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The Week Ahead: Nov 27 – Dec 03

If December 2017 holds all the key ingredients which promise to bring home the flavour of what this last 2-3 years has been all about, then this next week, punctuated by Sunday’s Gemini Full Moon (Dec 3) becomes the period in the recently experienced chronological sentence.


So much happens in just one week, but in order to facilitate the effects of what we have to learn, it seems that time itself slows right down for us. In the past two months, we have discussed at length what is true, truth, my truth, ultimate truth, manufactured truth and artificially preserved truth… [see Cosmic Bus].

This week, Mercury – the great metronome of life itself, slows to a grinding halt, then starts to tick-sway backward (retrograde, Dec 3). It does so right in front of Saturn – the arbiter of linear time and physical boundaries – who is now at the end of his procession through Sagittarius.

In the space of a week, Mercury, still in detriment, conjuncts Saturn twice along the final degrees of Sadge (27°♐27′- 28°♐24’℞). If Saturn is here to mark a definite point in time; to pass a distinct judgment, then Mercury becomes his official eyes, ears, mouthpiece and scribe. The two energies fuse together to deliver a grim, somewhat highly moralistic rebuke from ‘society’ – a society which itself has lost much form and structure, since it went into Sagittarian soul-search mode a couple of years ago.

Over the next couple of weeks, we see the usually flighty and capricious Mercury – now in a Fire sign – holding a sustained conjunction to Saturn. All this, makes the zippy little messenger more prone to forming a careful, cautious, somewhat eccumenical assessment prior to committing us to any kind of activity. Things not only have to ‘sit’ right within us before we can act, but due to the retrograde, we will go into an unusually contemplative, philosophically reflective and seriously-minded dissertation, discourse and discernment process before we finally pass judgment on what we may believe is the moral ‘truth’.

Here we see Saturn – the nominated holder of the “status-quo”, being (by now) himself in a state of full-scale doubt, distrust and healthy ambiguity about what is being pitched to him by the status-quo as “the status-quo”. 

Needless to say, nobody quite knows what to make of, let alone believe what is going on anymore. Nor are those wishing to maintain unquestionable credibility willing to put their entire reputation on the line for something that can… say tomorrow, be exposed as incredulous, inconsistent, incomplete or downright hypocritical. As a society, we are all somehow implicit in the great 3D hoax that has been conditioned upon us as ‘the rules of social engagement’.

With ethical/moral-minded Jupiter – ruler of Sagittarius now in Scorpio forming an uncomfortable semi-square to Saturn (Dec-Jan), a lot of dirt will continue to surface that continues to challenge the establishment – those champions of the status quo. As we are seeing, there is a gathering mount of evidence that many of the fudged-over secrets, rumours, secrets, lies, allegations and hypocrisy are true, and toxic, and ‘not right’. It may have been a mere phenomenon in the beginning (a couple of months ago), when only a handful of Hollywood weinsteins and weisenheimers were brought to account.

With the Gemini Full Moon, cursed by a sensitive, victimised Neptune in Pisces, now supported (in trine) by the viciously judicious Jupiter in Scorpio, there is a collective emotional climate of sympathy and need for retribution.

But as the tide of ‘truth-telling’ keeps roaring onto the beach, depositing flotsam of all kinds, the sentiment has begun to swell into a landslide. It seems that this is just too many victims confessing too many things about what has happened to them, and something needs to be done about it now. With Jupiter in Scorpio, the truth demands vengeful justice.

Saturn in Sadge feels constrained to stay philosophically ambivalent on any social terms. Underneath the thin layer of political correctness, the retort that comes back from the master of judgement, in its various applications, is: “It’s a witch hunt”; “it’s a sex panic”; “it’s destroying good men’s careers and reputations”.

With a debilitated Mars in Libra opposing Uranus, the weakened masculine takes another shocking offense, again at either being too soft, or unable to defend itself against any suddenly explosive insights and breaking news.

Every day just seems to strip another layer of crust, bring light upon another disgracefully dark immoral act of historic trespass to the list of ‘perpetrators’. Astoundingly, it seems that few of those accused can flatly deny the accusations against them. Here, the best they can do (Mars in Libra) is issue a strangled, vague, blanket apology – intended not to rile up any other lurking, traumatised, scorned, potential accusers. These ‘defenses’ are carefully contrived to leave plenty of maneuvering room should any of the charges end up in court. This has become not just a social formality, but a legal art form.

What is surmounting (especially with the currently trending #MeToo-type movements) is the mountain of ‘truths’ and apocryphal tales that, should they start to avalanche, threaten to bring the whole ‘establishment’ charade to pieces.

Yet, on some level, at some point along the sliding-scale of social hierarchy, there has to be a limit as to who and what will be regarded as ‘fallible’ and who will stand as wholly holy and impeccably untouchable, right?

Surely there are those who, as the paragon of ‘society’ not only set the standard, but hold it to the noble letter of the law…

What we may begin to see this week, as Saturn winds up its run in Sadge, is that society (and its whole linear timeline of historical cases) is filled with subjective truths of convenience, idiosyncrasies and double-standards.

Some strange, very paradoxical questions to which we are all somehow affected, start to form among us during this socially phenomenal month ahead. As Jupiter moves deeper into the heart of Scorpio and Saturn edges closer toward Capricorn, their relationship will become ever more tense.

Neither planet can possibly feel at ease since one wants to expand by exposing more dirt, while the other tries to maintain his position by entertaining the moral and ethical implications of our social activity. These will eventually dry out completely by Dec 21 when the Saturn enters Capricorn. Forming an exact semi-square to Jupiter, who himself is at right odds with the moon’s Nodes, the question shifts away from ‘right and wrong’ and more about what to do about our moral inconsistencies. As the Capricorn Sun comes to conjunct Saturn (Dec 21), the scene is set for a serious time ahead. This, my friends, becomes the epochal signature ingress for what may become humanity’s ‘judgement day’.

Although it may sound darkly ominous, it’s really just another part of the fun that we, as humans, get to enjoy upon this amazingly glorious, cosmic busride.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

Ang Stoic is astrologer/ writer for angstoic.com and the Cosmic Dancer

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  1. Your pointed, objective of how men in this sewer of a society are more victimized than the #metoos who came forth like a locust plague after so long ….is real.
    Your analysis is complex. I need something from you. I’ll try to work it out. honest, but sick with fever.
    I know what has to be done. Give me a few weeks. Im not waiting much longer.
    Your friend
    Annette Guida

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