NEW MOON at 26°35 Libra: Thursday, October 19, 19:13 UTC

It’s all about peace, love and harmony for all baby (yeah!).

Yeah, love. Libra Sun wants it, Libra Moon needs it. So reasonably, when the two come together it is time to sit down and nut it out as to how best restore balance and keep things nice between us (again). As nice as can possibly be, under the circumstances that is…

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In truth, things are always in a state of flux, always in motion to some degree. Because they can never be totally still, they can never quite reach that ‘perfected’ state of equilibrium. Always, there is some hither and thither going on. Yet Libra (the sign of the scales) is constantly hopeful, earnestly measuring; weighing up the two sides; looking at all the options, hoping to find the best was to create a steady evenness between two seemingly diametrical sides.

Since in Libra, both the conscious Sun and instinctive Moon are together sizing up their respective position, the joint intent is to work together on how best to strike a bilateral agreement between them – one that keeps both sides/partners/parties in as median a balance (happy) as possible.

Being an air sign, it’s all about finding an ideal, really. That desired sweet spot is totally in the mind – something to calculate upstairs, intellectually. The entire process is in passing an effective appraisal, then reaching a decision (or dishing out best advice to others) on how to address any matters that seem somehow askew or awry to any partnership. Not always achievable in practice because let’s face it, a permanent state of homeostasis exists only in the Libra mind. So to get there, from any point – even for a moment, requires shrewd judgment to execute, then maintained by exercising vigilant mindfulness at all times.

Even in the most evenly matched of partners, such an impeccable ideal would be either impossible or dead boring should it ever be achieved (imagine a tennis rally that never ended!)

To this aim, you usually find Librans operating at their peak wherever tremendous challenges of diplomacy, social guile or utmost capricious tact is imperative. Superb judgement and timing are one thing, and either a result of careful study of dynamics/equations or a natural gift. Yet if anyone in the zodiac is most capable of manipulating or massaging an awkward situation to help ease through discordant ideas, or to appease and counsel uncomfortable relationships, then that would be Libra. And to the rest of us, if ever there was a time to be guided in such tasks, now is that time.

You may have found yourself working seriously towards bringing some of that ideal peace and harmony into your own affairs lately – namely with the one who means most to you. Yes, Libra is indeed an exclusively one-on-one type of applicator. This means that your intention has been to deal with who/whatever is important to you as if it is indeed the most important thing in the world (at least in the moment in which you are dealing with it).

Of course, that may well apply to several different ‘significant’ things/people in your life. You may even be a professional mediator or dealer of sorts who deals with making everyone feel the ‘most special’ with your attention. However, these matters generally cluster nicely in the astrological house(s) that holds Libra, so at the end of the day there is usually one that takes precedence over all others, and then that’s usually a difficult choice between two very exceptional options. Libra is always torn that way. (read more about that here).

This year’s Libra New Moon at 26°♎35‘ slams hard against the rebellious, law-defying, pace-accelerating Uranus. Currently In Aries, Uranus hits the New Moon like a sudden electrical storm, interrupting the great balancing act on the horizon by attempting to throw some curveball lightning rods. Not that Uranus is unexpected at all. We’re all pretty used to his antics by now, since the weirdly sky-god has been a main feature in many recent lunations (and a few more to come), as well as holding a grand fire trine with Saturn and the North Node these past two months.

Song of Uranus

Bristling breakages, break-ups & breakdowns, 
breakaways, breakthroughs, break-ins & break-outs now.
These are a few of my favourite things
Something unheard of is trying to begin…

Chaos & maelstrom, detachment, disorder,
shock & upheaval just outside the border.
Rebels revolting extremely it seems,
these are a few of my favourite things

Deviant minds with unorthodox mindsets,
eccentric geeks hacking internet outlets.
Wilful extremists just blowing up things,
pulling a few of my most frightful strings.

Earthquakes and tremors, lay blame on the faultlines
‘lectrical storms that expose and enlighten.
Freak winds that spark fires, engulfing you in –
These are a few of my most deadly stings.

Genius bolts coming down with solutions,
radical jolts expedite evolution,
state-of-the-art technological feats
render the old and worn out obsolete.

Future is here, put away expectations
unleash the beasts of your experimentation
blow this world open with progressive thought
show your excitement, don’t look so distraught

Freedom from ‘that’ and from ‘him’ and from ‘it’ now
agitate, shake, liberate and acquit now
set the alarm for the ‘Now’ to begin,
bring on a few of my favourite things…

So, the Libra New Moon has to deal with all this wackiness on one end, whilst on the other end trying to create a bilateral peace-pledge; a workable deal for a two-way bridgeway; a new intention to keep things nice, loving, tempered and evenly-poised between two disparate sides. All we can hope for is that there is enough presence of mind/spirit to be able direct our energies in an independent and detached manner, preferably along unique or unusual lines. If we can artfully find a way to balance our own needs and desires with those of the currently very progressive, unprecedented views of others, then we stand to make great progress ourselves. Nothing can fail us, but we must stop trying to resist against the resistance itself.

Something has seriously fallen away now, and wherever there is a personal need to be loved and appreciated, there is too, an almost unyielding demand to do it all differently now. With Uranus in the picture, especially in opposition, it is obtusely obvious that things can no longer go on as they have before. If balance is needed, it must come fast and snappy. There’s no time left to fiddle with the ballast. Even the slightest sign that we are leaning – clinging, refusing to let go of the old way, too ignorant or fearful to let go or move on, co-dependently bound to old agreements, or too lazy to step up and get started, the levy of tolerance could snap and it could launch a bevy of rockets from the other side.

Similarly, Uranus needs to get it through now that there is a ‘proper and correct way’ to conduct matters. Any rudely shocking, impatiently abrupt, uncivilised or unhinged behaviour will not be a wise or welcome way to expedite the peace and love program. Yeah sure, whatever… it’s time to “snap to the quick now” and the like… However the Libran New Moon will always insist on maintaining some degree of political tact, gentle-mannered negotiations, put checks and protocols in place in order to accept and then maintain any deals, progressive or otherwise. In the event that things should fall out before, during or after this process, matters could turn quite disastrous very suddenly. We CANNOT afford any preventable disasters. (if they can be prevented).

A sesquisquare from Neptune may help introduce a degree of subtlety and wonderful compassion; although the other extreme could be that lies and deception are employed to strike a deal that on the surface might look quite fair and equitable, but in essence is only made to alleviate upset and disruption. In any case, any insincere efforts will catch up later down the track, and disaster in inevitable there too. Mindfulness is vital here, for when we enter new, exciting agreements without really understanding their complexity, not ‘checking the fine print’, or diving hastily into unknown things in a state of confusion, ignorance, or under the influence of bad advice or whacky mind-benders, then watch out.

In the past month, the Libra Sun has displayed a genius for bringing to light any energies which lay hidden in the subconscious. If during this New Moon it can stabilise any jittery restlessness, any childish impatience, any confused or exorbitantly idealistic behaviours it can seriously vitalise our relationships in such a way that we are together able to live freely and follow our own unique path in happiness, love and well-being.

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