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NEW MOON 26°19′ Scorpio – Saturday, November 18, 11:43 UTC

Ok, let’s dive straight into the guts of this:

The void you may have been sensing in prelude to this emotionally potent lunation is most likely due to the dreadful truth – that nothing/no-one out there could ever satiate your soul in quite the way that your precious heart desires.

Could it be possible?

Could it really be that deep down no amount of material wealth and comfort; no undying oath of allegiance, loyalty, submission or servitude from others; no amount of validation; adoration; hugs or accolades from those around you could ever hope to ease that aching hole you feel inside?

What are you yearning for, anyway?
Well, right now, you, like everyone else in this fast overpopulated world is yearning for a deeply meaningful, spiritually soothing re-connection with something or someone that was once taken from them. A reunion with the loss of some essential part of yourself, like a sense of peace, innocence, vitality or presence. Something that was taken from you a long, long time ago, possibly by force, against your will. It might have been wrenched away from you before your conscious self can even remember. It might have been before your time, or the time before anyone can remember, but it was taken away and consequently plunged you into a dark sense of longing…

Whatever it is, your soul remembers.

This Scorpio New Moon augurs a momentous time in history. One where as humans we seek to reconnect to a missing piece of us, caused by a trauma that has in some way left us feeling empty and irritabile; one that has crimped or stifled our capacity to prove our usefulness and indispensability in this world; one which has ignited the flame of constant preoccupation with an outward longing for happiness and success, through which we hope to ward off the anxiety of depression or the sheer emotional deadness that has always lurked around the edges of our violated psyche.

With both the rulers of this Scorpio lunation – Mars and Pluto – now at odds in an exact square, the systematic problems of our quest to survive appear to be ripping us (and our society) at the seams.

Also in this lunation, the wide-ranging effects of the Saturn(⊻)/Uranus(⊼) trine are clearly present, as is the healing lights of Chiron(△). I discuss the personal and sociological effects of these at length in last Sunday’s ‘Cosmic Bus’ episode, namely the impact of Artificial Intelligence upon the human mind, our psychology, our economy and the quest of our spirit to express itself with purset integrity. [click here to watch if you are a tribe member] 

To offset this mysterious loss deep inside, we now see ourselves (and all society) struggling desperately (like an addiction) to stay in the picture, looking for something, some emotional connection that will assuage the pain. In our strong, unconscious desire to find remedy for something that is never quite satisfied from an external place, we often cause harmful effects that only perpetuate the trauma inflicted by the original sin.

Any remedy then gradually becomes an addiction that edges closer to destroying us than healing us. Whether it is through the mania of finding success at work, holding greater control over others, acquiring greater living space, tighter security, more extreme and penetrating sex, stronger drugs, bigger reserves of money, trophies, fame, possessions, knowledge, conclusive proof that we have been screwed, revenge and restitution of some long-forsaken rights… whatever… anything that promises to get us through the night becomes the panacea which will soon turn into our poison.

Whatever we are seeking to appease our aching soul also becomes the underlying motive that drives us on to ‘prosper’ and ‘survive’ against all the odds. It is what Scorpio is all about. One way or another we either find satisfaction through something or we die trying to find it.

However, the way we go often go about finding this, in a world so heavily competitive, whose physical resources are running scant and increasingly digitised, is creating a soul-devoid playground where the increasingly needy, even obsessive are producing a toxically unhealthy side-effect. The world is increasingly dividing between victim and its satyrs, an obscene extrusion of an aberration that has been there since the fabled fall of consciousness, now only coming to light since the advent of technology which has allowed us to expose and share our wound-stories.

The radioactive fallout of abuse/obsession/addiction upon us… society… posterity… the natural balance of the entire planet’s ecosystem is, as we are seeing lately building into is a rising swell whose backlash is in some way poised to soon come down and haunt us all.

None feel it more than those who have a proven track record of being abused or being abusive. None are energised more than those who feel it’s time to settle the score over rough and untimely actions that took away the innocence, the beauty, the grace, the love and tenderness of their nature, just to satisfy the thrill of personal desire and addiction. We are seeing mounting evidence of this rise around us en masse.

The subject of abuse is most under scrutiny right now, yet we are still to raise serious questions about how this deeply violent, intrusive behaviour has affected the rest of us, whether directly or indirectly. Mars and Pluto are both masculine energies. They are applied in ways which, when functioning at a lower, ego-based frequency come off as selfish and disrespectful to the boundaries and prerogatives of others.

Ok, sounds complex. But this is the very reason why we are all somehow intermeshed in this social contract, which leaves us starved for constant validation and needing to feel needed. Like any problematic repetitive behavior, being addicted to something ‘out there’ creates issues with lots of factors and possible treatments.

What we come to realise on this New Moon is that we have to draw the line with what’s unconsciously eating us and make a conscious intent to get some power over it.

There is a big distinction between conditional and genuine power. The bigger the void that you are feeling, the greater the urge to get it satisfied, and the greater the compulsion to acquire what you feel is necessary. Genuine power, on the other hand, “needs nothing from the outside”—it’s a sense of feeling worthy, capable, strong, regardless of your acquisitions and possessions over your external domain.

Feeding the hunger for personal power requires that we, as individuals, consciously think about how intensely we express ourselves. How often do we engage in activity that violates the rights of others, even in the slightest – over people, animals, or the natural well-being of this planet for future generations to enjoy?

Cultivating these choices may very well become the work of a lifetime, and likely requires the long, slow process of living deliberately, eliminating toxic actions manifested in our emotional life and our co-dependent behaviour towards others.  Much needs to come back to the quality of the conscious choices and intentions that we make, intentions to cease living offensively and choose to live more respectfully and in alignment with our nature.

What is your intention on this Scorpio New Moon?

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  1. Marilyn Wright aka Breeze Underwood

    Truly BRILLIANT!!! Also always love the artwork you choose–amazing!
    Ancient person in US on unbelievably tight budget so sorry can’t subscribe but follow you as best I can.

  2. Marilyn Wright aka Breeze Underwood

    Sometimes think this “world” not made for humans but for whales, dolphins, elephants who strike me a “higher”beings. Having read Peter Brannan’s The Ends of the World, think we are definitely in an extinction cycle which could take decades or hundreds/thousands of years. It has been an amazing beautiful world in many aspects while it lasted but I think it is in the process of being over. Unless we are somehow “recycled” we will never know what comes next. Animals are deeply comforting to me right now. They seem to know………

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