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JUPITER WEBCAST (part 2): Wed 14/Thu 15 September

Since Jupiter entered Libra in September 2016, we might have expected some restoration of balance and harmony in our worldly affairs. Yet, as it was in April 2014 with the ‘Cardinal Grand Cross’ this past 12-month period has posed some serious challenges upon our fundamental beliefs, especially thanks to difficult transits from URANUS & PLUTO. This whole time has been fraught with very disruptive and demoralising blows to our quest to create a happier, more peaceful social experience.

On a personal level, we may have increasingly come to endure many shallow, unsatisfying associations for the sake of avoiding toxic and controlling dynamics with others. However, any inability to attain genuine peace and harmony in our world has inadvertently pushed us into greater isolation rather than a true sense of integration with those around us.

After his third, spectacular opposition to Uranus (Sep 28), Jupiter’s finally shifts into Scorpio on October 10. Whilst this 13-month transit promises a little less tension, it is only because humanity is forced to dive into a deeper level in hope to expose the hidden motives and root cause to our dramas, imbalances and discontent. We learn that by growing more intimate with one another we experience enormous expansion, opportunities and trust.

On our next cosmic ‘bus stop’ will be looking ahead at the effects of the next 12 months, both on a personal and global level; we look at the effects of Jupiter on the up-coming transit to URANUS/NEPTUNE; and discuss the projection for the year ahead – the transits of Jupiter, the retrograde and, along with extra, tribe notes, how this shift provides important clues regarding your greatest source of joy, fulfillment, inspiration, and potential for growth.

I invite you to join me on the Cosmic Bus, where I communicate to you directly through a special ‘tribe only’ filter on my facebook account. The benefit of this is to allow a more intimate exchange using live updates, video streaming of topical discussion – an easy, universally accessible feature not available to us via any other platform.

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