives us strength to deal with the pain directly, to unlock gifts of enormous power. If we somehow find the courage to own our suffering, hold our pain stoically, chose to accept our weakness “warts and all”, then just this resolution in itself develops into a tremendously potent healing.

Have faith. Your strength of spirit will see you through this nicely.

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Chiron – King of Insight, Passion and Compassion

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