ASTROLOGY OF NOW – Week 36 (Sep 04-10)


[pic: elliott erwitt]
⊻ ☉△ ♇, ☿29°
Something about her is so seductive to look at.
I’m wholly enchanted by her utter self-absorption,
her destructive force exudes a childish aura
as if she’s not made of real evil;
just an impudent little princess
toying at me with her plastic fangs.
A gloriously beautiful and very spoiled brat…
…feels rather like courting a cat.



There is nothing more powerful than a conjunction – combines two planets together as a single force.

Then there’s the opposition, also extremely powerful. It pits two or more planets against each other and makes them fight it out tooth and nail.

Earlier, when the Moon conjuncted Neptune in Pisces, feelings seriously could not get any touchier. Thrust against the hard 
unfeeling gaze of the shrewd Virgo Sun, now flanked by a staunchly astute Mars, the air was fully charged for a bizarre kinda fight.

In the Moon corner, the threshold of pain is über-doober-super-hyper-psycho-sensitive. So much as dare to look at her the wrong way and she’s a waterfall of tears… And try to confront her with an argument, well… he’ll never ever hear the end of just how cruel and callous bastard he has been.

Did she…
…take it the wrong way?
.. ..a wild exaggeration?
….. …..provoked old sores?
.. …. …. ..caught her at bad time?
…..looking for any little excuse to burst spontaneously into a cataracting implosion of torment over her own, private, lifelong-running holy-victim saga?

Nah… just classic Pisces/Virgo worlds colliding stuff.

After all the melodrama finally melts down and washes away, she’ll forget what it was all about, realise she can’t live without him, finally come out of her secret hiding hole and find a coy way to forgive him – knowing of course that he is forever clueless as to whatever slightness has upset her. Nor might he ever dream to know. By this time he’s built her a neat little birdhouse for just outside her window…

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Rather than jump straight in with those big emotions, better just hold it and reflect:

✦ Feeling anger/rage, irritable at the slightest thing, restless, on edge?
✦ Snappy/irritable, shout and argue, hit out, throw things, attack someone?
✦ Can’t concentrate, others seem unfair to you, everything is a big problem?
✦ Heart pounds, tight chest, tense muscles, weak legs, hot and sweaty?

Chances are you’re in the throes of this rare, most critical degree of ☿☌ energy fusion.

Communication gets passionate – yes, possibly constructive but also very prone towards the destructive. Arguing; mental conflicts; aggravated nervous system; pointed, charged and assertive language over your HONOUR and INTEGRITY in conversation…. all likely to erupt into calamity, very easily, without plan or warning.

It’s kinda sexy.
It’s kinda stupid.
It’s kinda hot….
…and/but facetiously cold.

It will pass… sure. But meantime, the propensity to bust out into violence is ultra-high now. So stay mindful. Stay away from KNOWN violents. Beware too of UNKNOWN violents. We are all pressed to examine how our shadow Leo selves attract dishonour, discredit and indignation. We need to somehow see it; face it; own it; not reflect it and disown it. We are not children. We should only wish to look at things through their innocent, not judgmental eyes…

…and learn to love, accept and release those big emotions till they pass.

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Here are the main transits in this week’s Astrology Of Now:

☉ ☍ ♆ Tue Sep 05 05:28 am GMT Sun 12°♍51′ Opposition Neptune 12°♓51’℞
♀ Sqq Ch Tue Sep 05 08:39 am GMT Venus 12°♌11′ Sesquiquadrate Chiron 27°♓11’℞
  enters ♍ Tue Sep 05 09:36 am GMT Mars 00°♍00′
☿ SD Tue Sep 05 11:21 am GMT Mercury 28°♌25′ stations to go Direct
☉ Sqq ♅ Tue Sep 05 11:25 am GMT Sun 13°♍05′ Sesquiquadrate Uranus 28°♈05’℞
♀ ⊼ ♆ Tue Sep 05 09:33 pm GMT Venus 12°♌50′ Quincunx Neptune 12°♓50’℞
☽ ☍ ☉ Wed Sep 06 07:04 am GMT Moon 13°♓53′ Opposition Sun 13°♍53′
  Sqq ♇ Fri Sep 08 11:21 am GMT Mars 01°♍57′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 16°♑57’℞
♀ ⊼ ♇ Sat Sep 09 07:20 am GMT Venus 16°♌57′ Quincunx Pluto 16°♑57’℞
☉ △ ♇ Sat Sep 09 10:41 am GMT Sun 16°♍57′ Trine Pluto 16°♑57’℞
☿ enters ♍ Sun Sep 10 02:53 am GMT Mercury 00°♍00′


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