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Here’s a point to ponder the events of past year, one final time – especially since Saturn was also here (13°00′) on Dec 5, 2016:

What did you learn from life over the past 12 months?
It will all flash through your ponderous mind for its third and summary time over these next 18 days. Try to see the whole point of it all…

You see, regardless of your intentions;
no matter how much you’ve read, philosophised and understood about “how it all works”;
how passionately you engaged in discussion;
how expertly you argued and professed to know “life’s meaning”;
how you wrote, published and did a whole book tour on it…
– it would mean nothing to nobody
if by now you’re not applying everything you learned
in earnest action and in real-time practice.

Can’t make a life out of words on a page.

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Something powerfully real is coming through right at this moment. Can you feel it? Up to now it may have only been just the essence of an idea; the conception of a strong, undeniable notion; the instinctive progression from having questioned, philosophised and pontificated on what ‘reality’ is really all about for the past 2-3 years (Saturn in Sadge).

The SATURN SOLSTICE – one of the most crucial points in the Cardinal Axis – inspires an epochal declaration to redefine our understanding of the physical world. The next few days are significant observe them closely. They will play out as a micro-progression of the next few years. A new world – a new earth with a whole new human is about to be born. The seed has already been planted at the end of Saturn’s pass out of Scorpio and into Sadge (2014-15). Since then, it has been germinating; gestating… Over the next couple of years we will have clearly announced and understood that something new is coming. We would have chosen a name for it, made provisions on how it will be brought into the world and begun to do our best to receive it when it arrives by firming up the old structure (or moving to a bigger house/better job).

SUN conjunct SATURN at 00°12′

Solstices are critical turning points, and when the Sun’s yearly cycle coincides with Saturn’s 30-year cycle, it sets the tone for a long time to come. The event of a Saturn Solstice is very rare – around once every 365 years. The last time this happened was in 1664, around the time Isaac Newton was about to define physical reality and the laws of gravity.

Sun/Saturn conjunctions occur once a year anyway – it is a time of awareness of our physical limitations and restrictions. We understand our separateness, the sensation of time and its aging effects brings us a step closer to maturity, and if we have been a little overinflated over some abstraction, then we may ourselves come to discover how strict the laws of gravity can be. A severe coming down to earth may be necessary, and from that sobering thump also comes a resolution to own our crap and sort ourselves out. We are told to come to grips with ‘reality’ if we are to be taken at all seriously. Otherwise, spanktions of some sort are ought to be administered by someone who holds the big authoritarian stick.


A good time to take stock of this. Observe your 3D world. See what’s going on down there in boundary-land. How are you coping with its laws of physics, economics, its material resource-management, its ‘definitions’ of political and natural science, its presentation of ‘facts’ both current and historical. How much can you honestly, responsibly support the system that is there to keep your world ‘structured’ and ‘stable’? How well do you fit into Saturn’s handy little lunchbox?

….take some ‘time’ to answer all this. Seriously…

incidentally, Isaac Newton, himself a Capricorn (25 December 1642) was at the University of Cambridge in 1664-5, which was forced to close down that year due to an outbreak of The Great Plague. It was because he was forced to miss formal classes that he ‘did his own studies’ in the safety of his Lincolnshire home for two years (the entire duration of Saturn in Capricorn). During that time – alone, Newton makes groundbreaking discoveries in mathematics, calculus, mechanics, and optics, and puts down the foundations for his books Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica and Optiks. Of course, Principia defined the laws of motion and universal gravitation, a theory that would dominate scientists’ view of the physical universe for the next three centuries.


SOLSTICE: ☉@00°00′, Thursday Dec 21 10:45 UTC

We are shifting our focus of perception from seeing everything merely as energy condensed into dense matter, to seeing/reading pure light frequencies that have a clear message for us. As the aperture of our senses widens to allow greater observation of the spirit light, a transmutation begins to occur on planet earth. Many humans begin to see the physical world in a much clearer light. In this, they can translate their observations without filter or distortion.

As the Sun moves into Capricorn, observe clearly how humans are all struggling to belong to some sort of hierarchy:
The wealthy still want to be the wealthiest;
the poor want to be the wisest;
those who are both wealthy and wise want to become saintly;
the saintly are all shooting for ascension into the heavens;
the ascended hope to be the ones casting judgment over all those fallen, both here on earth and those in hell…

Yes, Capricorn insists that some sort of pecking-order is always necessary in the social milieu – even among those outcasts and anarchists who claim to want the opposite of this. We are all reaching for our own definition of what’s ‘real’ as being something different, or seperate from our true divinity.

Yet why do we differentiate?
Why do we struggle to define our divinity?

Divinity is found in those who reach out – those below, who claim to be ‘real’ are constantly reaching for what is above, whilst those above who claim to be ‘divine’ must reach down below…

This is our divinity. The divine will always take an interest in what is down below. It is grounding. Let there be no fear that what is lesser might ever foul or tarnish that which is greater. It is the greater that has the power to transmute the lesser, lower, to a higher frequency of vibration.

It is the alchemist who does the earthy work, who rakes through the mud to find the rocks it will transform into diamonds. It is this diamond – the hardest material known to us that, once transformed has the ability to translate light without any distortion.

Happy solstice fellow travellers, and merry trails upon this blessed cosmic journey together xx

SATURN now officially @00°00′

I hope you’re set.

How does your imagination and creativity, when put into a structure and generated through viable a business model, measurably increase your economic and physical viability and sustainability in this world?

And where lies the fear – that psychological limitation – the danger that you will wallow in your misery?

Which area of your life, if you do not step up and act responsibly, do you become weaker and less able to prevent yourself from falling on the same kind of hard luck again?

Saturn in Capricorn (2018-2020) – Special Messages for each sign


The ambivalence seen in Sagittarius will not be tolerated once Saturn enters Capricorn in a few hours. The two-sided nature, enjoyed by dual or bicorporeal signs such as Sagittarius, Gemini and Pisces becomes a matter of contention in Capricorn, where matters must be firm and strictly defined.

Saturn is the master of setting conditions that lead to separation. In his domicile (home turf) there can be no duplicity or equivocation. You’re either with or against. In or out. Black or white. You don’t have an option. You will be told by the consensus where your place is, like it or not.

Any uncertainty, doubt, hesitancy to commit or choose a definite side will be dealt with immediately, Since the Sun also enters Capricorn in less than 48 hours (Solstice), it time to get real about our stance in the 3D world.

As can be expected, there are serious consequences for any deceit on confusion on this matter.


CAPRICORN MOON #ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ

Get used to this now, it will become a thing.

Every month, the Moon will straddle her way across the treacherously jagged cliff face of Capricorn’s rocky terrain, where in the proceeds she will precariously scale past SATURN, then LILITH, then PLUTO, with occasional run-ins with MERCURY, VENUS, MARS, even VESTA.

Certainly not her favourite place to be, that recipe of energies makes for a pretty dry cocktail of brow-beating emotions in the offing, causing the public mood to turn dark and heavy at least once a week as Luna goes through her quarter phases.

Not doom & gloom though…
Just some degree of seriousness is all.
Doesn’t need to be gloomy if you work out smart and early that those old 2016-17 flim-flam shenanigans won’t wash from now on.

Might be a bit tricky to begin with though…



Ok, so much Mercury℞/Saturn can be a drag, but it’s also important that time slows right down (even goes backwards) sometimes. It helps us stop and take a darned good look at what we’ve learned – face some honest truths.

Sure, everything happens for a reason. It’s up to you to put some meaning to what’s been happening, see how it fits into your own greater purpose. It’s up to you to see the reason. Nobody else’s but your own.

Don’t worry about the kids, or anyone else, for that matter…. they’ve got this. This is just about you here.

What did you learn over the past 2-3 years? Lots, probably. We are about to take it to the next level. Are you coming?


❀ Make hydration, nutrition and exercise a top priority
❀ Exercise your power to say “no, thank you”
❀ Form honest, real-life relationships. Walk if it gets toxic.
❀ Be more meditative, less reactive.
❀ Live your dream like it’s real, and never stop dreaming.
❀ Keep on moving, growing, reading, writing, learning.
❀ Mind your business and give generously/receive gracefully.



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