My intention on this powerfully transformative moment…

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My internal motivation for success in everything I want to do requires that I keep my feet on the ground and attend to the practical realities at all times.

I know that wherever I apply myself, there is nothing I can’t accomplish. I must work vigorously to develop my full creative potential so that I become the best in my field, thereby empowering myself to easily meet any new challenges that may be presented before me.

I understand that sometimes I have to go it alone, focusing all my spirit in the self-assurance that I will succeed in my own way, without the help of others.

In helping others with their problems, I create many new opportunities to develop my skills and to attract greater work opportunities for myself. I grow in my own empowerment by being of greater service to those who seek my special assistance.

In every detailed effort I make, I become more proficient in what I do. This not only builds a demand for my exclusive services among my community, but also yields a higher return for all my hard efforts.

I will work more intently in improve my emotional suitability with my ideal mate. I will lovingly learn to manage the sometimes excessive demands upon my time from loved ones, knowing that this is just a tender process in reaching a much higher fulfilment of all our needs, both practical and emotional.

I will make adequate time to rest, away from the obsessive demands of my daily routines, allowing my busy mind to detach from these by learning to unwind and rejuvenate my energy as I go.

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