ASTROLOGY OF NOW – Week 39 (Sep 25-Oct 01)

Sunday, October 1

△ ♇ 
Understand: Sometimes a breakthrough is absolutely necessary. Sometimes change needs to come through the use of force. Sometimes – times like these, the use of extreme aggression, of words expressed with outrage and fury, points must be made in no uncertain terms.
Sometimes, whether things are stuck in a groove, or oppressed into a hole, force is necessary to shift them.
Whilst it’s important not to suppress our emotion altogether when you are depressed/oppressed, it is equally important to avoid horrible arguments or being embroiled in fits of outrage.
Best to steer clear of what could potentially be emotionally damaging behaviour now. Best not to stir things up to the point where regrets may happen or forgiveness is required.
When we’re down, we sorely need the love of others, and yet, our low and desperate state may foster actions that destroy that love.
Don’t stick a knife into your own life raft. Allow your mindfulness to intervene before you act to make that violent change.
You are never entirely helpless.

Saturday, September 30

/♆ -/- ♅/♃
‘Freedom’s just another word for feeling ‘baggage-free’, baby. Pity you insist on dragging deadweight.
Ask yourself:
Why am I feeling so down? so vulnerable? so stuck here, between this rock and that hard, hard place??
This rock…
that hard place…
you can’t take them with you, you know.
Chances are, you can’t cash them in either – they’re almost worthless here. That junk you’re clutching onto is mostly for sentimental reasons. And, on closer look, i bet those the sentiments are most likely sad and droopy, empty ones.
You don’t have much time…
The bus is already rolling on – if you don’t jump on real fast you could be left hanging…
Between your rock…
and your hard place…

Friday, September 29

 at 12° opposition ♆-♅/♃

Any clouds distorting that idealism need to first disperse, and old, unrealistic dreams must to be dropped before any of the good stuff can happen again.

A strange, creepy, underlying suspicion and distrust still lurks about the air. Probably thanks to past instances where deception, chicanery, deflation or disappointment has been a running theme. Weird scenes, projected through rose-coloured lenses have left us nothing but battered and rejected. Something will have to seriously change before there can be trust again (especially in love).

“Once bitten”, they say.
On the ass, I say.
However “I don’ want it” can be the hardest thing to say now, what with all the vulnerability and excitement in your pocket

Anyway, seduction can be a powerful thing. Let’s not underestimate the patheticness of an insecure and needy soul, whose willingness to fold instantly for even the most implausible promise that “happiness” and “surety” await, and “things will all be great again”.

Forecasts that “this time things will be different” may not be entirely untrue – it all depends on you and how strict you can be in holding firm boundaries, discerning a truth from a fantasy, and learning not to let a let down let you down again…

Thursday, September 28


Did your whole entire world just change?
Well… you may be going through some weird emotions.

Those feelings are real, so don’t deny them. Anger, resentment, sadness, relief, fear, and confusion – they’re all there, in the core of your chest. Find a way to talk about them to others, they’ll listen, and if they really care about you they will naturally help you feel less alone. Try writing down how you feel in a journal, that helps a lot too.

Remember that life will not allow you to go back now. Set your sights fully on moving forward. Getting bogged down in hurtful feelings like blame, anger, and resentment is useless – it only stagnates your healing process.

Eventually you will feel the sadness start to lift. If you explore new avenues/friends/interests, then it may happen gradually, day by day, but you will either learn to move on or just feel stuck. If you find you can’t seem to pick up any forward momentum, then you may be suffering from depression. ?

A whole new future awaits you. You just have to construct it afresh using what you got with you now. You will have to let those old aspirations go. New hopes and dreams will soon replace them.

Look towards the light. What you are leaving behind is heavy and dark. It was not for you because it failed to let you be the most authentic, natural version of yourself that you could be.

This is a little pick-me-up but if you feel really shattered, see someone – a trusted professional. They can be really useful in giving you some perspective about your position.

Wednesday, September 27

Was it really love or just a complication; a stupid snarl; a hellish hindrance; a deep obstruction caused by nothing less than your mischievously addictive and rejection-fearing mind?

Are you awake now? Lucid enough to know the difference between what the heart commands and what the jaded mind still will project upon your most intimate affairs? Are you not capable enough to unravel yourself from the messy entanglements of failing expectations and just move on now?

Get set, baby… we’re going forwards once and for all, and picking up some serious light speed on this.

[Psst… You’re going to be fine, you can hold your own hand though it all.]


REMINDER: every time you “stand up for your rights” or “fight for your beliefs”, you are risking alienating others, pushing them away, cutting them off, declaring war. Visa versa too.

Know this – we are going through a time when all the FACTS are NOT YET IN. Since the December 2016 Solstice, escalated by this pre-Equinox August Eclipse, the universe has been throwing some extra curveballs our way. There is a surreal degree of distortion, contortion and collusion going on. NOBODY knows all the facts.

Hold the phone.
Believe nothing.
Question everything, especially your own concepts about how things ‘should’ be’ and how you should be in them.
Ask yourself whether your need to righteously defend (or offend with) your espoused ‘beliefs’ is not merely a half-PROJECTION. Every time we try to set things “straight” because we have felt “WRONGED” by someone, we immediately play into the whole 3D structure of DUALITY and SEPARATION. Every time we feel outraged and feel we must defend tooth and nail, we are pushing ourselves further towards the edges. This ‘righteousness’ will only leave us isolated and feeling marginalised. Most likely you will try to blame others for this.

Best remain seated. Watch. See that whatever you feel so strongly about is most likely you reacting to a past traumatic incident, being triggered (in principle) and dragging it into the present moment with fear, terror, indignation, and other ego-attached motives. Know that what is happening needs you to embrace, not defy it.

As repugnant, ugly, selfish, masculine, domineering, chauvinistic, cruel… etc as it is. Come to love it, forgive it, hold it tight (like it’s a part of you) anyway.

This is the time for building bridges, not walls.

I love you . Peace.

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Tuesday, September 26


An opposition happens when two or more planets are diametrically (180°) apart. When engaging in standard 3D relationships, we can’t possibly occupy both ends at once. We generally tend to take on one end of the dynamic and dish out the opposite end onto others.

Of course in any opp., it depends which particular energies are at play but with slower movers, the dynamic can produce quite a protracted struggle between any two parties involved. Little do they know, that to engage means that they are both signing up to solve a massive 3D dilemma. We are thrust into the world of separation, the tug of war of duality, judgement, arguing, mud-slinging, vase-throwing, rocket projectiling – all possible manifestations till something eventually gives.

Only when there comes considerable awareness of the situation does the matter truly capitulate. Capacity for both parties to fairly and objectively look at each side of their conflict is necessary before any conflict can even come close to reaching a true resolution.

In the current case of big, righteous, braggadocious JUPITER versus shocknacious F.U-RANUS, the polarised dilemma is always one in which we need to look at the big picture so differently, we often have no idea what to expect. We literally must learn to drop all prior concepts, beliefs and expectations and brazenly embrace the shocking truth. The solution often comes with a rude awakening.

With NEPTUNE also involved in this last ♃ ☍ ♅ bout, the whole thing is taking on a most surreal form, especially since ☿,  are all opposing ♆ now.

The ♃ ☍ ♅ sees a 13-14 year cycle culminating this week. Quite electrifying. Where do you sit in the spectrum of this uniques opposition? How are your experiences? Do you see how you project it and how it all comes back to slap you on the third eye?

It seems impossible to predict the final outcome in the relationship, but can you sense where all this disruption is leading you and your own kind?

♃ ☍ ♅ observe how anything could easily become cause to take offence; suddenly polarising; moralised or politicised. Principles or beliefs blown out of all proportion, to create strong antithesis; ethical outrage; isolationism; acts of hostility & war.

Monday, September 25


Can’t force a tetrahedron into a round hole.

Those sharp little edges, those complex little points just will not fit neatly into the greater system. It’s not so much the physical constraints – more the PRINCIPLE of the matter that’s frustrating here… that’s the real dealbreaker.

After the wave of misunderstandings that have been arising since last Wednesday’s ☿ ☍ ♆, the problem now reaches a stalemate. Of course things can seem pretty anguishing.

Something we’re missing here, perhaps?
Chances are the root of the problem is largely psychological.


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