ASTROLOGY OF NOW – Week 33 (Aug 14-20)

Wednesday, 16 August

Whilst destiny awaits us, it also waits for no-one. It just pulls us onwards and upwards, and we must either come along willingly, consciously and courageously or it will drag us along anyway. Destiny marches on in spite of our complacencies, aloof detachments or protests over what is unfair or unjust about it.
Destiny, or the evolution of our spirit, cares not about our skewed moralities, personal judgements, religious or political persuasions. Nor does it excuse us for not knowing that we are ultimately linked together with everything that we choose to become engage with.
The choice whether to play along confidently, peaceably, willfully or whether to make a big fuss and fight will be entirely up to you.
Letting go of our painful past; our heavy baggage means coming to the realisation that whilst some people/places/things/beliefs are a part of our history, they are not necessarily a part of our destiny. We can’t keep carrying those if they continue to become a hindrance to the truth of what awaits us.
The Leo North Node, now illuminated by our Sun pulls us towards strengthening greater autonomy, stepping up to do what our heart dictates, letting go of the influences of the crowd/mob mentality and cease trying to fit into a scenario which is no longer fun – if it was ever any fun at all.
Yes, time to let go of the old scripts, those droning day-time melodramas, those obnoxious characters and their histrionic performances. Best to compose ourselves as we go along this journey – bearing in mind that destiny is not merely a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be argued with, defied or waited for, it is a thing to be absolutely clear and certain about and with which to make conscious strides along.
Some fun times ahead for those who choose to play mindfully.
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Tuesday, 15 August

VENUS opposition PLUTO

Obsessive, possessive, controlling and manipulative lovers get their day to play, but things could easily turn a little too intense and uncomfortable where they best stay on light and unimposing terms.

Any probing into private matters could really encroach upon prerogatives. Though not easy to avoid others firing their desirous darts into our sacred inner sanctum, some diplomacy and politeness may be necessary to avert any invasive behaviour or nasty, explosive outbursts of rejection.

As the Leo MARS later forms a strained aspect to PLUTO (quincunx) any recent bombastic, egotistical overtures may be treated as an overreaction, or overexcitement. Curbed by pressure to do the right thing and act responsibly, relationship problems might initially be consciously analysed and reasoned out.

However, by Thursday (MOON quincunx PLUTO) everything could feel completely out of sync and actions easily turn volatile and out of control.

TIP: Keep emotions out of serious matters. Maintain strong personal boundaries and hold a purely social attitude when dealing in professional endeavours.


Mercury entered the Rx zone on 24th July. Lots has been spoken, written, said, posted off since then. Time now to look back at all that, somewhat critically (Virgo) and study its flaws as we try to weigh it all up against the ideal in our minds.
The Virgo mind can display a strict, cold, analytical side, showing little tolerance for disorder. Strong opinions about what’s right and wrong, arching into how others should live their lives, interfering in relationships, whilst cleverly maintaining a safe distance between its own, personal affairs and those of others.
Whilst not employing a particularly warm and compassionate way to assess personal relationships, there is a shrewd capacity to skillfully and impartially (mathematically) arrive at some great solutions. It seems necessary now to review and retrace our steps, to figure out all the practical intricacies that lie between ourselves and the universe. Check out the gaps between how the world actually works and how we could make it work for our own mental ideals.
Mercury will retrograde back to 28°25′ on Sep 5, which incidentally happens to be the exact degree of next week’s Solar Eclipse (Aug 21). Observe the critical issues that are instrumental in making sweeping life-changes for you at this time. See how impassioned you become about relating (communicating) what you stand for in this world, who you are in your own right.
How do you stand alone (at heart) from the ideals expected of you by the machinery of human relationships/society? How do you maintain your integrity in the face of a collective mind, one that tries to make you fit into its compartmentalised ideals of its established social machine? How does your thinking try to put others into your own, mechanised, functional system of thinking?

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