TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 28°51′ LEO, Monday, August 21, 06:31 UTC

The Solar Eclipse is no mere New Moon. The extraordinary alignment by the Sun and Moon near the Lunar Nodes creates a phenomenon upon this Earth so rare and so frighteningly spectacular that few others in the natural world can, pardon the pun, eclipse it. Astrologically, its effects not only (log in to read more….)seriously impact the life circumstances of those affected but usually, by connection or association, those individuals also contribute considerably towards major events in the greater world.

Hence, by some degree of separation, we are all somehow interconnected to one another’s current goings on. This is what makes these events so powerful. Total eclipses, such as the one looming over the USA this Monday, are most intense due to their tight proximity to the North Node (-4°39′). The passing of the Moon in front of the luminous Sun is akin to a divine intervention upon the Sun king.

Total Eclipses are often accompanied by wild, unforeseeable, stunt-like incidents – ones that jolt our collective awareness with strongly prevailing themes, as indicated by the zodiac sign they pass under. These may precipitate a life-crisis or a blessed opportunity for massive evolutionary growth. Solar eclipses bring both unconscious (shadow self) and conscious (ego) issues into the foreground, giving us a chance to demonstrate the full extent of our own power and leadership potential. Of course, if afflicted by the Solar eclipse (by hard aspect) we may feel our personal energies dissipated, sensing exhaustion or depletion of our fundamental drives.

This 29° Leo Eclipse belongs to the family of eclipses that occurs on the same degree every 19 years. It last occurred on Aug 22 1998. At that time US President Bill Clinton (Sun at 26° Leo) was under investigation for wrongdoings that would later lead to his impeachment. An explicit report of his sexual affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky would be released in the next week that would shock the entire world. Of course, right now there is another US president under similar kinds of investigation and world pressure. (We have discussed him in our webinars)

Since this last degree (anaretic) of Leo holds Regulus – the brightest star in Leo’s constellation, it usually augurs a great message for humanity from the heart of the cosmic lion. Regulus is known as the King-Maker, and since there can only be one king, it also means the King-breaker for all other contenders. It is a time when many may fancy being king themselves (at least of their own kingdom).  However, to do so may mean at the expense of the presiding king’s head. Too often though, those who aim to challenge/usurp the king’s throne scantily understand the great danger of messing with the power of the crown…

In true Leo/Solar terms this Total Eclipse is a call for us to function autonomously and independently. The Leo Sun inspires us to develop the character traits and strengths already existing within us. The emphasis is upon the individual to concentrate on the development of his/her inherent gifts and talents so that they can achieve their personal goals with greater enjoyment, self-satisfaction and pride. In this sense, if the activities are not inspired from within, they cease to be fun and the heart loses its desire to engage.

Disengagements or half-hearted efforts may not be easily tolerated. Boredom, compromise to individual integrity or divine discontentment is not a sustainable situation for Leo. They will sooner walk off than play in a game where the heart is not fully captivated (inspired). However, given enough freedom and independence, this lunation assists those capable enough to attain their objective and make solid progress in expressing themselves. Leo brings strength, courage, honour, a sense of confidence and pride, even against what seems to be certain doom. Such is the fatedness of this remarkable lunation – that it has the power to bring great fortune or demise, simply based on the native’s ability to sense and to flow harmoniously with the zeitgeist of his/her time.

In other words, those who are instinctively capable of intuiting and taking advantage of current trends will thrive and prosper at this time. Those who ignore, abuse or carry things too far, or who mindlessly jump on whatever bandwagon happens to be passing without any deeper consideration for the consequences may very likely fall flat on their face, against much public ridicule and humiliation. In any case, daring risks will be taken by individuals affected, and these will either be hit or miss.

An almost exact trine aspect from Uranus (-0°29′) shuttles in an extraordinary forces of freedom and accelerated release from our past. Uranus, whose wildly disruptive, rebellious forces are thrown furiously into this fiery eclipse mix demands instant attention. Sudden, revulsive or unmanageable happenings come to a head and in this rare instance come to intercede the course of history itself. If the Eclipse serves to help us break away and renew from stale or toxic elements of past conventions and established culture, then the Uranus influence accelerates our minds and nervous systems into a whole new outlook. This revolutionary force, now also approaching the end of its run in Aries, helps us adopt an entirely fresh attitude about everything that we have ever known before.

In the next 18 months, we will see more eclipses aligning with the north Node in Leo, helping us to move into greater self-confidence, courage, self-reliance and inner strength.

✦ Jan 31, 2018 – Lunar Eclipse @11°39′Leo
✦ Aug 11, 2018 – Solar Eclipse @18°34′Leo
✦ Jan 20, 2019 – Lunar Eclipse @00°49′Leo

I have written at great length (with individual messages) on the themes highlighted by this Leo North Node and the evolutionary impact it will make, both on our individual and collective lives. (see link) NORTH NODE LEO – SOUTH NODE AQUARIUS: May 2017 – Nov 2018

This Solar Eclipse charges up the last degree of Leo, making it like a really sensitive sore point. Firstly, if in aspect with any of your radical planets (+/- 3°) it produces its usual lunation effect during this current month. Secondly, it produces similar effects during the following months of the next year when aspects of the same nature are formed with the degree of the eclipse.

For instance, if the eclipse fell in your twelfth house in Leo, square to your Mars in Scorpio, in your third house, then it would stir up natural enmity between brothers and sisters, or neighbours during the height of this eclipse around 21st of August.

Then, when Mars hits this point on Sep 3 and Mercury becomes stationary from Sep 3-9, it will inflame matters further. Then, on November 21 the lunation in Scorpio will add more fuel to the fire when it squares the eclipse point. More heat around Jan 25 with Mars in Scorpio and again, with the matter coming to a head on Feb 18 when the Sun/Mercury comes into opposition with this eclipse, rousing more trouble from the same source. Also disturbances recur on May 20 when the last square occurs.

Conversely, if the initial aspect of this eclipse is harmonious and easy, more benefit will be experienced during the months when sextiles and trines are formed, such as that from Jupiter (Oct 5), and from the Sun (Oct 22, Dec 21) and the mother of all send-offs, the Merc/Saturn/Mars sextile (Dec 5).

If this eclipse hits off any planets off any radical planets in your chart, mark these dates down in your calendar and watch how the above transits keep ringing bells in your current issues over the next 6-12 months….


As we are seeing, these are not mere ordinary times. We are at the precipice of leaving behind an entire history, one written with pain, persecution, enslavement, diminishment and marginalisation of the individual, making him only feel like he is valid if he/she belongs to a subservient group which identifies him by his wounds and inadequacies – not his strengths. That is not an empowerment of the self. That is, at best, merely providing him with cold comfort. Time now to allow the individual to step back into his/her centre and shine. Time to celebrate the joy of what it is to just be…

Let us see this, and run with it now.

Blessings, and have an amazing Solar Eclipse xx

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  1. ✨Woke up in OZ as the eclipse began in the USA…spent the next many hours observing through the magic of NASA & technology. Bathed in the breathtaking wonder & immense power of this significant event & today, feel deeply grateful for my vision, both of eyes & mind. Thank you, as always Ang, for your guidance & voice. Every wonder of the stratosphere lives within & without. Let There Be Light ✨

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