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The Week Ahead: Sep 18-24

Simply said, last week’s Saturnian energy was horrendously heavy. However you look at it, Sun squaring Saturn ain’t fun and the emphasis is always on sorting out our inner psychological attitudes, values, beliefs and self-image. These became hard-felt and most likely confronted us heavily during the week, particularly if we suffered from a lack of grounding, low self-esteem and personal insecurity issues. With so much of our reality currently on the bends, most people felt the pressure.

The Virgo Sun continues to try to intellectualise much of what is going on, seeking to provide a practical method towards solving much of the problems in our world. The Virgo New Moon on Wednesday really pushes this point.

Here are this week’s main transits:

♀ △ ♅ Mon Sep 18 04:27 am GMT Venus 27°♌43′ Trine Uranus 27°♈43’℞
Vs enters ♎ Mon Sep 18 07:49 am GMT Vesta 00°♎00′
☿ ∠ ♃ Mon Sep 18 10:33 pm GMT Mercury 10°♍28′ Semisquare Jupiter 25°♎28′
☉ ☍ Ch Tue Sep 19 07:32 am GMT Sun 26°♍33′ Opposition Chiron 26°♓33’℞
♀ enters ♍ Wed Sep 20 01:16 am GMT Venus 00°♍00′
☿ ☍ ♆ Wed Sep 20 03:50 am GMT Mercury 12°♍27′ Opposition Neptune 12°♓27’℞
☽ ☌ ☉ Wed Sep 20 05:30 am GMT Moon 27°♍27′ Conjunction Sun 27°♍27′
☿ Sqq ♅ Wed Sep 20 06:51 am GMT Mercury 12°♍39′ Sesquiquadrate Uranus 27°♈39’℞
☉ ⊼ ♅ Wed Sep 20 10:21 am GMT Sun 27°♍39′ Quincunx Uranus 27°♈39’℞
♀ Sqq ♇ Thu Sep 21 01:54 pm GMT Venus 01°♍52′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 16°♑52’℞
☿ △ ♇ Fri Sep 22 05:59 pm GMT Mercury 16°♍52′ Trine Pluto 16°♑52’℞
☉ enters ♎ Fri Sep 22 08:02 pm GMT Sun 00°♎00′
  ∠ ♃ Sat Sep 23 07:27 am GMT Mars 11°♍22′ Semisquare Jupiter 26°♎22′
♃ ⊼ Ch Sat Sep 23 08:24 am GMT Jupiter 26°♎22′ Quincunx Chiron 26°♓22’℞
Ce enters ♌ Sun Sep 24 05:42 am GMT Ceres 00°♌00′
  ☍ ♆ Sun Sep 24 07:50 pm GMT Mars 12°♍20′ Opposition Neptune 12°♓19’℞

Yet, the increasingly destabilising forces prevalent all this week are really angling to create a certain nerviness – a strong feature of Uranus’ quincunx upon the New Moon. These can express themselves in many different ways, from nail-biting anxiety to frantic hyperactivity, which agitates less mindful folks into sudden movements that ultimately invite little ‘accidents’. The universe has some gnarly tricks up its sleeve to summon the human race’s attention here to ‘this place’ and to worry about (none other than) ‘this moment’.

Uranus is one such shocker – acting as a major alarm clock in every single lunation from July 2017 till April next year, when (after 7 years) the Aries New Moon will finally send Uranus off to Taurus. Needless to say, with potent Uranian energy prevalent in every New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) for nearly a year, our new intentions are charged full of bent towards renewal and unconventionality. Whilst a strange fascination towards the esoteric and the boldly innovative grows, there is also a collective longing for an ‘other life’. Over time this unconsciously evokes forces that somehow maneuver us all into situations which repeatedly compel us to alter the course of whatever direction we thought we were on prior to July this year. It will be hard to recognise our world and the archaic or anachronistic foundations of ideas it was based on by this time next year. Uranus also brings disconnection from outdated attachments. By the time it enters Taurus, we will surely know that the old-world currency is so outmoded/devalued, it is virtually worthless.

Anyway, like we said… a little anxiety around this week – particularly so if you are the strongly intuitive but still lack faith that certain subtle processes are urgently trying to disrupt our ordered little world.

The Sun/Chiron opposition is interesting. One day before the New Moon, we see this active in our relationships, surfacing as an unorthodox application of tension to face up to and deal with nagging wounds and tired-old stories that seem steeped with shame, victimhood and inadequacy, especially around our primal sense of identity. The Virgo Sun will shine much light on such themes and, along with his New Moon, we launch into an extensive period in which the firm intention is to work on eliminating these from our dysfunctional relationship interdynamics.

Neptune leads us to all kinds of distortions, both in action and expression. By the end of this week, powerful oppositions from Mars and Mercury create instances which reveal how our inner motivation is often unclear with respect to its true, highest nature. Often, our compulsive thoughts and desires are concealed behind a thinly-veiled façade. These may be hidden so effectively that we ourselves are often essentially unconscious of why we act in certain ways and what’s actually behind the critical decisions we make.

Self-awareness can be hard to achieve, not merely in areas of our mundane thoughts and processes, but most specially where our psycho-sexual desires are stimulated. Should our ego-survival feel threatened, our oft-hidden motives have a compulsive quality to them, and this can easily dominate our options. This week, those areas may become highly emphasised in our relationships, excessively so and out of a healthy proportion and perspective. 

[pic: Danger, Brion Gysin UK (Portrait of William Burroughs in front of the Théâtre Odeon, 1959)]
Mixing confusion with insecurity makes for a dangerous concoction. It develops into a cocktail of distrust and lack of faith in others, which extends to life in general. Suspicion soon trickles in as an highly flammable short fuse, and if yours is prone to be lit by this mutable contact anywhere near 12°♓27′, then you might start to see others through a severely warped filter, your actions becoming malefically composed of your own lower nature projected out like a shadow over the world.

How can we trust ourselves when we do not fully comprehend the motivations and desires behind our own actions? How do we deal with one another when what we project onto our loved ones is often so distorted that it refracts into frightful misunderstandings and grievances? These are some of the issues i will be covering on this week’s ‘Cosmic Bus’ webcast (Wed/Thu). As the Sun enters Libra this Friday, the emphasis shifts onto how best to restore some level of balance and harmony into our personal affairs. On a greater scale, is there a diplomatic way to solve our political problems or is revolt, insurgency, protest and war necessary to offset the chaotic projections that happen when our language and means to communicate clearly fails.

Blessings, peace, and an amazing week to you xx

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