ASTROLOGY OF NOW – Week 35 (Aug 28-Sep 03)


MERCURY, nearly back there now…. (with MARS marching up, quincunx CHIRON)
Meanwhile, back here on planet earth looks like Mercury’s winding slowly back to…..[drumroll please Mr. De Mille]…. you guessed it… [cys-boom!] Leo.
Yes, it wasn’t all that long ago (5 weeks in fact), and now the clever trickster’s back to Leo. Let trumpets toot for the return to the 29th degree, where he not only fixes to sit and rest but at some point be on his journey forward again. Why does he come here?
Of course, you know this spot – old hallowed ground – still carrying charge from the recent festivities.. remember?
And here comes pumped up Mars, right there…
Right there.
Real soon the two of them, together…
The big mouth and the mightly muscle…
This won’t just be your average tea party, I bet. I mean, they met before, just recently – at the old clubhouse in the middle of Cancer (Jun 28) and things got pretty rowdy then, as the two reminisced about the olden days when thing used to be so “great”.
But this is different here… in Leo.
This here was the scene of a great convention – a proud, magnificent rally, a pompous march, and there were bonfires and big proclamation of ruling like heroes and claiming their honour and integrity and…
…oh yes, the whole event became eclipsed when big emotions just got out of hand and stubborn pride and boorish egos got all in the way, and…
…well… things got a little ugly and over the top there. Disagreements and sudden upsets ♅, let’s put it that way. Couldn’t reach any workable solution, because however way you look at it there is that little matter of fixed minds (and hearts), and so, whatever treaty deals were struck will shift again…
… and now, unless somebody sucks it up and just says “I’m sorry I was wrong” (to which they won’t) it just will leave a NASTY sense of irreconcilable difference or (more to the point) just blind indifference. Much worse, this could mushroom into a pretty big deal…
Come on….
Can’t we just say sorry and get over the bruises to the ego??


#AstrologyOfNow Sqq ♄, on /♇/ = ♇/☊
So much hysteria around.
The world is (pardon me) losing its shit…
Mounting anxieties around security & health & money & self-worth & well-being at first become totally dramatised for maximise effect, then easily tailspin into a colossal mood downer.
Downers bring you down.
And when you’re down, what’s there to stop you from trashing on others, right? Not others… they ain’t got the guts to stop your trashing lest you trash on them. They’d sooner join in on the trash talk, as if to validate your measly claims, jump right on board your downward spiral, and together you can rake the sludgy dregs of Dante’s Inferno.
The greatest cause of negativity and devaluation
in the world at the moment
starts and ends when we compare ourselves to others.
It is always the longbow of the falling archer
you are you.
Nobody compares,
nobody can ever come close to being a better,
more magnificent you.
The moment you start weighing yourself up against another
you start a process that is going to end up
only ruining your precious self esteem.
Everything about you is amazing
Everything about you is unique.
The universe, who loves you dearly –
that limitless abundance of creativity
has brought you here at an unprecedented place and time
in an unprecedented shape and form
you’re living proof that there’s no room
for facsimiles and repetitions,
and you’re a perfectly perfect work of art
exactly how you are right now is how you need to be
stop beating on yourself
stop beating up on others
nothing to beat – just be complete
just be in joy just to be you
and don’t compete, just be enjoying others
to be enjoying being others around you.


SUN on the ♅/♇ semisquare JUPITER

Jupiter is the ‘great benefic’, and his enthusiastic influence cannot be overstated, especially when it contacts the Sun. However, in hard aspects it can be overplayed and aggrandised in such a way that the usual passion that Jupiter bestows can often be expressed with such missionary fervour to hasten a result that it can blow the whole deal out of all proportion.

Sometimes the ‘advice’ can seem a bit improper, or rude’

Sudden or drastic turns of events that deeply affect and potentially change the course of history are often made in moments where people get overexcited or overzealous with their authority.

Even in Libra, where Jupiter wishes to restore balance and favourable outcomes for both sides, decisions can get overinflated and fecklessly unhelpful. It’s wise to stay calm, especially if you are in any position of authority or power. Duty and responsibility always goes with the role.

MONDAY, AUGUST 28 – 07:44 pm UTC

☿ Sqq ♇ – Mercury 02°♍05’℞ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 17°♑05’℞

Choose your argument carefully: It’s important to remember that discretion is the better part of wisdom. Know that this quality is not as apparent or obvious to the average person. But then, the average person is afraid to do the necessary work in order to preserve their chance to evolve.
Speaking from a place of grounded self-confidence exudes an poise of certainty and capability, whereas speaking from insecurity becomes exposed as blustering boasts and toxic snides that impress no one.
Sarcasm, thinly-disguised conceit and smart-ass comments only diminish trust.


Retrograde Mercury, currently in Virgo has recently passed in front of the Sun to form an inferior conjunction at 03°♍48’℞′. This marks the end of Mercury’s apparition in the evening sky and is now transition to become a morning object until Oct 9.

Mercury will soon slip back into the bombastic Leo constellation (Thursday), remaining invisible to us as he becomes lost in the Sun’s morning glare until the end of August. Then, after continuing to slow down, Mercury stations to go direct (Sep 05), forming a conjunction to Mars at 28°♌44’℞ on Sunday. This effect will be felt strongly heading into the weekend.

Since the ☿☌♂  occurs at the exact same degree as last week’s Solar Eclipse , it activates all our eclipse issues – reigniting proudly defensive rhetoric, boastfully unsettling chest-puffery and stinking bravado. Sure, this seems here to stir us out of submission and to defend any personal indignation, but the bigger picture is that more and more of us are arguing amongst one another.

As Mercury stations to go direct at 28°♌25′, Mars will eventually march out of pompous Leo (Sep 5) and into fussy & punctilious Virgo. The two (☿☌♂) will eventually meet again on Sep 16 (07°♍14′), where many questions will need to be answered.

Why? Something isn’t adding up right now and someone has to be held accountable…

This week gets the ball rolling on the fact-checking and double-checking of truths…

Tue Aug 29 08:14 am GMT Moon 06°11′ Square Sun 06°11′
Tue Aug 29 06:11 pm GMT Sun 06°35′ Semisquare Jupiter 21°35′
Sqq Thu Aug 31 09:15 am GMT Venus 06°13′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 21°13′
enters Thu Aug 31 03:28 pm GMT Mercury 00°00′
  Ch Fri Sep 01 06:02 am GMT Mars 27°22′ Quincunx Chiron 27°22′
  Sat Sep 02 12:14 pm GMT Mars 28°10′ Trine Uranus 28°10′
Sun Sep 03 09:38 am GMT Mercury 28°44′ Conjunction Mars 28°44′
……stay tuned daily for updates
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