ASTROLOGY OF NOW – Week 38 (Sep 18-24)

Wednesday, September 20

NEW MOON @ 27°27′

The SUN and MOON fusing in Virgo is a point where we make firm decisions/intentions on how to live our lives more purposefully. We must decide between what is practically useful and working for us and what is useless and unworkable. Mind and Soul come together on this, and certainly the mental, discriminating faculties of Virgo are sharp and methodical. There is a tendency to be picky, critical and pedantic which could see us ‘flushing out the baby’ when we pull the plug on that ‘dirty bathwater’.

An opposition to CHIRON shows that there are many old hurts; hard feelings; victimhood storylines; sacrifices wasted; unresolved regrets; rues to have played someone’s doormat for too long; all kinds of emotional and spiritual wounds that are impossible to put into words which are riding heavily in the scenario right now, influencing the course of decisions, especially in relations to others. Also, the quincunx from URANUS sends unnerving and difficult to restrain impulses, causing rash, hasty movements and actions. Chance are we are choosing to isolate ourselves rather than put up with anything that grates upon our sensitive boundaries and needs to express our independent views.

The MERCURY/MARS also in Virgo, opposite NEPTUNE is another aspect which is highly active in the drama. Angry or hostile rhetoric does nothing but abrase the precious sensitivities in our relationships and we cannot expect outcomes to be pretty, or to be taken seriously if we show any signs of malefic conceit or aggressive righteousness in dishing out the critique over others. NEPTUNE, whilst ultimately compassionate and understanding, does not cope well in the moment. She reflects all egoic displays much like an inverted mirror image. Perhaps deceptive or elusive in dealing with the critical attacks from ☿/, but any failure to reach a clear resolution develops into gross misunderstandings and ongoing entanglements that could spell ultimate dissolution.

VENUS, always looking to bring peace and harmony, now past the critical Eclipse Point, also enters Virgo. Here, she is not willing to compromise her precious practicality for abstractions and pie-in-the-sky promises. Duty comes first, and what she learned from Leo is there’s no compromise for sovereignty in relationship and this must be pursued with honour and pride if she is to stay true to her integrity…

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Tuesday, September 19

✦ ☿ ☌  ∠ ♃,
✦ ☉ ☍ Ch,
✦  ⊼ Ch △ ♅,
✦ Vesta enters , ✦ enters 

No way man.

Circumstances demand that you choose to show your strength and capability, your true authority over a certain practical area, or put your phony-ass tail between your legs and cower all the way home. This is the real test of competence.

Of course this trial upon the masculine is not new. Except… this is now not merely the domain of the male in gender, per se.

No, men and women are not the same, physically speaking. Yet, these are merely 3D distinctions, and right now these differences between us are getting old, worn out and creating massive dramas. Through these often turbulent climaxes, false-egos are being light-blasted away by the prevailing forces of nature, which believe it or not, after all the disruption to our lives are here to restore balance and harmony.

Sometimes things can get a little shaky, wild, even violent.
But the end result is to expound truth.

Yes, we are not all the same, you and me – naturally…
Yet we are all equal.
Nature herself will see that the fittest shall survive, on their merits of their practical usefulness alone. And only mother nature can be the true judge of this.

Monday, September 18

VENUS Matters (now approaching Eclipse point)
 △ ♄, ☌ ☊, ∗ ♃, ⊼ Ch,  △ ♅

How important is being present and accountable with one another in your most intimate affairs? Know that you can never totally control where the relationship is going to go. So just let it be. The important thing is that you are present with it and specific with what it is you enjoy and value about your relationship in the now.

If you’re not sure, just listen. We spend so much time in conversation more concerned about what to say next or judge what the other person just said. Take a breath and really listen to what they’re saying before you rush into the next subject.

Over-intellectualising, being hyper-analytical, stressing and worrying about little details is a real presence-killer in relationships. Be aware and proactive about addressing actual problems, yes, but beyond that, worrying about stuff you can’t solve immediately is really just a distraction that can shut your relationship down from functioning in the moment.

Most of all, quit pretending to be flawless. Accept that you have vulnerabilities. Any kind of relationship is going to highlight where you are sometimes vulnerable. This is not necessarily a deal-breaker if the relationship is healthy. Allow your weaknesses and imperfections to be exposed for what they are; allow their presence without trying to stop them from growing and threatening to take over. Like any monster, it won’t grow if you don’t feed it.

It is time to take a new, more open approach to being present in our relationships. This means stopping everything and focusing all our energy on ironing out the kinks; being more mindful of dragging in our own crap and not allowing intrusions to enter our precious time together. And don’t forget… let it be fun.

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