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The Week Ahead: Sep 4-10

A serious week, however… you may not want to take it all so seriously. Since end of July, URANUS – planet of shake-ups and disruptions, has been in a super-tight semi-square with NEPTUNE, ruler of the infinite seas, of mysteries, fairy tales and alternative realities.

The combined effect of these two extra-terrestrial forces over the past two months would by now be leaving a pretty surreal holographic psychic impression upon the collective. Few would argue that our world is starting to resemble a kind of social confusion whose otherworldly influence upon the collective mind seems more akin to a much more dramatised version of a Hollywood blockbuster disaster/supervillain/political spy-thriller….

Here are the main transits in this week’s Astrology Of Now:

☉ ☍ ♆ Tue Sep 05 05:28 am GMT Sun 12°♍51′ Opposition Neptune 12°♓51’℞
♀ Sqq Ch Tue Sep 05 08:39 am GMT Venus 12°♌11′ Sesquiquadrate Chiron 27°♓11’℞
  enters ♍ Tue Sep 05 09:36 am GMT Mars 00°♍00′
☿ SD Tue Sep 05 11:21 am GMT Mercury 28°♌25′ stations to go Direct
☉ Sqq ♅ Tue Sep 05 11:25 am GMT Sun 13°♍05′ Sesquiquadrate Uranus 28°♈05’℞
♀ ⊼ ♆ Tue Sep 05 09:33 pm GMT Venus 12°♌50′ Quincunx Neptune 12°♓50’℞
☽ ☍ ☉ Wed Sep 06 07:04 am GMT Moon 13°♓53′ Opposition Sun 13°♍53′
  Sqq ♇ Fri Sep 08 11:21 am GMT Mars 01°♍57′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 16°♑57’℞
♀ ⊼ ♇ Sat Sep 09 07:20 am GMT Venus 16°♌57′ Quincunx Pluto 16°♑57’℞
☉ △ ♇ Sat Sep 09 10:41 am GMT Sun 16°♍57′ Trine Pluto 16°♑57’℞
☿ enters ♍ Sun Sep 10 02:53 am GMT Mercury 00°♍00′

Torn between dreams and fears of a strange new world; the growing absurdity of man’s crass inhumanity; the alarming frequency of nature’s extreme climate swings; diabolical stunts in world politics; clashes between the future and the past, the unknown and the known…. It seems we are caught in the quagmire of linear time’s shifting quick-sands.

A weird pattern seems to be developing, one of rebellion (♅) mixed with confusion (♆) over what to do, which way to go, how to achieve objectives, even chaos as to what these ‘objectives’ might be. Things are flipping and flopping so hard that the only sure model we know – that of our parents and peers, offers us nothing but contradictory and confusing social messages.

Leading into the Pisces Full Moon (Wed) the current energies seem only to offer quite a distorted and self-deluding perspective of reality, which if not duly noted and kept in mind could tend to create some complications and obstacles in our general decision-making.

The dry Virgo Sun’s shrewdly cynical style of operation will is finding it difficult to accept and reason with what it sees as unhinged and ungrounded.  Virgo seeks to analyse and to evaluate what’s going on based on its practical effectiveness, not some ‘pie-in-the-sky’ illusion. It seeks to discern what is working from what is patently unworkable. At this moment, we are confronted with a tilting focus against self-created and imaginary issues rather than actual problems (see Don Quixote – the ‘windmills’ chapter). Observe how these mental distortions can can easily descend into a bizarrely hyper-dramatised martyr/saviour complex – a voluntary suffering that spawns from inner guilt patterns, and deep, deeply lying unfulfilled sensual desires.

Extreme sensitivity against any kind of grounded, sober-minded appraisals may be either elusively evaded, foolishly missed, scoffingly dismissed or outright rejected. Not only does the reality seem obtusely abrasive and unkind, creating enormously emotional misunderstandings. There may also be suspicions that any degree of analysis from those in authority are merely a conspired attempt to curtail or eliminate individual freedoms for the joyous and the gay to live their dream as they so wish to live it.

Anyway, to say things could get ‘a little touchy’, squeamish or screamingly out of proportion during this week. When the thin-skinned Pisces Full Moon conjuncts Neptune/semi-squares Uranus, inadvertently offending the subtle sensibilities of one precious inner world may not be such a mean feat at all.

The amount of psychic activity in the airwaves will seem buzzingly/shockingly palpable. Tapping into one another’s feelings may seem relatively easy, yet not necessarily welcome – nor terribly appropriate. In such a highly charged atmosphere, linear relations could easily be thrown out of kilter by disruptive swirls and spurts of unwanted psychic energy, haplessly or maliciously interfering from others. Other seem to be invading our airspace, dropping bombs that rock our entire heartspace. In many ways, nobody is immune to the madness. It is a vital part of what we need to go through, in the transition to where we want to be (???? lol).

Everyone is reaching for their weirdness button, yet everyone seems slightly off-put or offended by everybody else’s weirdness. By the end of the week when Pluto ‘chimes’ in, we see the reactions leaning towards the extreme batshit crazy.

Still, in all of this the lesson here is that the very aspect of our selves that others/society sees as eccentric, ridiculous, or disagreeable, is the very one that holds our dearest, sweetest most precious vision; our sacred source of happiness; the key to our equanimity…  even in these most ‘dis-turbulent’ climes.

Join me live, later this week on the Cosmic Bus, as we discuss the extraordinary Uranean/Neptune phenomenon. We look at its 172y cyclic pattern, historical impact and why this transit becomes such a critical catalyst in humanity’s groupthink consciousness. A vital element in prelude to Jupiter’s final, explosive opposition to Uranus on Sep 28, it will help to put much into perspective for the coming weeks/months. Exact details of our webcast will be posted to you in the email. If you are not a premium member subscribe here.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx


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