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The Week Ahead – Oct 2-8

It’s crazy. After last week’s final Jupiter/Uranus opposition, every little neural receptacle seems cranked up to the max and though we know these are not regular times, for many it is becoming clear that ‘regular’ may be a thing of the past now. Jupiter’s final degrees in Libra this week will leave us in no doubt about where we have been masterful at playing the old see-saw game in life and where we fail dismally in holding some balance on things.

Seriously though, pitched against pistol-tooting Uranus in Aries, Jupiter’s time in Libra – the constellation of finding harmoniousness and equality has been a little more “exciting”  (some might say disruptive) than many of us might have bargained for.

However, if whatever it is we had to learn by way of holding an “honest opinion” isn’t learned yet, then prepare to suffer some imbalance, isolation and dissociation for all your smart-mouthed wisecracks and half-baked sophistries.

Here are this week’s main transits:

♀ △ ♇ Tue Oct 03 07:06 pm GMT Venus 16°♍51′ Trine Pluto 16°♑51′
☿ ☌ Vs Wed Oct 04 01:45 pm GMT Mercury 08°♎12′ Conjunction Vesta 08°♎12′
☿ ∠ ☊ Wed Oct 04 03:26 pm GMT Mercury 08°♎19′ Semisquare Node 23°♌19′
☉ ⊼ ♆ Thu Oct 05 03:10 am GMT Sun 12°♎04′ Quincunx Neptune 12°♓04’℞
♀ ☌ ♂ Thu Oct 05 04:54 pm GMT Venus 19°♍13′ Conjunction Mars 19°♍13′
☽ ☍ ☉ Thu Oct 05 06:41 pm GMT Moon 12°♈43′ Opposition Sun 12°♎43′
☿ ⊼ ♆ Fri Oct 06 05:45 pm GMT Mercury 12°♎02′ Quincunx Neptune 12°♓02’℞
♅ ∠ ♆ Sat Oct 07 06:58 am GMT Uranus 27°♈02’℞ Semisquare Neptune 12°♓02’℞
♀ □ ♄ Sun Oct 08 12:55 pm GMT Venus 22°♍43′ Square Saturn 22°♐43′
☿ ☌ ☉ Sun Oct 08 08:54 pm GMT Mercury 15°♎46′ Conjunction Sun 15°♎46′

Uranus, my friends, is the great accelerator. What you had there in 2017 was an engineer in the control room with his finger on the fast-forward button for the past 9 months. Everything we ever knew and come staunchly to believe and promulgate among our droogies has been played over, very fast, over and over, complete with irritating interruptions, disrespectful disruptions, terrible tweets, fake facespoof newsstories, accompanied with the odd trembling tornado, followed by a president with a pompous pompadour.

Last week also saw the stationing Pluto turning direct. Pluto can be creepy and intense at the best of times – his effects are slow and tedious, worming fanatical ideas into our brains like the slowly tensing piano string which one day finally gives way and snaps. Well… this week… stationing at 16°♑51′ after 5 months being in retrograde things finally go snap. Mark this down: the breakdown effects of what is said or done this week are going to be reverberating in our lives for a long time… not months, but years to come.

Yep, this is it folks. The once intensely strong magnetic pull of the past and its recurring karmic patterns is losing its vice grip over the servile citizens of this fair planet, and those who cannot handle it could snap at any moment. Even the ones living under an iron fist.

Humanity is now struggling to overcome its toxic history so that it can make a move on to the new, more purified level of reality. What remains now is one tremendous tug-o-war between the past and the future. So… the drama (if you’re into drama) could get a little extreme for a while.


Connections with those who have had a huge impact upon our lives; with whom we experienced horrendous power struggles are now much easier to see for what they’re worth. Wherever there has been any form of blind or self-centred manipulation (often over sex/money/security/revenge) – these things are becoming transparently obvious and undone. No! Shame on those who tried to pull it over on us.

MISSION NOW: Time to deepen; strengthen our connection with others; break through the control structures and restrictions imposed by our lower (survival-minded) selves and focus on furthering the evolution of our consciousness. It’s time to remake (not revise) the past through the changing of our attitude toward it. Stop holding toxic blame and anger, resentment and rage and start to let it dissolve with true forgiveness. Call an amnesty on carrying trauma from the past. Life’s too short to carry radioactive residue from the historical atrocities of our past into our present-tense deliciousnesses.

The Full Moon in Aries (Thursday) lights up one fat firecracker just waiting to go off. Creating a T-square to Pluto, this need not to allow our toxic past to interfere in fulfilling our greatest version of ourselves is of paramount importance.

Whilst it is important not to suppress our emotions altogether, especially if we’re feeling depressed/oppressed, it is equally important to avoid horrible arguments or risk becoming embroiled in fits of outrage just to hold our precious ground.

Best to steer clear of what could potentially become either emotionally damaging behaviour or a thermonuclear war now. Best not stir things up to the point where regrets may ensue and forgiveness would be required. Best not push to extremes when we know that is just going to take us way off our centre of balance.

When we’re down, we sorely need the love of others. Yet, if we should snap under the pressure, any desperate or compulsive impulses may foster actions that destroy that love. For a long, long time… Don’t stick a knife into your own life raft. Allow your mindfulness to intervene before you act rashly or violently to make that change.

The impulsive Aries Moon, despite all the efforts by the Libra Sun to make diplomatic and amiable endings, feels vulnerable to the power of society’s pressure. On the one hand she feels the past as oppressive, harsh, out-dated, yet on the other feels extremely obliged to remaining connected to it and all its expectations. It’s hard to say how the drama will unfold, but there is some major letting go coming on this week.

The Venus/Mars conjunction in Virgo squares Saturn, bringing all sorts of sobriety and seriousness to areas where our passion lives. New relationships best form slowly, carefully, gradually. Old relationships may finally fizzle out – any lack of romance could become the final nail in the coffin. Serious romance or nothing at all, thanks. Observe how there is greater apprehension among us, and for good reason too. Enough with the infantile, whiny bullcrap – it’s heavy, it’s useless and in time it just becomes a burden only a fool would carry any more. If you want to make it with a fool, that’s cool. After all, in relationships, you are exactly what you is…

The need to be much more discerning about who we form our connections with becomes the big theme this week. Enough with the squandering of ourselves on those who are patently not cutting it. After 12 months of Jupiter in Libra, we have new tools now and we must use them wisely to try to seek out others who will truly meet our needs to be nurtured in a way that encourages personal growth and harmony rather than the development of dependencies and unnecessary chores.

There is a shift in our conscious ability to focus exactly on those things we want – shut out all distractions. The purpose shifts onto accomplishing something meaningful and true intent, either with someone who instantly resonates with us in present tense (no past baggage) or maybe nobody for a while. Perhaps we need to find time to recover and restore ourselves from the effects of past residue. Any feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy or unattractiveness are a sign to get on with doing something about it.

I will be discussing the effects of this Full Moon, the Venus/Mars cycle and other influences on our relationships (both personal and global) this Wed/Thu on Cosmic Bus live webcast, usual time. Join me or sign up here if you are not already a member. 

It’s an intense week, but it has to be the line in the sand about who we put up with, who we choose to have around, and most importantly who we love. If you just can’t seem to pick a good partner for yourself, then hey… be more mindful how you choose now.

If you observe closely, people will tell you exactly who they are; it’s up to you to listen. If someone says they’re usually a prick, or they don’t know how to be faithful, honest, kind, etc – the hear what they’re saying. Accept that and don’t think you’re going to change them. Spend some time with them, watching the little things that you would often find would grate on you and those things that you have to learn more from. Watch how communication dances between you. Is it easy or awkward? Talking/listening attentively is a big deal these days. Look for a sense of humour that matches yours – it’s vital. Sex and physical attraction are important, but touch that feels natural and nice is critical…

Anyway, more on this in our mid-week webcast, see you then… and have an amazing week xx

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