FULL MOON at 11°59′ TAURUS: Saturday, November 04 05:23 UTC

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The Moon is nearly full once again. This means, another blessed moment to face up to whatever it is we must face. Invariably something in our personal life – some burning issue – requires our full attention and we must make a decision on how best to manage it. The more we feel into it, the more informed we are to either declare it a success and reap its full benefit, or to call it an unreserved failure, cut back our losses and end it right here.

In short, Full Moons are a time when both day (Sun/conscious) and night (Moon/instinctive) become fully illuminated. If you’re tuned-in to your heart and soul enough, you can easily zone into any conflict playing out for you right now, and your decision on how best to manage it will be easier. Naturally it is best to reach a compromise, but this is not always easy, and given the complexity of today’s situations some things may end – perhaps more abruptly and mysteriously than one could imagine.

This is a Taurus Full Moon, so it is a time to instinctively examine our most conservative, earthy values; time to question what things are worth to us, how they weigh in as something that feels grounding, supportive, how it nourishes both our physical needs and our emotional senses, puts food on the table and money in the bank for our sense of security.

What do you deem as valuable and worthy to your sense of security and well being? Is it present in your life, or are you missing it? Is it providing you with an emotional stability and an inner sense of well-being or are you feeling nervous and insecure with it?

Opposite the Scorpio Sun, who is really only interested in investing his efforts into worthwhile, enriching, empowering acquisitions, the Moon provides a stark but possibly complementary contrast. Matters are either going to be adding value to his power-base, bolstering his emotional strength, ensuring his sustenance and endurance,  aiding in his ability to survive in the fiercely competitive world, allow him to make significant changes, somehow reap substantial dividends & returns on his investments… or they they can just be dumped. The Scorpio Sun has intense desires.

This is the big choice we need to be making: When it boils down to it, this full moon is going to want to know if we’re gaining or losing value.

Of course, there’s other factors. Most importantly there is Venus, who rules Taurus – but is currently in the other sign of its domicile (Libra). Usually that’s a favourable placing for this Taurus moon’s ruler, and with a sextile to Saturn, Venus promises some determination to find ways to make things work. It’s just that Venus is also taking an exact opposition herself – in this case from an unsteady and most disruptive Uranus. With Saturn/Uranus in trine, this has not been the most conservative year for any of us. We have been looking into the old structure and noticing just how limiting it has been to our need to experience our more independent, progressive ways.

Uranus was also involved in a very tight opposition against the Libra New Moon only two weeks ago. To many who do not like change, this period marks a shockingly turbulent and highly unsettling time, where nothing seems ‘ordinary’ and even the most reliable and sturdy of places/people/investments don’t seem to reassure us as much as they once did.The Uranus factor often throws entirely new, entirely unexpected elements – new players who come in suddenly to shake up any old, encrusted patterns. Those who are unaware, stuck in the conservative mud, unable to shift into new ways or just obstinately stubborn and refuse to move will feel the pinch of this period quite painfully.

In fact, any floundering, stagnant situation which is even remotely near the edge is prone to suffer a sudden snap’n’fall, even at the slightest upset.

Further to this, the Full Moon is aligned to the Saturn/Chiron square (∠/sqq), now also exact. Long-unresolved issues concerning the patriarchy’s diminishing or belittling our social identity (race/gender/colour/religion/sexuality etc) are playing heavily into our ‘value-sense’ decision making.

Whether it is due to wounds and traumas experienced in our personal, domestic conditioning, especially from those who played a paternal role in our lives – or whether they are due to wider, more sociological influences, the frustrations and limitations met trying to survive a patriarchal culture now raise enormous tensions which are unnervingly reaching breaking point in many traditional kinds of relationships. Uranus, the master disruptor, holds a deft hand at shaking our old fruit-bearing tree of abundance and seeing all the apples fall – be they ripe, sour or rotten.

In accordance with the the themes raised by this Full Moon: inner worth vs conscious empowerment, and coupled with issues now accelerated by a defiant Uranus in Aries, the generally peace-seeking Venus in Libra sets the scene for a phenomenal uprising of feminine forces to draw the line on ending certain inequities, imbalances and injustices and seek fresh ways to experience wholeness, harmony and well-being.

She will do that by simply surprising us all. And she don’t care whether we like it or not.

A new force is rising. However, bearing in mind that with Uranus/Neptune in aspect we have seriously entered a 3-4 year period which can already only be described as an avalanche of absurdities. So whilst things seem to be picking up steam to restore a healthy balance here on earth with some degree of sense and logic, they are intermittently being usurped and derailed by the constant surrealness of phenomenally wild cosmic forces, intent only on distorting and refracting the pure light, trying to come through. Call it the propaganda of fake news, call it suspension of reason by the brazen hijackery of some psychotic madmen, it’s happening and it’s often like fighting an unknown entity which is hellbent of twisting our ‘reality’.

Click here to watch the full, 1 hour Full Moon Report

However, just going by the extraordinary degree of agitation and nervous excitement in the world right now, seems that many of us are ready for anything. We are primed to take this full moon’s promise to deliver a very unique and vital ingredient into a recipe which, above all, calls for greater respect and appreciation, both in the active and receptive participants of any equation.

Therefore our full moon decision rests primarily on whether we will successfully invest or divest our current resources, (energy, money, time, love) in ways that can withstand even the wildest fluctuations in any value system we cherish, given of course all the unknown variants that may come along out of left field.

Whatever outcome you are expecting, leave ample room for a late, unexpected change and it will seem less of a rude intrusion and more as a pleasant surprise.

Blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon xx.

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  1. I’m a Taurus and had a difficult time behind me…
    Is there something special what I can do during this time?

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