VENUS conjunct JUPITER at 07°♏21′ – Monday, Nov 13

When it comes to love and affection, sweets and treats, money and honey, Venus over Jupiter just wants more, more… more!!

…and she usually gets what she wants.

Venus, our divine feminine force of attraction, is now in Scorpio – in the sign of her detriment. Here she she adopts an obsessive, insatiable even disturbingly fixated attitude in getting what she fancies for herself. Amplified or inflated by the sanctimonious Jupiter, her own personal desires become spectacularly overblown, possibly out of proportion or control.

In one sense, we may experience extraordinary feelings of affection and powers of attraction that writ large within our world, we may observe that somehow they escalate to the degree where they become irrepressible and difficult to manage. Whilst this can be sexually intriguing and fortuitously mysterious, the sheer force and intensity in which they are administered and then commandeered by our feminine may not necessarily make for a comfortable, easy or even healthy dynamic.

Scorpio holds the part of us that seeks to devour or destroy. It is a necessary part of the evolutionary chain. At some stage of their cycle, all things must eventually break down in order to ‘die’ – change, transform and evolve into something higher. This cannot happen unless enormous intensity and pressure is applied.

For Venus, whom we often associate with beauty, pleasantness and peace, these themes of love, pleasure and harmonious states now get thrust into a violently passionate, extremely turbulent state. When combined with philosophical, worldly-wise, religious-minded Jupiter, desire develops into a sort of holy conviction that whatever Venus desires right now is ordained by god, and all the moral, righteous, litigious, sanctimonious forces that exist are here to back her up on her divine mission to acquire and destroy.

It may bring new, mad love.
It may bring love that isn’t love at all – just wants to take us down.
It just may unearth a love from the past that’s back here to settle the score.

Though it seems overboard, compulsively driven and even laced with a level of toxic venom (even vengefulness) – this ‘love and affection’ that she has to show us is all ‘for the good of all mankind’…

…god spare us if this ‘love’ is really not actually what we were up for right now.

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