As the Voivod MOON headed out of Transylvanian Taurus, she kinda checked out MERCURY – her soon to be ruler as she now enters Gemini’s phone-booth door.
Mercury looks critically unwell there at the last degree of Sadge. He’s not moving, his wings clipped by the kreepy karmic krush of Saturn’s kryptonite effect. He’s in a strange place, not feeling too clever, nor really sure of anything he’s said or done over these past 2-3 weeks.
As she steps forward he will have to turn back.
Luna will now change into her Gemini SuperMoon outfit,
and wait for further instruction from across the wire.
Hermes’ll not only have to jog his entire memory,
but be forced to go back on his word,
seriously scrutinised by Kronos,
till he learns there are serious consequences for
trying to bypass Sagittarian L.O.R.E.
and pass it off as his own L.A.W.
It’s time to let the public mood
determine just what has ensued
what to omit, what to include
intelligence is fully clued
on how the facts will all collude
and see who’s honorable or lewd
and though smart mouth try to elude
the facts just can’t be misconstrued
Gentlemen, please stand back…
This is a job for SuperMoon.
(stay tuned for M.O.R.E.)
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In the next 48 hours the planetary tension tightens. Due to a symposium of various significant aspect patterns forming, and largely due to the extremely subtle nature of their effects, it isn’t possible to narrate all of their effects here – even if we were to provide a running commentary, hour by hour.

Many will hit your senses in completely personal ways.

To some, it will feel like ‘time’ has slowed down to the extent that every moment feels just like a lifetime. To many, it would feel much the opposite – like nothing means much anymore. It all depends on your own astute capacity for deeper observation, and the precious value you place on the nuanced messages arriving to you here from the back of beyond.

The Moon in not yet in Gemini.
We are still 12 hours away from this.
Leading in to this, the emotional sensitivity for messages from the angelic realms will gradually increase. Initially, there may be a period of increased anticipation mixed with blind frustration, anguish, even anger.

It is important that we don’t hold this in the body, avoid projecting it onto others as a means to clear it. If you are conscious of this, you will be shown a way to clear any negative emotions, allowing them to flow more freely. By listening to your inner voice, you will instinctively know how to receive pure healing energy, which you can use to get the nurturing you need from the universe.


Most planets reach the 29 degree, say goodbye to that constellation, then proceed to go out with a bang.

Not Mercury…
Not this time.

The winged trickster god, commonly renowned for his witty repartee, light-speed and versatility to convey information is currently held up at the ‘customs’ end of Sagittarius. Not his favourite place, since he would rather just relay the ‘facts’ – not have to ponder over principles and so-called ‘truths’.

He could care less about what’s true and what isn’t. He just has these’ letters to deliver’, marked ‘URGENT’ to ‘Capricorn’. Now they’re holding him. Trying to find out whether there’s any substance to what he’s delivering.

He’s always played the “don’t shoot the messenger” card…

Anyway, there’s pressure mounting on him now – a conjunction to Saturn literally tightens the screws for him to focus now: be serious, concentrate; tell us honestly everything he’s seen along his journey. He will soon be made to go back, ℞etrace his footsteps, ℞ecount the whole story till the truth comes out.

So here, he seems unusually stuck in a bind… He hasn’t yet worked out that it’s only his fear of speaking truthfully that’s holding him from moving forward. Only faith in his own voice will set him free….


Closing in to feature in this Sunday’s FULL MOON (by octile) is the tightly aspecting MARS/URANUS opposition, now aspected by the ARIES MOON. This dynamic has the effect of generating a fretful, erratic willfulness; a ballpoint bluntness, whose abrupt irascibility; whose petulant, querulous, “fuck-you” stylemastery simply holds no regard for any effort to try to restrain or confine it.

Radical actions could erupt without warning or regard.

And yes, of course, it’s all about the egos.
Surprisingly, everybody’s STILL got them.

This highly volatile dynamic seriously unsettles the way we deal with any pressing matters – particularly in how we choose to assert ourselves (masculine). This weekend’s ultra-sensitive lunation (☉☍ ☽ □ ♆)
poses an enormous threat to our already tender state of mental stability.

We may see desperate, last-ditch efforts to convince others that we are truly honourable and authentic when in truth we are just hopeless, insecure wrecks. Arguing with exorbitantly unrealistic premises and employing impossible schemes for our defense, we create real problems for ourselves in this current climate of increasing confusion and duress.

The Libran Mars, now under almost supernatural pressure, is likely to scorn and dodge diplomacy or any kind of coercive manoeuvring, and is prone to throw up the sponge as soon as he feels cornered.

Mars wants his own way at all costs, and when inflamed (rather than informed) by a Sadge Sun, whose highfalutin ‘beliefs’ come off as more half-baked than actual-factual, he is prone to snap. Here, much like an ill-natured beast or wounded animal, he could easily launch into a ferociously edgy or violently senseless assault.

OK, so you got warned.
But don’t listen to anyone. Not even this.
Listen to your inner sensitivities.
Listen to those most carefully, before you take any action.


With MARS in DETRIMENT (weakened) through Libra, direct action is somewhat limited due to his need for approval and cooperation from the other side before he feels he can make a move. Even then, since the action is not self-driven, there is a constant inner reticence as to whether he is doing the ‘proper and correct thing’ to do.

VENUS, ruler of Libra, is nearing the end of her run in stinging, brooding SCORPIO, a smitten, angry constellation, where she find herself also in her detriment.

Since Mars rules Scorpio, the two planets are in ‘MUTUAL RECEPTION’… or rather, in ‘MUTUAL DECEPTION’ since neither is given to act in true dignity but more inclined to unnaturally behave in one another’s style.

A strange show may play out, an awkward, quasi-political tug-o-war, where neither side truly means what they do, nor expresses how they truly feel towards the other during negotiations.

With MERCURY also in detriment, conjunct SATURN (at the galactic centre) and about to retrograde, the message to the sexes – coming from the divine source of all creation – is serious:


….message from November 15


One aspect that’s getting more intense over this next week, is the SUN’s semi-square to MARS (exact Saturday, Dec 02).

This power punch is not to be taken lightly, since its applied combined energy produces rather heated events, which are especially attributed to clumsy, awkward or mis-timed (albeit well-meaning) actions.

The authoritative Sadge Sun is primarily in truth-seeking mode now, but must now mind the seemingly asinine attempts of a debilitated Mars in Libra trying to ‘help’ by ‘doing the proper and polite thing’. Neither the higher or lower levels of the masculine (assertive) personality are in accord now, and as the week rolls on, the annoyance grows to a point of anger and blame whenever efforts to be restore order or get a straight, truthful answer feel undermined or hampered.

Instances where we feel like an ‘innocent victim’, just because we happened to walk into a chaotic scenario, or haplessly caught the short end of someone’s foul temper are also likely.

Staying mindful of any potential inflammation needs to be high on our high-horse radar.

Things promise to get messier for the mindless and the foolish by this weekend when the pair (☉∠) soon run into a highly touchy NEPTUNE – just in time too for the big Full Moon. We’ll have more on that later. In the meantime, here is our chance to practice (not just preach) greater patience and how best to take the ‘higher moral ground’, even in the most vexing of situations.

COMMENTARY: We are not the same any more. NOT THE SAME. The Mars has had his entire wiring re-jigged, and is ‘workshopping’ his new circuitry into the weekend, full-moon fiasco. Massive shifts have recalibrated man in such ways that they give him no option but to soften on the hard stuff. There is no time left – 2 things that have transitioned over these past couple of months, climaxing this week are the shift over to computer (AI) superiority to solve complex math-type (no politics) questions, and the shameful acceptance that our corrupt ways have violated the mother, the sister and the earth. As said: NO TIME (energy/matter) left for ay disrespect.


Feeling a bit stuck in trying to understand how it all ties in?

It isn’t just Mercury’s utter debilitation in Sagittarius, where in the sign of its detriment, the communications planet is at its scatterbrained messiest.

Nor is it about how Mercury now slows down to a grinding halt, only to go into its notoriously haywire 3-week retrograde period.

And Mercury’s abject rulership over this weekend’s mind-bending Gemini Full Moon will leave a lot to be desired by way of clarity on what is truth over fiction.

It is more about Mercury’s sustained conjunction to Saturn, and other hard aspects to Jupiter (∠) and Chiron (□) over these next two weeks. These applied tensions will raise some serious questions about what is the moral code that we, as humans want to live by in the new age of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Not surprising. We are now officially living in an intellectual world so rapidly advancing that our own human minds feel hardly equipped to keep up with both the incessant and relentless pace of system downloads and hardware updates. Most of all, we are struggling to learn how to best manage these advances from ripping us away from our faith, our humanness and our god…

……..see here for horoscopes on the Rx



Our whole approach to how we relate, especially love/intimacy takes a jolt.

We are finding that some of what others find exciting or intriguing is just not able to reach us deeply enough.
Or otherwise, perhaps they are pushing too hard, too deep, too fast and it’s just too much for us to handle.

It’s ok.

Some things just take a little time, understanding, patience to get used to. So many things are flying in from left field now that it can be hard to keep up.
Hearts are not in synchronous alignment.
Even if bodies are in the same place, minds are too busy scheming and the communication is out of sync.

A modified pace is needed from both parties to relieve anxieties.

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