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The Week Ahead: September 11-17

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It doesn’t take an astrologer to tell you that our world is drudging through a pretty rough patch at the moment. Of course, this is not to take away any hope that our lives will ever return to a state of harmony and peace – on the contrary. If you have been following the messages you would not only be observant that things are unfolding in perfect accord to the universe’s grand cosmic plan, but that also there is a greater meaning to all of this maelstrom and tumult.The universe makes no apologies for the turbulence we may be feeling at the moment.As a responsible human who cares to tune into the messages from the cosmos, you have been doing your best to gently prepare yourself for the strange days we are currently experiencing. Everything you are witnessing, both within and around us is in undeniably in context of a greater experience. However, it is easy for many less conscious individuals to lose hope, especially if they take a small-minded, reactive or limited view of what is happening in their lives at this moment.

In this vein, what I write here for your guidance is only a small offering, and it is becoming almost superficial next to the greater work which I feel ever more drawn to share with my regular clients and faithful tribe. These weekly posts are merely a public adjunct to my more intensive work as an astrologer…Here are the main transits for this week:

♃ ∗ ☊ Mon Sep 11 08:33 pm GMT Jupiter 24°♎04′ Sextile Node 24°♌04′
Ch ☍ Vs Tue Sep 12 02:12 am GMT Chiron 26°♓53’℞ Opposition Vesta 26°♍53′
☿ Sqq ♇ Tue Sep 12 10:22 am GMT Mercury 01°♍55′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 16°♑55’℞
♀ △ ♄ Wed Sep 13 00:50 am GMT Venus 21°♌28′ Trine Saturn 21°♐28′
☽ □ ☉ Wed Sep 13 06:26 am GMT Moon 20°♊40′ Square Sun 20°♍40′
☉ □ ♄ Thu Sep 14 02:59 am GMT Sun 21°♍30′ Square Saturn 21°♐30′
♀ ☌ ☊ Fri Sep 15 02:34 am GMT Venus 23°♌59′ Conjunction Node 23°♌59′
♀ ∗ ♃ Fri Sep 15 07:45 pm GMT Venus 24°♌51′ Sextile Jupiter 24°♎51′
☿ ☌ ♂ Sat Sep 16 07:02 pm GMT Mercury 07°♍14′ Conjunction Mars 07°♍14′
♀ ⊼ Ch Sun Sep 17 07:17 am GMT Venus 26°♌39′ Quincunx Chiron 26°♓39’℞

To begin,  reminder that we are now in our seventh consecutive week of the URANUS /NEPTUNE semisquare. In this almost supernatural contact of two outer planets, the entire experience starts to warp our perceptions of reality into dimensions hardly describable in linear terms. By now, we are surely accustomed to the daily weirdness and although still somewhat uncomfortable and even nauseating, it is a ‘morning sickness’ most expecting mothers understand must preface and prepare them for the strange, unnervingly exciting journey that they have decidedly embarked on with giving birth to a new entity. In this respect, much as we may be blessed to have our partner and many loved ones around us for support, the process of gestating a new being becomes ever a more solitary one, in which only the expecting mother knows the huge physiological and psychological changes she is increasingly going through.

This week continues the theme of intense pressure exerted upon us by those more physical constraints of our 3D world. We literally see the effects of limitation and duality pressing upon us as we struggle to meet the daily demands of trying to keep everything in line The Virgo Sun’s approaching square to Saturn in Sagittarius indicates just how much the restrictions and limitations felt in the outer world play upon our inner psychological attitudes, values, beliefs and self-image. These are hard and are likely to confront us terribly, particularly if we suffer from a lack of self-esteem and personal insecurities. 

It is very important to keep some level of perspective on things here. Maintaining our neutrality will help us to observe how often we play into psychologically defensive attitudes towards life. We become sucked downward by our own self-made gravity, not able to trust in the beneficence of the universe or the people around us, often expecting that failure and rejection will be the only outcome for us. Of course, when we lower the bar on what we can expect, the mirroring universe just delivers those very low results. A shift in our overall worldview is required to transform this pattern.

Venus comes through this week to lend her gentle hand, and it is indicated here by her trine to Saturn, sextile to Jupiter and conjunction to the Leo North Node that we may call in the benefic forces – going so far as to take the easiest way, to find the path of least resistance towards alleviating any current difficulties. Whilst this may appease us momentarily, the higher call will be to generate greater connection to our heart’s desire in order to look at any exterior challenges more philosophically. It is through tapping into our innate ability to be in the right place at the right time that we stand to attract those things necessary for our own happiness. So, discipline is necessary to steer clear of any negative thinking or frivolous engagement with superficial pleasures as a diversion from attending to any serious or much-neglected tasks at hand.

It is very clear that we have pressing responsibilities to tend to that are greater than personal. Big ones. But what exactly these may be could become lost during this third-quarter Moon in Gemini should we focus too much on either the minutiae of details or get lost in the eloquence of thoughts and ideas beyond our ability to ground any of these into our daily lives. Perhaps one of the most damaging effects of living with the rapacity and volume of this digital information age is that we are habitually tied into a constant stream of information overload. This is always more than you can cope with, particularly if your greater idea of self has become incarnated into an electronic entity who occasionally needs to get up and make themselves a cup of coffee. This week is an excellent reminder to stay connected to our physical self, our real-people relationships, to tend to the people that make our hearts warmer when they are there, in the same room as us.

The Mercury/Mars conjunction by the end of the week is another throwback that the very medium (internet/phone/vis-a-vis) by which we communicate becomes either the battleground itself or the subject of what is complicating our lives. Conflicts here merely serve to illustrate just how much the personal and social consequences of our communication medium is indeed an extension of ourselves and the way we choose to assert ourselves. Of course, there is always the tendency to act first and think later, but where Virgo is concerned, we tend to flush the baby down with the bathwater.

A huge warning coming up for the rest of this month: A fierceness starts to develop to defend our thoughts at all costs now. Being unafraid to stand up for ourselves, only marginally interested in whether or not others agree with us builds into a vigorous war based upon a specific, very particular idea. This, in conjunction with the ease and expediency of the electronic media could spell disaster, especially leading into a time when Jupiter is approaching his last opposition to Uranus. Here, we are thrust into the spheres of judgement and sensitivity, experiencing tremendous difficulties occurring in the greater scale of our social cohesion.

Under the rapidly expansionist tendencies of both Jupiter and Uranus (Dec 2016/Mar 2017), we are easily becoming over-zealous about certain ideas, schemes or radical beliefs that we may have espoused. Excited about these, and energised by an erratic, restless tendency, this leads us to become more involved in highly speculative relationships, schemes and financial ventures where our obsession with the project idea, political ideal or religious belief can override any real, rational analysis of grounded feasibility.

Add to this aspect the distorting elements of Neptune, and we may begin to see how the state of chaos we are now sensing in our three-dimensional experience stems from attachment to ideas invested heavily with elements of fantasy and imagination, which can lack a real applicability within daily life. Many of these are beyond the state of denial or ignorance to the extreme of being dangerous to our survival. Needless to say, the cavalcade of storms, political turmoil, economic dissolution etc. brings a likely risk that unsettling matters will only escalate in conflict with established traditional beliefs and social attitudes. Observe how the emergence of self-righteousness will again make us feel compelled to inflict our radical views and beliefs with others or defend ourselves rather abruptly from the views of others.

Be mindful of any urge to convert others to your way if thinking which, whilst genuinely held, may not exactly be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. If others do oppose your views, you may get even more determined to support these against the odds; becoming ever more militant – feeling that this ferocity of conviction somehow validates them. Rather, it only alienates others. The tendency to become ever more domineering in sharing our beliefs about what is going on, propounded by a strong, unwavering sense of self-assurance (even anger at the way things are) could easily escalate into a tactless and highly insensitive assault upon the feelings, liberties and abilities of others. This is the state of emergency building towards the end of the month (♃ ☍ ♅ ∠ ♆ – Sep 27).

This kind of thing precipitates war – not the peace and harmony Jupiter in Libra strives for.

As Jupiter prepares to leave Libra and enter Scorpio, at least for this intensifying interim period, we may learn that it is best to stand alone and adrift from our seeking to find security in our beliefs. This can definitely occur as a result of growing disillusionment and a collapse of any current faith upon a specific belief, religion or guru of choice. In the process, this can in fact become thoroughly liberating, since in the travails of such a passage of inner darkness, we come to discover our own inner, self-emanating light, which once perceived and contacted, enables us to live more freely and brings closer attunement to our own life choices. This period then becomes the pinnacle point for all humanity, when we realise how personally inimical and restrictive our identification with outer belief structures can be.

I will be discussing this in depth via live video conference this Wed/Thu, as we continue  to explore Jupiter’s passage through Scorpio. Click this link for details on how to join these weekly seminars.

Also, look out for my full JUPITER IN SCORPIO article w/individual messages for each sign, later this week.

Hope to see you on the Bus, stay safe and have an amazing week xx

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