ASTROLOGY OF NOW – Week 40 (Oct 2 – 8)

Saturday, 7 October


There are times when simply no amount of reason will make any sense of the surrealness going on in our world. Feels like a very crucial part of our picture is missing and no logic on earth can ever complete the puzzle.

Our mental faculties simply confound all efforts to cope with the real world and all its pain.

Conscious attempts to forget or to distract our minds in some way simply fail to appease. We find no respite or retreat in sleep or passing out in faint from alcohol or substances. Lapsing into extreme madness or insanity seems like an extreme measure. And death itself may seem a like a definite way out, but, really there’s no guarantee there either.


Friday, 6 October


It’s not so much your Full Moon blues, which in Aries/Libra is about decisions around restoring some degree of balance in our relationships. It’s more that about the reaction to those decisions, and how we administer appropriate action that hopes to sustain some peace and equilibrium.

There seems to be a little confusion, or overt idealism going on here (or somewhere, in someone’s mind), and it may be that in practice some things aren’t cutting it in the “real” world”. Sure, one may argue all sorts of things, and infantile behaviours and impulsive little actions may blow hard and spoil the peace, ever more intensely.

But ultimately, there are things that surface now which are really disturbing – tied to past traumas that keep invading the relationship and doing great harm. These must be seriously worked on at the deepest level, and it’s not an easy thing if they have turned into abusiveness or blind compulsions.

These may either be accepted graciously or they could create heavy dramas/denials/rage over the next few days, as the Sun squares the Pluto. We may see a little intensity in our affairs, so be warned to stay cool and not ‘lose it’.

Full Moon Blessings xx
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