Then there’s your status quo – that clump of folks about whom it’s hard to say anything specific which might immediately describe them as anything special, for most typically, or characteristically they lack any elements of true distinction.

These are the ones commonly referred to as “ordinary”, known as “the majority,” who for all intents and purposes constitute the general notion of what society celebrates only as its indifferent everyday Joe.

In their news and fictional stories and accounts, the social commentaries of writers and journalists often try to choose and depict the more illustrious and artistic types – those who are extremely seldom encountered in real life, and which are nevertheless more real than real life itself.

Celebrities like Trump, viewed as a certain archetypal type, is perhaps an exaggerated version of the ubiquitous normal human, yet his type is hardly new to us. How many clever people, having learned from mainstream media and facebook about Trump at once discover that great numbers of their friends/associates bear a striking resemblance to him. They knew, before CNN and FOX, made him a superstar, that one of their friends/bosses were like Trump – the ‘narcissist’. the ‘clown’, the ‘villain’, the ‘madman’, the ‘chauvinist’, the ‘misogynist’, the racist’, the ‘bully’, except they didn’t yet know that that was the name…

Nevertheless the question remains before us: what is the media to do with the absolutely “ordinary” people, and how can it present these types to us ‘readers’ so that they are at all interesting? To leave them out of any story completely is not possible, because ordinary people are at every moment, by and large, the necessary link in the critical chain of human affairs; therefore, to leave them out means to destroy credibility to their publication. And so, everyone got into writing about it because it created a vibe that was ‘good for publicity’.

To fill a news story completely with plain generic types or, simply for the sake of interest, include bizarre and unheard-of people would be improbable and most likely not even remotely interesting. To satiate popular opinion a blogger/journalist/writer must try to find interesting and informative idiosyncrasies that we can all relate to – even among the most commonplace of everyday folks.

When, for example, by the very nature of certain individuals like Trump, who may seem extraordinary but in actual fact are obscenely banal, whose every essence actually consists precisely of a certain perpetual and invariable ordinariness, or, better still, when in spite of their most extraordinary efforts to elevate themselves out of the gutter of superficial ordinariness and routine, such persons, in time, acquire a certain legendary status of their own.

And now look where we’ve come to with this…

The typical character of trite and meagre mediocrity, which at heart refuses to remain what it is, which struggles and lusts at all costs to become original and independent, is (finally) exposed to aspire, but truly lacks even the slightest essence of true authenticity of character nor the capacity for real independence.

Watch all the trumped-up phony baloney hit the ground. Soon.



-☉/☿ – ♄ STELLIUM IN SADGE: #ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ

Separation is a psychological effect, imposed by the limiting 3D constraints of SATURN. If you look at it philosophically, the mental illusion of separation is merely constructed and reinforced by egos making conditional demands upon spirit, which in LINEAR TIME/SPACE is actually only matter, condensed into something hard, so your mind can define it.
. . . (did that just f#ck with your mind?)

…difficult to get through.
…no way around it.
…only way, is to get over it.

In human terms, things/people/experiences need to be hard from time to time in order to be defined. We need have the limiting sensation of density, weight, substance, otherwise nothing would matter.


This ‘hardness’ that you are feeling now is here to provide you with the time and space to get your head together about what you really want from your relationships and your life in general. You may miss your partner, loved ones, favourite things, a lot during this time but the separation you are feeling is an essential part of redefining your ego/personality development.

JUPITER conjunct VESTA (13° ♏21′) 09:03 am GMT 

The end also marks a new beginning of a sacred, 5-year quest upon this planet. If you are not already in alignment to the fierce emergence of the great, vestal feminine energies, then it may feel wisest that you either humbly reach out to receive healing and restitution from your battle-scars, or get out of the way.

Astrologically, VESTA is the goddess of devotion to the hearth (sacred altar where Spirit flame is held), and of loyal servitude to men – particularly to those returned warriors suffering from the traumatic effects of battle. Vesta’s primal commitment is to ‘keep the homefires burning’, as well as to offering her feminine sexual powers to carnally nourish and regenerate men back into everyday society.

The Jupiter conjunction to Vesta only accentuates the fierce devotion and fight-to-the-death dedication that we commit to this sacred quest. We see so many aligning to practice/preach their truth with immensely powerful conviction, willing to give up everything to demonstrate their undying faith to their cause.

If you have been inspired to travel in pilgrimage, commence upon a new field of education into sacred learnings, undertake an expedition to discover your philosophical or cultural roots or perhaps embark on a holy crusade, then this may be the time.

Some may be willing to give up their partners, or even sexual contact altogether, swearing an oath of allegiance to ‘god’ renouncing their past, and committing all work, even their sexuality in the service of the great Spirit.

…this ‘tribe only’ article (from March 2017) framed the precipitous events of this moment, and what is about to unfold for humanity….

THE USHERING of a new ‘TIME’ on planet earth


♇ ⊼ ☊ highlights a need to start completely over by relinquishing ties with the past. The quincunx suggests that we are on the verge of major change but for some reason, resisting making that change. This reluctance to let go of the past or perhaps not knowing how to make the necessary changes often suggests that we are still carrying toxic aspects that somehow interfere with the opportunities presenting themselves to make a new beginning.

Refusing to accept change, resisting all the signals to embrace the (now pressing) transformation that awaits you, leaves your spirit stranded – you feel like life has stagnated and your adventure spirit is stuck in no-man’s-land. Time to assess your attitude towards change. You may find that your reluctance to let go of past habits are in fact halting the very instruments of happiness that are waiting to fulfill you. Ultimately, releasing the toxic ties between you and your ‘soulmate’ will allow you to see a new perspective and introduce a greater willingness to let go of all the negativities of the past, which in time will allow you to embrace a new way of relating with each other.

I usually prescribe a special concoction of Flower Essences for my clients to assist with recalibrating or harmonising their emotional imbalances. I strongly recommend adding some WALNUT essence to your mix – if you are still clinging, knowing that you gotta let go but still hanging by a thread. The one thing holding you back is usually the very thing that destroyed the relationship, and perhaps all relationships. Walnut (at least) will bring illumination to this, and prepare you to move on by creating a forcefield of resistance to external influences that still tempt you to hang on to the past. [Please see me – by appointment – if you wish to have a more specific discussion around this and your situation]

MARS enters SCORPIO, and we can pretty safely promise that as the fiercest, most sensitive warrior approaches JUPITER (Jan 9) that it will be difficult to stop from going TOO FAR or doing TOO MUCH.

There will always be the perilous danger that our compulsions might get the better of us, carry us away into destructive excesses.

Just know, that an incredible resource is available to us all now, both as individuals, and as a society. If we focus our intent to do the deep inner work, maintain a positive, healthy outlook, then the outcome of our actions is sure to help us break through and transform our inner demons into a higher state of consciousness.

Seriously, a major force to pack.

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