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Message for the Week Ahead:

[art: stella lucia]
Special lunar eclipse message:

This week brings to a head many significant endings. If you observe things coming to an end for you now, then it’s best to make the peace with them before you let them go forever. Things from our past that we may have outgrown; ideas that we may have believed possible yet found to be nothing but dead ends; failed visions, dashed hopes, promises which had no way of ever being kept must now be forgiven, cleared away to make room for what is about to come through.

If you have been strong, then you will have made way for things to clear around you. Becoming aware now that these are merely self-imposed limitations, you can look at them all with greater compassion and choose to let them go in a peaceful, loving way.

In the lead-up to this eclipse period, you may have been sensing just how much you have been holding faith in some promise or someone that simply does not serve your higher self or brings you any closer to manifesting and living the dream held in your heart. On a subconscious level, we must all eventually come to accept that our conditioned expectations and limiting visions about the future actually hold us back from ever feeling satisfied in the present. It becomes evident that rather than bringing peace and contentment into our lives, they only create unhappiness and turmoil.

Are you in conflict with life? You may not feel like you’re at odds with it, but take a closer look. How often do you get angry and lose it over the slightest little silliness? Or feel burned up inside because you know that part of you just wants to be happy, yet you still you feel discontented with the whole deal?

It’s time to let life be just the way it is, let yourself be just the way you are, and say goodbye to those things which you cannot control.

When we want things to be a certain way, when we expect our needs to be met, we can become fixated upon certain outcomes. These fixations, or attachments to things always going our way become so powerful that we leave ourselves wide open to suffering. Placing demands or too much pressure on concepts we have about how things should look and feel for us creates an energetic war within us.

This war, projected outwards onto our world creates unnecessary hurt. This is not new. But we are seeing it most prevalently now thanks to an ever greater exposure to the world of control. The on-demand world that is more and more just a series of handling controllers. From cars, to desktops, to microwave ovens, ATM’s and online shopping, smartphones and entire social networks, vast systems that always seem to interconnect us to anything we want on demand just by controlling some digital interface, whenever we want it…

And this way of functioning becomes an attachment that we tend to apply to our relationships. Which do not always work like that. Controlling people, whilst it’s an old thing, is now getting a little stale. And transparently toxic.

If you want to control anyone at all, then start with trying to control yourself.

Accept life as it unfolds, even if you do not always understand the reasons behind what is going on. As you may have suspected, there are dynamic forces at work all around you, and everything is playing out for a reason. Trust that the universe is always going to give you exactly what you need; provide you with every tool that you need to become aligned with your heart centre.

Only through your heart can you start to make contact with your higher self. Nothing/nobody out there, no matter much you try to control them or they control you is going to attune you to your intuitive centre.

Take the gentle lessons offered by this Lunar Eclipse as the pivotal moment to release yourself from the baggage; the ties and cords of demandingness and control. Practice acceptance of all aspects in your life. Do not allow yourself to fall into a state of resistance and dissonance because this energy disconnects you from Source and from the knowledge and understanding that everything is playing out exactly as it needs to for your personal evolution and for that of the world around you.

Let yourself fall wholly undivided into your heart centre. Surrender fully into your own personal divinity. Celebrate your courage, strength and pride to stand in your own sovereignty, away from your attachments and preside over your personal domain.

Become aware of the light within you. Your awareness that, like the sun, you are indeed a divine source of love inspiration has the power to shift your entire perspective. When you resonate from your heart centre, you come to discover that you cease to be constantly playing into the drama of offense or defense. You begin to experience a depth of connection with the world around you unlike any other and the things you judged before as ‘wrong’, ‘bad’, ‘evil’ and ‘not good enough’ fall to the wayside. Everyone becomes your friend. Everything begins to co-operate with you, helping you to co-create the dream that you, and all the universe has been holding in its heart.

Know that resistance, worry, arguing and fighting only limits receiving. Allow the universe, who loves you immensely and wants you to thrive to bring you all that you desire. Do not fight, grumble and moan that things, others, you are not ok. Everything is OK. Allow it to be so. Allow it to flow. Allow the loving universe to show you what it wants you to know, experience your deepest connection, your most ultimate joy and abundance, and live a life of peace and fulfillment.

Lay down your internal resistance, open your heart and you will begin to thrive toward dynamic self-empowerment. Over the next 14 days, learn to release your attachments and desire to control the world around you. Breakthrough into full heart operation, and end your war with life once and for all.

Stand in the centre of your world, your horoscope, your life mandala. Consciously remind yourself that you are not your limiting beliefs, you are limitless and all at one with the universal plan.

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017

If you are a member of the ‘Cosmic Bus’, link to see Ang’s special 1 hour live webinar on this lunar eclipse.

Penumbral LUNAR ECLIPSE at 15°25′ Aquarius – Monday August 7, 06:11 UTC


  1. This is brilliantly written ,tight inspired and to the point: only heart science and the surrendering to our esssence as love can now grow our becoming⚡️: thank you so much ❤️?

  2. I loved this. Thank you so much. I know this will help me immensely in the weeks ahead. Thank you once again.

  3. First time visiting your site and I’m so grateful to have landed here. As above, thank you. It’s written beautifully.

  4. Thank you.

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