My intention on this powerfully transformative moment…

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I will pay close attention now to meet my emotional needs and desires for intimacy through establishing a deeper connection with whoever is most significant in my social environment.

I will watch my strong, sometimes overwhelming urge to impress my importance over my contemporaries. I must first demonstrate to myself that I am as worthy and competent as others, and not demand it the other way around.

I acknowledge that most opportunities to form a trusted connection with someone special will arise from establishing true and meaningful contact with friends, associates and fellow workers.

I will remain mindful that I do not come to angrily resent any failed attempts to create my world. I accept that any disappointments come simply as signs that I must plan my objectives with greater respect and consideration to the wishes of others, before i get too involved.

I will guard against becoming bitter or vindictive if I am challenged or meet any setbacks, taking these as a sign that I must work harder to transform any self-defeating remnants of my early childhood conditioning. I am bigger and better than my infantile tendencies to shut down and withdraw into my pain body when I do not get my own, stubborn way.

Although I deserve the privilege of determining my fate in every way, I must realise that to enjoy such a prize, I must also depend on circumstances and opportunities provided  to me by others. I must also accept that this is sometimes contradictory to my own needs. As I realise the importance of adjusting to each situation, i also observe that true transformation for me come when choose not to fight an uphill battle.

I will look to any difficulties experienced in my relationship with my parents for any determining elements of toxic behavioural patterns in my affairs. I must work to transcend any similar dramas with my beloved, or else possibly face further bitterness and resentment.

I will do well in my partnerships by establishing clear emotional boundaries, setting firm goals and guidelines in how I will develop my creative talents and look within myself to find the encouragement and determination I need to succeed. I must not depend on others to motivate me to change.

I will build my own power only through cultivating more moderate and fair relationships with others (including the general public), exercising more peaceable negotiations. I’ll not be shy or hesitant to sometimes call on expert counselling, legal and social services that are available to me, should I need any assistance in finding solutions to more complex problems in my relationships.

I have the greatest opportunity now to work at really transforming myself through my partnerships with others, particularly with one special individual. I must be mindful to engage mindfully, healthily and not to mindlessly get into quarrels and petty squabbling.

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