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ECLIPSE WEBINARS 1, 2 & 3 – August 2017

Hey Tribe,

In case you missed our live webcasts, you may access them via the following links:

ECLIPSE TALK #1 (August 05) – 63 minutes (premium membership access only)

ECLIPSE TALK #2 (August 12) – 65 minutes (premium membership access only)

ECLIPSE TALK #3 (August 20) – 60 minutes (premium membership access only)

[trouble accessing? You may need to register your seat on the Cosmic Bus. Sign into your account and follow these instructions:]

or click here to join the Tribe for just USD$11:11 per month

Boarding the Cosmic Bus

To Join the ‘Cosmic Bus’ on facebook, please send me a personal message here quoting

1) the email address under which your cosmic tribe account is registered  
2) and top secret code, ‘Cosmic Bus’.

*if we are not already friends on facebook, I may need to add you.

Once I have heard from you, I will immediately add you to my ‘Close Friends’ list, and from there, we are on the Cosmic Ride together.

Again, thank you for your valued support, and hope to see you on the bus soon




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