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The Week Ahead: October 9-15

This week has the power to stimulate a radical transformation to occur, however it could shift our involvements into a place of heavy personal suffering in the process. Ultimately, any dreadfully abrasive scenario that we may find ourselves provides considerable benefit and is there to make our life and relationships more fulfilling. We are in the final critical (□) phase of the Sun(☉)/Mercury’s (☿) cycle to Pluto (♇), which is one that promises us greater self-empowerment and better observation of the darker forces trying to disintegrate our sense of self-control.

Here are this week’s main transits:

♄ △ ☊ Mon Oct 09 01:59 am GMT Saturn 22°♐45′ Trine Node 22°♌45′
☿ □ ♇ Mon Oct 09 12:24 pm GMT Mercury 16°♎53′ Square Pluto 16°♑53′
☉ □ ♇ Tue Oct 10 00:08 am GMT Sun 16°♎53′ Square Pluto 16°♑53′
♃ enters ♏ Tue Oct 10 01:20 pm GMT Jupiter 00°♏00′
♀ ☍ Ch Tue Oct 10 09:03 pm GMT Venus 25°♍36′ Opposition Chiron 25°♓36’℞
  □ ♄ Wed Oct 11 01:38 pm GMT Mars 22°♍55′ Square Saturn 22°♐55′
♀ ⊼ ♅ Wed Oct 11 09:04 pm GMT Venus 26°♍51′ Quincunx Uranus 26°♈51’℞
☽ □ ☉ Thu Oct 12 12:26 pm GMT Moon 19°♋22′ Square Sun 19°♎22′
☿ ∗ ☊ Thu Oct 12 08:16 pm GMT Mercury 22°♎33′ Sextile Node 22°♌33′
☿ ∗ ♄ Fri Oct 13 03:03 am GMT Mercury 23°♎02′ Sextile Saturn 23°♐02′
♀ enters ♎ Sat Oct 14 10:12 am GMT Venus 00°♎00′
☿ ⊼ Ch Sat Oct 14 01:49 pm GMT Mercury 25°♎27′ Quincunx Chiron 25°♓27’℞
☿ ☍ ♅ Sun Oct 15 07:52 am GMT Mercury 26°♎42′ Opposition Uranus 26°♈42’℞
☿ Sqq ♆ Sun Oct 15 10:06 am GMT Mercury 26°♎51′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 11°♓51’℞
  ☍ Ch Sun Oct 15 12:27 pm GMT Mars 25°♍25′ Opposition Chiron 25°♓25’℞
☉ ∗ ☊ Sun Oct 15 04:58 pm GMT Sun 22°♎32′ Sextile Node 22°♌32′

At this stage it is not clear to us whether this week’s crises are a carefully contrived overture to Jupiter’s ominous year-long deeply transformative passage through Scorpio, or just a random shot in the dark that inadvertently spins matters completely out of all control. Pluto’s tendency towards ambition, force, power, domination, aggression, and extremism could seriously agitate and topple us from our preferred position. Even the usually very cleverly-poised, passive-assertive Libra Sun will see itself becoming incensed and outraged when applying its potent authoritative will – especially if it needs to defend itself against motives which appear as purely self-centred.

Intense conflict ensues when there is any threat of abuse or violation of boundaries, be they physical or psychological. It is a time when unwelcome aggression or intrusion will not stand without some metabolising activity that sets things into breakdown.

Of course, our situation feels beyond mere rhetoric now. In our significant relationships we are approaching the business end of our affairs, where we are ready to make a serious commitment or simply divest. Over the last two weeks (with Jupiter opposite Uranus) we have observed how any  conflict of interests, difference of fundamental beliefs or any moral dissent has brought us to a point where we have seen new light, or simply come to rigidly reject others’ attitudes and mount our own defensive stance on what we firmly believe. In the latter sense, relations may have come to an extremely charged state of resistance, where dissent, rebellion or even revolution are seriously on the cards. It’s hard to teach anyone anything when they insist on holding on to a diametrically opposite school of thought. And so, this stressed dynamic is begging either for a peaceable resolution or some forced way of restoring balance to the tense state of affairs.

The ☉/☿ squares to Pluto tend to inspire a negative, pessimistic, essentially depressive impulse to seize control over the situation. In effect, if we feel our ideal position being threatened by corrupt, toxic, contaminating, deteriorating agents we may be compelled to engage into an intense defence, which, if not handled strategically, could easily go to extremes and spiral out of control with negative and destructive reactions. Any such action becomes ultimately self-destructive, since out of spite or contemptuous mismanagement we end up fatally stinging ourselves as well as others.

Needless to say, this is not a time to be horsing around, playing the cowboy with a faux social conscience, writ large and painful upon those who we feel have exasperated our position. This is also not a time to be bullying others into submission. What is critical is that we form and carefully execute some strategies on how to restore balance, repairing bridges, clean up toxic mess and firm up cordial relations, especially in areas where we perhaps have not been able to see eye to eye. Particularly in our most significant relationships. Things could go from tense and tenuous to beyond the boil rather suddenly. One confused, misfired word is enough to topple the balance of power and seriously spill over if we push those who already feel under pressure and even minutely marginalised.

Things can improve for us, and yet, with Jupiter entering Scorpio we have a feeling that for change to be truly satisfying and lasting we need to drill deep. We are seeking to find the true, often hidden motivations as to why we often feel weak or powerless in certain situations. What are the greater laws and principles behind power and powerlessness?

We mentioned last week that Pluto’s station could now conflagrate massive tensions among those who are easily prone to fall into power struggles. These dynamics may have initially become ignited during the final days of 2016. stirring up past traumas that sat beneath the surface, unresolved and ready to be dealt with. We are now reaching the point of where absolution to these matters is going to be reached. We are finally ready to see where the troubles lie as the toxic matter starts to seethe, erupting to the surface to be dealt with in a contained way, or otherwise completely boil over and become a nuisance.

We also warned that critical (upsetting) events around the beginning of this month (October) would leave a lasting impact upon the collective psyche – one whose effects would reverberate for years to come. Evolutionary forces are at work, and the deal is to cloak themselves over with as much secrecy, cunning conspiracies to gain submission, antagonistic attitudes towards those in authority, sceptical, subversive and iconoclastic actions that just guarantee massive change, any way possible.

A square to Saturn by Mars creates all sorts of frustration and uneasiness as a result of feelings of inadequacy or inferiority, usually brought on by little things slighting big egos “on principle”. Reactions can either be very reserved, even passive on the one hand, then full of (overcompensating) bluster on the other; where just through blind will we may act to prove the other wrong and either produce an extraordinary result or make an entire shambles of the situation.

Not an easy week for the masculine, whose primal wounds of inadequacy or ineffectiveness become triggered quite easily (♂ ☍ Ch) by insults to his already weakened sense of self. We can only hope that the feminine goddess will be able to see and hold him through a much needed healing process.

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Blessings, and may you have an amazing week!


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