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LILITH in CAPRICORN (Nov 10, 2017 – Aug 7, 2018)

[picture: Amelie Satzger]
[picture: Amelie Satzger]
Since February 15, 2017 the black moon goddess Lilith has been roving through Sagittarius, seeking new adventures, pushing herself to the heights of extraordinary new experiences with a zest for experimentation into a unknown places, all in the quest for truth. It has been an audacious journey filled with exorbitant excesses and unbridled passions. Whilst she has acquired knowledge of her most oft-hidden sides, and her licentious behaviour and half-assed exploits have left her energies ragged and drained and in much need of some respite, soberness and discipline.

All this will be explored as she enters Capricorn.

Lilith rules over those disowned aspects of our own shadowy nature – parts of ourselves that we consider hideous, of which we are somewhat aware yet possibly pressing hard to keep concealed from others. We push them down, out of sight from others, fearing that if they become exposed would reveal to others how horrible we are as a person. Yet they somehow press back up at us, bursting to come out in our most intimate encounters. We call this part our ‘shadow’, the side that we try to keep out of the light.

Our ‘shadow-self’ conceals a darker side to our nature, hidden aspects of ourselves which we have repressed or suppressed –  anything from difficult emotions, our own sexual preferences, hidden desires, even potential strengths that are yet to be uncovered because we fear to go there. We know these traits are within us, but we just do not want to acknowledge them ourselves, and we prefer others not to see them either. We become convinced that if these traits were ever to be revealed that some might judge us as being a “bad person”. So whilst we tend to keep these aspects of ourselves tightly under wraps, we unwittingly project them onto others in our lives (like our friends or family), where they play out in our exterior world dramas and when we see them in others start to engage in cutting them down. Our efforts to deny, or shoot down our projected shadow self may at times reflect upon us with a severely sabotaging effect.

As Lilith enters Capricorn (Nov 10), our shadow-side begins to crave greater responsibility in the world; to hold a greater role or position of duty and authority, yet which, in our frustrated sense of inadequacy we may unwittingly project over onto others. Perhaps its easier to let other take the blame for being inadequate and irresponsible. Perhaps that ‘bigs us up’ to do that – to put others down for being abject failures.

This 9-month transit, through which we will see Lilith become drier in temperament, more harshly judgemental and austere, often not capable of easing up on the severity or harshness of how she imposes her skewed and bitterly tainted rules and ‘guidelines’. Expectations, punishment, shaming and throwing guilt into the fray, make relationships fraught with a sense of burden and grim foreboding. Since whatever we unconsciously project upon others often comes back to haunt us, this maudlin atmosphere could easily build into a dauntingly ongoing theme in 2018.

Lilith’s close alignment to Saturn (Jan-Mar 2018) then her conjunctions to Mars (Apr) then Pluto (May) only expound these treacherously shady elements to such an intense levels where matters become serious.

We may see incidents involving the cruel and ruthless dishing out of discipline; overly ambitious aspirations to hold power over the mainstream using judgement and the full force of remorse, whilst trying to maintain a definite position over others in the world gradually marking itself by the distinction of whose on the right side and who is in the wrong. 

After a period of increased projection (via blamey/bitchy gossip, scapegoating, entering into displays of public persecution, libel, slander, meddling into others’ business, avoidance of our own responsibilities, dependence on others to carry the cost, procrastination) the obligatory whiff of hypocrisy slowly starting to leak out. Sooner or later it becomes an insufferable stench.

As Lilith’s passage through Capricorn develops, those tendencies to suppress and shanghai our own sense of duty onto others; acting duplicitously and indirectly; playing the shy, the coyly concerned, the reticent to get involved; acting in underhanded conspiracy or people-pleasing ways where in fact more direct manner is called for; the interfering in other people’s business by middling around rather than focusing on our own path become serious challenges. There may not be much to challenge all this. Even Uranus, ruler of dissent and rebellion will have moved into an earth sign (Taurus) by mid year.

The drama (should we become engaged) eventually develops into all sorts of suspicions and apprehension about who is putting out the stink and how this may be happening. Of course, all the discomfort and growing annoyance due to this merciless projection of judgement, undue discipline and cruelty eventually urges all involved into self-examination, a deeper probing of their own shadowy side, working on facing our own social inadequacies. Jupiter in Scorpio through this period should help (exact sextile in late May). If these are not dealt with openly, any avoidance or attempt to bury them deeper (especially Mar-Apr) may cause them to become transfigured into grotesque aberrations which could possibly create horrid complications for us socially.

If we continue to suppress or deny these issues they will close in on us from the exterior world and may erupt into full-scale thermonuclear furore. With the final outcome longing to be resolved, a major life-lesson lies here. A real consciousness-shifting turning point, as it were. Bringing those disowned elements of our own nature into the fray, addressing them under all this intensely sustained pressure and the brazen audacity brought forward by the events and characters in our lives at this moment, we have this golden opportunity to bring any unconscious or self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour into the light of day where they can no longer undermine our best endeavours. In facing up to what we tend to avoid and often project onto others, we are afforded the opportunity to proceed forward on our own life’s journey without succumbing to distractions or interferences which only diminish our true intent. Learning to be more asserting, focusing on present matters with strength, passion, insight and conviction, we learn to build bridges to our success rather than destroy them in our wake.

The trick to dealing with Lilith’s transit through Capricorn, especially given that Saturn and Pluto will also be in this terribly austere sign, is to be observant just how much we press others to meet up to unreasonable expectations, absolute measures and prejudiced definitions. Are we being realistic? Are we being fair? Are we being respectful to the current moment when we are asking others to meet us? Do we need to lighten up a little, cut them some slack, perhaps try to see that our insistence for them to meet up to our social standards is perhaps a measure that we ourselves feel is unnecessary or unkind? Perhaps, in truth, we may discover that somewhere we have ourselves fallen behind, and are simply afraid to face that. It’s easier to turn back and scorn those we feel a lagging, but then, how can we be so sure that we are the ones who are ahead. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn looks at things in such a linear, 3D way.

Exercising compassion for the feelings of others around us is important. Expressing much flexibility and leniency is necessary too. We must stay mindful not press others to be or do things that we ourselves could not possibly achieve if we were in their place.


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Where is your Lilith? What are some characteristics of your mannerism that you know exist but tend to evade dealing with?
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  1. Understood
    I am a Capricorn
    17th of janurary
    Artist born and let be
    I don’t want to boss people around
    I cannot stand the idea
    Only in jest that is a bit bent however understood

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