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Ebertin calls this phenomenon “the elimination of the waking consciousness”.
I associate its effects more with soul fragmentation, or dissociation from the body. It is as if the pure intelligence of the individual has temporarily checked out. Dissociation is a sophisticated little mechanism built into the human psyche as a means to escape from (sometimes literally) going crazy in the face of absurdity, atrocity or abuse.
Individuals or relationships strongly influenced by this combination are highly sensitive, emotionally intense people with hair-trigger nerves prone to disengage soul-contact at the slightest little upset. It can be like walking on eggshells because when we lose them, they’re as good as gone.

With the first bout of this extra-terrestrial planetary combo ready to heavily prevail throughout August/September, we can expect to see those who are most highly-strung acting with wilful resistance to any attempt to thwart or persuade them from their own, independent pursuits. It can be a tentative, highly unpredictable period for all. The Solar eclipse to Uranus makes it even more nervy.

This condition incites and inspires all sorts of unorthodox emotional expressions – radical tastes in art/music/literature, pseudo-religious devotion, perfunctory spiritual practices, political extremism and fanaticism etc… Sometimes these are fueled by ritual indulgences in booze, narcotics and psychedelics, other times under the guidance (or misguidance) of prolonged exposure to demagogues/gurus/clerics, spurious contacts from angelic realms, or lower ‘astral’ experiences.

This is often the necessary step between the enslavement or entrapment out of a fixed structure that has failed to serve any spiritual purpose and the complete dissolution and collapse into anarchy before a new start.

It can often accompany a full neurotic collapse of the lucid part of our mind that warns us of danger – especially where the threat of survival may have been present. In this sense, co-operation, diplomacy, counselling or compromise seems so difficult if not impossible. It is as if the individual’s soul has checked out completely and is in some way oblivious to consequence.

Sometimes those affected even seem unsure as to whether they had ever really existed.

The problem with dissociation is that it can leave us feeling quite numb, or dead inside, with little or no ability to feel our feelings in our bodies. In the shamanic world, this is known as soul loss, and the delicate process of reintegration requires soul retrieval. This demands a re-association with the body, often through sacred journey work. To some extent, the individual or individuals must be ready to show a commitment to dive into the body and feel again what they could not feel yesterday because it was too painful, frightening or dangerous.

Do you wish to learn more about the effects of this transit?

Here is the link to our 60 minute live video discourse on this stellar phenomenon (cosmic tribe PREMIUM members only).

Current periods of effect:
Applying Exact Separating     ♅     ♆
04-07-2017 11-08-2017 28°Ar11′ 14°Pi11’Rx
07-10-2017 15-11-2017 27°Ar02’Rx 12°Pi02’Rx
20-05-2018 16-06-2018 14-07-2018 00°Ta15′ 16°Pi15′
13-11-2018 15-12-2018 27-01-2019 29°Ar44’Rx 13°Pi44’Rx
19-03-2019 02-05-2019 30-05-2019 00°Ta39′ 16°Pi39′
18-01-2020 06-04-2020 02°Ta40′ 16°Pi40′
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  1. Holy smookes

  2. ✨Extraordinary happenings Ang ‼️
    In many ways, it seems to me the other than conscious mind struggles with its hard-wired preconceived structure that ‘serves’ to keep us comfortable.
    RELAX ~ Nothing is under control.
    If we lessen our need to desperately clutch to what we think we know, life can begin to flow, in trust.
    Thank you, Always ✨

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