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The Week Ahead: Sep 25-Oct 01

With the Sun now going through the constellation of Libra – a cardinal/air sign, cosmic transmissions enlighten our souls to acknowledge our presence in another, to see ourselves in their actions and reactions. Of course, the ideal would be to see ourselves in peace with others, but hey… that all depends.

Depends, you ask? Depends on what??

Well, dependance is a hugely Libran thing. The state of balance does not occur through one-sidedness alone. It’s a two-party process. One side depends completely on the other to provide equal weight; to make an equal contribution; keep their end relatively even and fair. Much judgement is necessary from both sides (both sides), and since equilibrium is wholly and idealised state, things are always in a hither and thither state of flux between any two sides in any relative situation.

Relative. It’s all relative with Libra – the ruling constellation of the one-to-one relationship. When things are mild, this can all seem very nice and easy, lovey-dovey – particularly if we are throwing around sweets, kisses, flowers, cordial niceties and gracious compliments back and forthly.

But things are not so easy these days. For the past 12 months that Jupiter has been coasting up and down Libra, it has been highly active in placing considerable emphasis to the need to keep measuring up the ‘situation’ for apparent imbalances. It mandates that there be laws, customs and high expectations to expand our knowledge on how things must stay balanced and even. Except, that something… something extra-terrestrial in force seems to go against the Libran grain….

Here are the main transits for this week:

  ☍ ♆ Sun Sep 24 07:50 pm GMT Mars 12°♍20′ Opposition Neptune 12°♓19’℞
  Sqq ♅ Mon Sep 25 01:59 am GMT Mars 12°♍29′ Sesquiquadrate Uranus 27°♈29’℞
☿ □ ♄ Mon Sep 25 02:36 pm GMT Mercury 21°♍57′ Square Saturn 21°♐57′
☉ ☌ Vs Wed Sep 27 02:16 pm GMT Sun 04°♎40′ Conjunction Vesta 04°♎40′
♃ Sqq ♆ Wed Sep 27 02:38 pm GMT Jupiter 27°♎15′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 12°♓15’℞
☿ ☍ Ch Wed Sep 27 10:12 pm GMT Mercury 26°♍10′ Opposition Chiron 26°♓10’℞
☽ □ ☉ Thu Sep 28 02:55 am GMT Moon 05°♑11′ Square Sun 05°♎11′
♃ ☍ ♅ Thu Sep 28 04:26 am GMT Jupiter 27°♎22′ Opposition Uranus 27°♈22’℞
☿ ⊼ ♅ Thu Sep 28 01:56 pm GMT Mercury 27°♍22′ Quincunx Uranus 27°♈22’℞
♇ SD Thu Sep 28 03:37 pm GMT Pluto 16°♑51′ Pluto stations to direct
♀ ☍ ♆ Sat Sep 30 00:12 am GMT Venus 12°♍12′ Opposition Neptune 12°♓12’℞
☿ enters ♎ Sat Sep 30 00:43 am GMT Mercury 00°♎00′
♀ Sqq ♅ Sat Sep 30 02:18 am GMT Venus 12°♍18′ Sesquiquadrate Uranus 27°♈18’℞
♀ ∠ ♃ Sat Sep 30 01:25 pm GMT Venus 12°♍52′ Semisquare Jupiter 27°♎52′
☉ ∠ ☊ Sun Oct 01 09:37 am GMT Sun 08°♎24′ Semisquare Node 23°♌24′
  △ ♇ Sun Oct 01 11:30 pm GMT Mars 16°♍51′ Trine Pluto 16°♑51′

On two already memorable occasions (Dec ’16 and Mar ’17), the tempestuously obstinate Uranus in Aries has come into direct opposition with Jupiter. Where Jupiter is calling for things to be politically, academically, religiously ‘correct’, ‘balanced’ and ‘mild’, Uranus chooses only to disrupt and defy what he considers as a boring attempts to obfuscate the reality. This has caused much polarisation of thoughts and opinions between what is considered “acceptable” and what is deemed to be downright “unhinged”, “provocative” and, at times, plain “batshit crazy”.

In times like these; in tense transit weeks like these, when Jupiter is about to oppose Uranus (Thursday) for the final time, any relationship matter still holding together by the skin of its own political correctness can and very well might just rip apart at the seams over the slightest little upset. Things can easily turn from sweet to sour very rapidly, and compliments could quickly turn to mud – just like that. It all comes down to fundamental differences of opinion, held down and oppressed for far too long, just waiting to erupt.

Usually with Libra, when the mud begins to fly, we come to depend that one party will soon come to their senses, enough so that order is restored for things to settle down to once again reach some equilibrium. Things won’t be so easy done with Uranus on the other end of Jupiter though…

Last week we warned about the dangers of mixing confusion with insecurity, and the potentially explosive situations that develop once suspicion is ignited (see last week’s report).

We discussed this at length on our ‘Cosmic Tribe Webcast’ [click here to watch the 70 minute webcast if you are a premium member] By the end of the last week, things became suddenly weird, and Mars’ opposition to Neptune, now headed for a Sqq to Uranus could not make things much lamer or more dangerously upsetting for anyone wishing to put up a fight to stand by their ‘principles’. Irritability, weakness, sudden attempts to strike out, hypocrisy and blind insurgence do not make for a healthy interdependency in any two-sided situation. And we are stretched to find others to take our side here, since everyone seems to have their own particular opinion on things. This is why matters now may escalate tremendously fast into discord and dissension.

The ♃ ☍ ♅ dynamic is bridged into a tense, eight-harmonic syndrome with ☿,♀,♂, all in Virgo and in opposition to Neptune. Self-centredeness, pompously righteous opinionatedness, confusion and over-idealisation, hypersensitivity are all blended together with our most critical personal senses. It is unlikely in this current climate that people are not going to offend one another in a colossal way. Even if you are making a concerted effort to stay out of the argument, there is a risk that you may be termed as a self-centered, hypocritical, fence-sitting bore who carefully obfuscates your true opinions lest they offend.

With Mercury squaring Saturn, expressing your critical thoughts will be a matter to consider carefully. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t – you do not have a choice but to at least form them, usually with some degree of judgement about how things are going to affect the status quo of your espoused belief system.

By Thursday’s First Quarter Moon at 05°♑11 (conjunct Juno), we have a seriously tense situation, particularly in close relationships, marriage and between the genders as we also see the Venus/Mars midpoint activating the ♃ /♅/♆ 8th Harmonic Syndrome. The Libra Sun’s conjunction to Vesta suggests an extraordinary decision for individual’s devotion to follow their higher truth, not yield to any expectations for others (including greatest allies) and pursue their deepest sense of identity and purpose, preferably in relationship rather than go it alone. Pluto’s shifting gear from retro to direct will drive forces, now well and truly mulled over and determined, into pressing ahead to make complete and terminal changes to existing structural dysfunctions.

Needless to say, actions taken upon important decisions are this week as much a result of much pent up stalling and not wanting to offset or upset the relationship status in the past. Time has not only run out for keeping a lid on things, but tempers, patience, manners, limits, acceptabilities etc have run their course. Hearts must be true to their cause, and minds are likely to snap, mouths to blurt and spurt their ‘truths’ and what we will see, perhaps in the most revolutionary form, is a shift in thought, belief and social activity unprecedented in its rapacity of pace and momentum of force, from now until the end of this politically turbulent decade…

So, are things ever going to settle down again? Well… we have a lot of bottled up imbalances within us just bursting to come loose. Not to mention all the social inequities. We have a lot of sensitive, delicate work to do before we can see a reasonable state of equilibrium among us ever again. Those still clinging to the dense, impenetrable, outdated 3D structures will sooner break than yield to any compromise to living holistically in the now. It’s questionable how many of us truly understand the meaning of this.

I will be discussing this point further, as well as the rise of extremism on Wed/Thu ‘Cosmic Bus’ ride (usual time), so please join me. If you are not a member of the tribe, you may sign up here – you will receive easy instructions on how to join the webcasts.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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