My intention on this powerfully transformative moment…

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The more I express my desire to exercise my creative talents, the closer I step towards the realisation of my goal to become recognised for my remarkable abilities and talents.

I pledge now to fully commence my sacred journey towards creating success in most of my endeavours, not just for myself but for the greater good of all.

I will learn to work independently and not deed on emotional support or validation from others to assure me that I’m on the right track.

When I am expressing myself in some creative activity, I know that i am on the path to greater spiritual fulfilment. I must work harder towards applying myself to find an occupation that allows me to demonstrate my unique creative talents. This will help me to avoid feeling at grievance, both within myself and with my fellow workmates, who sometimes challenge my self-worth and creative power.

I will mind not to overestimate my strengths or talents, or assume that anyone should just hand me any privileges and entitlements because i insist that I am exceptional at anything. Only through demonstrating my uniqueness can I earn the respect and rewards of others.

I must learn to enjoy and appreciate any position which brings me before the public, expressing myself with a subtle intrigue that captures everything that I am about. I capably handle any crises that may arise when I am placed under the pressure. I will come to rise into my own fullest potential by learning to shine my own light creatively, not destructively. As I demonstrate my natural ability to peer into the heart of the problem and help it transform with utmost integrity, I also learn to accept the fondness and accolades of others with grace and humility.

I aim to proceed with a steady pace of personal improvement in crafting a career that offers me unlimited potential to transform and evolve, veering away from routine occupations that may limit my chances of making full use of my boundless powers.

I thrive under any challenge that serves to push me to the greater limits of my strength, stamina, and ability to demonstrate how exceptional I am.

I am loved and appreciated, only for staying authentic to my Self. This is my ultimate power.

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