Hmm… Possibilities are limitless when the Scorpio Sun becomes inspired by the nebulous ℞ Neptune in Pisces. However, what you see is not always what you get with the sea-god, and so the incentive, drive and execution to fully exploit the situation for his own, personal interests can produce a gifted, heart-wrenching performance from Scorpio, one that really really reels in the pundits and the punters and rolls them for all their worth.

And maybe it’s necessary now. The Sun may feel a compelling need to present something splendificent – nothing less than a phantasmagorical tear-jerking emotional smokescreen. Perhaps he feels that’s all he’s got now in order to somehow camouflage any unsightly sore points – touchy matter that seems to have washed up from the abyss recently regarding his grizzly past conduct (♄/Ch).

So grab a cognac and a nice cigar, sit back and watch him put on a dance, and hell… if you’re at all sympathetic to his wonderful charade why not dive in and do the sea-tango along with him. After all, it’s just a Barnum and Bailey world, isn’t it?


Ok, now entering into the most electrifyingly exciting 48 hours ahead. These are incredibly feminine energies (☽,,♆) applying upon the wildly dynamic livewire energy of Uranus.

This heavily disruptive force is no stranger to us now…
We know his revolting wackiness well. We’ve almost become accustomed to his frequent crazy antics.

What can we do differently? How can we understand him better? What does he have to reveal to us that can actually assist us to make this an easier place for him too? That’s the feminine way…

This Full Moon can be so ‘enlightening’, if we let it.

FULL MOON at 11°59′ TAURUS: Saturday, November 04 05:23 UTC


MOON enters ARIES ☍, ☉– ♄/Ch

Sure, you feel a bit ratty and short, ready to snipe at those who want a little, and quite frankly you have had enough of the whole ‘giving’ charade. You practically got nothing left to give… Your generosity and kindness have been bled dry and nobody really appreciates a thing anyway, and really, if you gotta use intemperate language or promise personal violence, well that’s probably on the cards too….


ok… so you’re feeling a bit pissy… it happens. Why not go over there a little – near the corner, take a few deep ones. That’s right… breathe it out.

Remember, there’s definitely a higher, spiritual reason for why everything is frustrating the hell out of you right now, and believe it or not, there is something you gotta learn from it all.

Pay attention – it’s about setting firmer personal boundaries. Those people – they’re just testing where your line of respect begins and where it ends now. See if you can manage by being nice and clear with that.

MOON conjunct CHIRON, square SATURN

Just as our homes can accumulate clutter with kids around, or when we act in our unconscious ways, so too does our emotional body collect unwanted feelings due to unconscious behaviour.

Sometimes an adult needs to step in an tidy up.

Whenever we fail to listen to our instincts, or we fail to act on these, our energetic centre (or ‘Higher Self’) starts to conflict and suffer from the junk energies gathered by the superficial self – the ‘little you’ that gets all caught up with the drama, especially of family and friends. These accumulate as regrets by the personality for not having acted in integrity to our Higher Self.

We spoke about the Pisces Moon, Neptune and it creating a dynamic where one can be a psychic sponge – only a couple of days ago. As Luna now passes in front of Chiron, there’s a need to cleanse the emotional self.

It’s important, at least once a month, to do a little spring clean of these emotions since they do become stagnant and fixated on the negative experiences if not. Clearing the emotional body, exorcising the ghosts of the past is imperative to our overall health.
Unplugging from the media, and it’s incessant deluge of ‘bad news’ & horrific tragedies, social network addiction, co-dependent partnerships where boundaries are not clear etc. is necessary, as well as spending a day in meditative peace, contemplation, prayer, confession and self forgiveness.

The MOON/CHIRON squaring SATURN shows that there is a reluctance, scepticism or fear about clearing the emotional body, but you know, that on the very deepest level that this must be done.

Any negativity, frustration and difficulty in your life can be flushed away, simply by coming back to your inner place of well-being. The mature ‘you’ knows that deep down you are always OK. From this place of inner light & well-being, you are capable of making a determined effort to let go of the heavy baggage, self-negativity and toxic dramas, and above all, allow your beautiful feelings to flow freely again.


Just how long can some characters hold their cards tight to their chest?
Yonks, apparently…

In spite of all that pressure, some people really know how to hold a pokerface pretty good.
At this point, most ‘players’ still holding strong in the ‘game’ have got their little strategy all sorted. It’s hard to tell, but the few that have been riding on dumb luck are merely fools – lucky to have scraped through this far.

Must say though, impressive to see how many ‘players’ are still left.

That is… until JUPITER entered SCORPIO (Oct 11). Immediately the heat came on (did you feel the shift?). Now, even those ‘high-rollers’ are starting to sweat.

It’s crunch time. Jupiter can see right through everyone’s shitty little game. Seems now… real soon… we’re gonna get to see who’s been holding on to those trump cards and who has just been bluffing all along.

We’re at that deadly stage of the game now, and with Jupiter about to semi-square Saturn (Nov-Apr), we’re gonna see some big heads start rolling, that’s for sure…

Watch how they play this.
Any next play could be the one that brings the whole entire house of cards tumbling down…

♄ □ Ch – SATURN (24°47′) Square CHIRON (24°47’℞)
Thursday, Nov 02 – 21:49 UTC

Omg… what’s happened to father?

[watercolour: Nebuchadnezzar (William Blake)]

In the biblical Book of Daniel, the apocalyptic tale tells of a patriarchal king, Nebuchadnezzar, whose ‘special dream’ he cannot share with his wise-counsellors (including Daniel) for he fears that they will misinterpret it. Instead he forces them to guess what he keeps dreaming and when they fail he sentences them all to death…

…except that Daniel gets the prophetic download from God and then proceeds to depict this whacky dream to Nebuchadnezzar – something about a giant, towering statue, whose head of solid gold, torso of silver, bronze midriff/iron legs, and feet of dirt and clay gets destroyed into a pile of rubble. This is interpreted by Daniel as the rise and fall of four world powers; four successive kingdoms will crumble, succeeded only by the true kingdom of God.

Whilst Nebuchadnezzar initially holds faith in Daniel’s God, he eventually gets all crazy that everyone’s against him, trying to tear him down. Filled with hubris and a narcissistic belief that he himself is untouchable, he eventually turns stark-raving mad, and when he loses it completely there’s an intervention, where it is decided that it’s best he gets exiled to the caves. Ridiculed and reduced to living like a wild, hunted animal, he spends his final days crawling along the rocks, eyes full of sullen terror, feeding on grass and weeds.

As we approach the final square in this year’s SATURN/CHIRON 3rd quarter, critical issues & wounds around father-shame, social inadequacy, impotency & depression especially among our men keep surfacing, bringing to light some strange situations and perversely uncomfortable behaviour, exemplified especially among the over-compensating efforts of ‘patriarchs’ of our day.

… more @, and live discussion on this theme (and more) later this week on the Cosmic Bus (for tribers).


Ok, you ready?

Before the end of this week
Something delightfully unusual will occur
and when it does…
you almost definitely would not have seen it coming.
Nor will you have a clue just wtf it is or where it’s really from
can’t possibly control how it affects you while it’s happening,
and when it’s over… 
and your close encounter suddenly takes off and disappears
you’ll have no way of telling how it’s going to alter how you’ll feel about the way you used to feel about what once you thought was real.

So sit back and forget I said a word to you about it all, you understand?
(act like it’s all a big surprise and just enjoy it while you can… ok?)


[pic: teodor tapu]
It is a tentative start to the week, when we may need to tread cautiously before making any firm decisions. The PISCES MOON (Mon-Tue) enhances our emotional sensitivity and vulnerability to others, especially after her conjunction to Neptune (Mon), creating an atmosphere filled with a wistful sympathetic psychic empathy to everyone and everything around us.

This enhanced psychic affinity to our environment becomes highly influential in affecting our inner balance and well-being, so it’s best to stay mindful to work, play & rest in suitable places and with suitable people. Otherwise, we may find our spirit and vitality becoming drained, or absorbing negative, confusing influences upon our senses. This can easily cloud our judgment in making important decisions.

Something happens relatively early in the week, and this tremendous refinement of feeling that pervades the planet also unveils to us a rich potential to heal others at very subtle, hidden levels.

In order to be able to hold and nurture others in a delicate, subtle manner, we need to first become certain about whether we possess the strength and discipline to stay and work with them. If we feel afraid or somehow oppressed by their negativity, then it is best to make a graceful, loving exit.

The bigger cosmic scheme now mandates that all humanity must change its rigid, toxic attitudes, and these are all centered around relinquishing the antiquated and expiring values of a strugglung patriarchy.

In many long-standing relationships (personal or business) a firm, final decision must be made by the end of this week. Do we stay and work with one another, specifically on letting go of the old, soul-demeaning ways that continue to feed the endemic power inequities, or do we best just move on.

We may need to accept, some people/things just can’t be changed/healed by us staying for they are as much part of our attachment/abuse drama as we are part of theirs.

As much as it hurts, the lightwave of ultimate truth will eventually wear down even the hardest of crystallised falsehoods…

….read the full week here@



With both Venus and Mars in Libra, “wait and see… just give it one more chance” may be the attitude. However, your instinct already knows the final outcome. It’s always known. You just need to listen, and act appropriately.

This is a good day to take the initiative to bring much needed change into your life and to evolve. Use an active and decisive approach to break ties with the past and those ‘friends’ or ‘networks’ that simply do not serve you any more.

This will help clear the way for (again) active and decisive seeking of new experiences and the forming of new connections.

The Quarter Moon (tension) is heading towards Fullness (endings) next Saturday. Right now, she charges you with an emotional impulse to make constructive interaction with groups or individuals. You may feel especially vulnerable about the reactions you get when asserting yourself within those circles. Instead of overreacting to differences that may keep arising, take those conflicts of interests as a strong, instinctive sign that it’s time to make a decision about the company you keep.

Sometimes, what you’re most afraid of is making the very decision that’s going to truly set you free.

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