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The Week Ahead: August 14-20

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The effects of eclipses are felt for weeks, even months, before the event (in the case of most sensitive of people). It is important to note that since November 2016, that the earth is locked into a cardinal opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, challenging all our morals and beliefs, which temporarily releases in April 2017. Uranus then locks into a sustained semi-square with Neptune until September, warping our entire mindzones into another dimension altogether. By then, Jupiter and Uranus will powerfully oppose again for the last time, involving Neptune.

Meanwhile, Mercury, and just about every other planet except for Venus and Mars will be in retrograde. In many ways, the more we try to analyse or define something which is best left as indefinable, infinite and divinely unspoken, the better our chances of trying to understand it.

In this awkward period between a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar, it is as if the world is experiencing a kind of depersonalisation disorder which makes us feel somewhat removed from reality. It’s not like the “wow, this acid is awesome, man” sort-of-thing. It’s more akin to “I wonder what my heart is doing right now” and “I would love to be able to feel emotions again”.

Dissociation, a form of hypnotic trance, is what helps victims survive the trauma of shock or abuse. The experience of any sudden jolt to the emotional & nervous system takes on a dream-like, surreal quality. Our increasingly numbed-out feelings and altered perceptions, not helped by our hapless engagement in the news from electronic media, only add to the strangeness of our experience. When what we are seeing around us ceases to fit into our concept of ‘reality’, it is easier to just detach, to forget, to make out as if nothing happened.

[pic: felix bosse]
We go on living our lives, but underneath, there is a weird sense of emotional detachment, a depersonalisation which occurs in order for us to deal with adjustments in our usual relationship to the exterior world.All throughout human history, the psycho-spiritual harm inflicted on the human spirit by individual violence for selfish motives are prevalent. However, these are insignificant when compared to the devastation upon the human race that results from self-transcending devotion to collectively shared belief-systems.Right now, thanks to the mayhem of the reality show that is ‘global politics on steroids’ and the media frenzy around its celebrity leaders, it seems that these belief systems are more derived from primitive identification rather than of mature social integration. Therefore, it is understandable that to survive, we are all somehow required to partially surrender some degree of personal responsibility, and slip into the quasi-hypnotic phenomena of group-psychology that has been slowly engulfing the planet throughout this year. Don’t worry, we’ve only just begun.Let your mind relax, take one of those ‘happy pills’ and float gently downstream to the public rally or political demonstration, where you will be transported into the grandest delusion necessary to cope with this strange and sad version of reality called your ‘experience on planet earth’. This world loves to be amused by hollow efforts to get counter-political, to be deceived by flattering appearances that you and a thousand of your friends are doing something to save something from possible extinction, to proceed deeper in this collective state of mass hallucination. Don’t worry at all… this world can forgive everything but the plain, downright, simple, honest truth, of course.Conversely, you may choose to remain in a neutral state of mindfulness at all times.If you do, connect to your higher mind through your heart, that is, you will see that your own experience is altering in such a way that no amount of debate and public discourse will ever help to align or appease you. The more you argue, discuss, contest, debate, try to reason with hardcore analysis, the less you will feel comforted. But you probably know this by now.Everything is changing. Except… it’s not out there, in the world around you, as you may be lead to believe. It is happening within. On a deep, neural, cellular level.

Meditation (not medication or mediation) is the only way to assist your beloved human body to do this special preparatory work.

Have an amazing week xx

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