The MOON’s conjunction to MARS generates strong feelings which, in the temperately-disposed sign of LIBRA, may be instigate a motion to restore apparent balance, perhaps a little more assertively than usual.
Of course, something needs to be done in order to bring things back to equilibrium now. Has there been a recent upset; argument; a debate that has not been resolved, whose outcome/closure currently remains hanging?
If things are currently in a state of disorder, disharmony, unrest, not sitting well with another party, we may feel it’s time to get off our hands and take action to reach some mediation.
With MARS in DETRIMENT (weakened) through Libra, direct action is somewhat limited due to his need for approval and cooperation from the other side before he feels he can make a move. Even then, since the action is not self-driven, there is a constant inner reticence as to whether he is doing the ‘proper and correct thing’ to do.
VENUS, ruler of Libra, is nearing the end of her run in stinging, brooding SCORPIO, a smitten, angry constellation, where she find herself also in her detriment.
Since Mars rules Scorpio, the two planets are in ‘MUTUAL RECEPTION’… or rather, in ‘MUTUAL DECEPTION’ since neither is given to act in true dignity but more inclined to unnaturally behave in one another’s style.
A strange show may play out, an awkward, quasi-political tug-o-war where neither side truly means what they do nor express how they truly feel towards the other in negotiations.
As we are sensing, with an approaching Scorpio New Moon; Jupiter also in Scorpio; and Pluto about to crush Mars in a weekend SQUARE, much depends on how we chose to act during these ‘preliminary negotiations to make some form of a peace treaty now.
Whatever unfolds, it seems to source from an underlying core of unresolved past hurts, seething out of an atavistic well-spring of unexpressed historical rage.
Any rash or lame attempts at diplomatic action now may instead only fuel the bristling invective and bitter backlash that awaits us for Saturday’s NEW MOON. As uncomfortable, unpleasant, stingingly painful as they may seem – big, long-brewing changes gotta happen.



A kind of spiritual escapism and inability to keep up with the harsh realities of this rapidly changing universe could leave you feeling mindswept and cast adrift, like an space-shipwrecked alien, marooned here on this planet, far from home.

Of course, if you look around, you will find enough pseudo-intelligence to supposedly convince you that certain unbearable truths are not so. Sometimes it’s easier to avoid all responsibilities that way.

But for how long?

Is it the world who’s playing tricks on your mind, or your mind that’s playing tricks on you?

Come, be honest with yourself now.
We need you here, on earth.
The only real, grounding truth lies within you, and you must attempt to make some contact with your dissociated spirit in order to connect with us here.

[TIP: Unplug & take a long walk in nature]

….read more on this@https://angstoic.com/2017/08/uranusneptune-soul-loss/



Why is everything around me moving so fast, accelerating every day, yet I feel like i’m going nowhere? Who and what do I trust to believe when even the media is constantly contradicting itself? Why is ‘fake news’ such a thing now, and what’s all this talk about artificial intelligence and bitcoin?

We have officially shifted into a whole new dimension. Are you on board?

Our Cosmic Bus NEW MOON discussion is in two parts for those who are registered. Excited to see you all.

Scorpio New Moon Video: PART ONE:

Scorpio New Moon Video: PART TWO:

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